Naučite engleski jezik sa gospodinom Duncanom - Lekcija 18 (ćaskanje)

"You know, the world of English is a fun and exciting place to be. I'm so glad that you could join me for another lesson."

Hi everybody, this is Misterduncan in England. How are you today?… Are you okay? I hope so. Are you happy?… I hope so! In this lessonwe are going to take a close look at another fascinating part of the English language. Today we will discuss the fine art of small-talk.TURN TAPE OFF!

Cheers! The word small-talk, means to hold a conversation and talk about a general topic. The subject is normally a simple or common one which will not cause any discomfort or awkwardness between the people involved. There are many popular topics of conversation when it comes to using small-talk.

You will find that the topics used during small-talk will vary from country to country. For exampleHere in the UKwe talk about the Weather. "Isn't it a lovely day?", "Do you think it will rain later?", "Isn't it cold today?", "Oh, terrible Weather we are having these days!", "I don't like the Weather today, it's too hot!", "Did you hear what the Weather Forecast is?".

"La la la la la, America!", "La la la la la, America!", people in the USA also use small-talk. They generally talk about their family. For example… "Is your family peeping well?", "Hey! How's your Sister getting along in Florida?", "Did you know my Cousin Rachaelgot married last fall?", "My Dad has just retired from working…" "…hey, how's your Pop these days?", "You must come and visit the family one weekend".

Small talk is often used when there is very little time to have a full conversation. In many cases it is done out of courtesy or to be polite. It is worth remembering that there are some general rules surrounding small-talk. For exampleBe careful not to run out of things say. "Do you know what my favorite food is?". "My favorite food is bread". "What's your favorite food?". "Do you like food?… I like food very much". "But as I saidmy most favorite food of all is bread". "Do you know why i like bread?". "Because bread is very simpleand it's very easy to prepare.". "You can have it with butter…". "You can have it with meat…". "You can have it with vegetables". Keep the conversation interesting.

That was a really boring conversationdon't you think? Finally it's worth remembering how to end the conversationpolitely. "OhI really have to dash nowor I'll be late for work". "It's been great talking to youbut I must goor I'll miss my train". "Wowis that the time?. I really had better get a move on". "OhI would love to chat longer, but I have something else to do. Maybe another timeOk?".

So as you can seesmall-talk is quite a common part of everyday life. And it allows us all to take time to chat. Even it it's just for a few moments. Oh my goodness! My chat time is also up now!

This is Misterduncan in England sayingthanks for watching. See you again soonBye-bye for now.