Naučite engleski jezik kod gospodina Duncana - Lekcija 19 (PRAVILA!!)

You know, the world of English is a fascinating place to be. I'm so glad you could join me for another lesson.

Hello. Oh, here comes that silly man! I'm outa here!

Hi, everybody this is Misterduncan in England. How are you today? Are you okay?… I hope so! Are you happy?… I hope so! In today's lesson, we are going to explore a part of world that affects all of us every day. In this lesson we are going to look at rules.

The world of rules.

The most simple way to explain rules is to say that they are a set of instructions, which must be followed or obeyed. There are many other words that relate to or mean rules. For example, rules can also be calledcautions, commandments, directions, forewarnings, guides, guidelines, instructions, laws, policies, procedures, regulations and warnings.

Rules affect our everyday livesand they are sometimes very hard to avoid. Even in the most simple of places. Maybe you are just walking along the street. I imagine it would be hard to miss all of the signs, which are posted around, giving warnings and laying down rules, which must be obeyed. The most common way to explain a rule is by writing it down. Either by listing all the rules in a bookor by posting them on signswhich can easily be seen by everyone. Let's take a look at some rule signs or as they are more commonly knownwarning signs. How many can you recognise?

Examples of warning signs. No Cycling! You cannot come in here! No skating allowed! Beware of oncoming bicycles! (Keep clear) Do not block this area! You cannot fill your gas cans here! (Poison) Do not eat this! No smoking allowed! Beware of people crossing the road! No parking allowed! (Police Notice. Motor Cycles Prohibited. Police Reform Act 2002. Vehicles may be seized. Maximum fine £1000) No motorised vehicles can be used here! (Do not drop litter. 50 Pound fine) Do not drop your litter, you will be fined! No children allowed! No photography allowed! (Clean it up! Offenders are liable to a fixed penalty or prosecution) Please clean up after your dog! Beware of camels crossing the road! (Danger of death) Danger, high voltage electricity nearby! Do not feed the penguins! (Wolverhampton Metropolitan Borough Council. The playing of ball games on this area is strictly prohibited. Director of law, environmental protection & central services) No ball games allowed! Beware of falling rocks! (Danger. Deep water. Keep clear) Danger, deep water nearby! No spitting allowed!

So as you can seerules are all around usand we must follow them. Although it worth mentioning that sometimes people do not follow them. They "break" the rules, or go against them. Sometimes they are caughtand often they are punished. If you are caught breaking a ruleyou may have to pay some moneythis is called a "fine". Or even worse, you may have to goto the police station!!

"StopPolice!" "You'll never take me alive!"

Do you ever break the rules? Have you ever been caught? What happened to you? People who always follow the rules are called… "Law abiding" and people who often break the rules are called… "Law breakers".

That is all for today's lesson. This is Misterduncan in England sayingbe goodfollow the rulesstay out of trouble and I willsee you next time. Bye-bye for now.