Naučite engleski jezik kod gospodina Duncana - Lekcija 25 (Govor)

you know the world of English is a fun an exciting place to be I'm so glad you

could join me for another lesson

ah our next contestant is mr. Duncan

is this on ladies and gentlemen horrible judges

I mean honorable judges the title of my speech is I'm sorry I'm very nervous I'm

sorry I can't do this

hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today

are you okay I hope so are you happy I hope so

in this lesson we will examine the scale process of preparing and giving a public


apparently the two things that people are most afraid of are death and public

speaking sadly there is not much we can do about the first one however there are

ways to improve your confidence when it comes to making a speech to a crowd of

people the first thing you need to learn and improve is your confidence speaking

in front of people can be very scary so first of all you need to get used to the

idea of doing it especially if it's your first time mirror mirror on the wall

who's the fairest of them all not you I'm afraid it's not very nice it may

seem like a strange thing to do but practicing in front of a mirror is a

great way to build some of that initial confidence get used to your own

mannerisms and ways of showing what you are saying facial expressions and body

language are just as important as the words you are saying if you happen to

have one of these wonderful devices then you are well on your way to improving

your vocal technique using a tape recorder can help you to get accustomed

or used to the sound of your own voice it may feel a little strange hearing or

self at first but after a while you will begin to enjoy it and your confidence

will slowly build isn't that right yes mr. Duncan you are absolutely correct

I suggest you start off with some simple words and sentences and as you listen to

the sound of your own voice you will be able to hear where there may be some

problems one common problem which arises is the speed of speaking there is no

need to rush what you are saying give the audience a chance to hear your words

of course you must also speak clearly so don't rush it and don't mumble once you

are confident enough then you can move on to speaking in front of a small

audience get a few of your friends together or members of your family or

even your classmates to listen this will allow you to get used to speaking in

front of a crowd once you have built up your confidence and you feel ready to

face the audience you must then prepare your main speech it is good if you can

talk about something you are interested in if the topic is free and open then

you can talk about your hobbies or your favorite story or share an experience

from your life wow that judges will love this write the speech down clearly on

paper or type it out using a computer and slowly learn it paragraph by

paragraph do not try to learn it all at once if you feel tired then take a rest

finally here are some useful tips I would like to share with you when

speaking to a crowd try to use your body as a way of making the speech more vivid

and clear hand gestures are very useful and remember to always keep your eyes on

the audience if you forget a part of the speech do not panic just carry on from

the part you remember hey it's so hot in here

I hope this advice has been useful speaking in public is not easy but with

regular practice and steady confidence-building you will be alright

I should know I followed this advice myself that is all for this lesson good

luck with your speech and stay happy before I finish my s and today I would

like to say a special hello to my new friends watching in Brazil and Italy

hello there I hope you enjoy today's lesson and I hope you will all watch

next time this is mr. Duncan in England saying bye

bye for now