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This episode: Game Boy!

(Finebros) Alright, so you are not reacting to a video.

What the?


(Finebros)'s react--

- I'm scared. - (Finebros) To this!

Oh! (giggles)

I thought it was gonna zap me.

Ooh, wait a Nin--oh, this is like a really old Nintendo!

It's like...a video game or something.

I see Mario on the Nintendo here.

Wait, I've seen this case before.

It's an iPhone case.

Oh, a Game Boy.

Oh, Game Boy.

Oh, it's a Game Boy!

It's a Game Boy. Wow.

I've heard of them, but I've never actually had one.

YES! I have this.

I wanted to buy this for Pokemon Red and Blue.

My dad had one.

He tried putting batteries into it and it didn't work.

Girls can play this!

Why can't it be called Game Boy/Girl?

Question Time!

- (Finebros) So what is it? - Is this an MP3?

It's a Nintendo Game Boy.

I think this was the first Nintendo ever.

The old DS or something.

Oh, it's a Game Boy.

It says right there.

It says Game Boy.

(Finebros) So what that is is something called a Game Boy.

It was right here!

- (Finebros) What is a Game Boy? - It's like a gaming device?

A portable game player. It's like playing the Wii?

A Wii? Smaller?

A really old hand-held game.

It's not like there's going to be any amazing games on it.

A product released by Nintendo!

Games from Mario to Pokemon to Zelda.

(Finebros) Well, it came out 25 years ago.

The Game Boy you're holding in your hand right now

is actually the Game Boy we had when we were kids.

We kept it all this time.

Oh, you guys took pretty good care of it.

So you kept it, but why? much memories, I bet!

(Rafi and Benny Fine) NO! It's ours!

- (Finebros) We're gonna give you a game. - Does it work?

Wait a minute.

You don't just turn it on and get the apps?


Oh! I know this game. It's so fun.

(Finebros) So go ahead. Put it in. See if it still works.

Do this?

I feel like it goes in there.

Do I put it in like this?

In this side?

Which way do you put this in?

(Finebros) How do you start it?



I pressed start.

(gasping) I did it!

- Nintendo! - (blipping)

(Finebros) Anything different about how you put it in

and how this works compared to things of today?

It's a lot bigger than what you would put in a DS.

Today, it's like a little chip.

(Finebros) Okay, talk about the size of the screen,

what the graphics look like.

I think the graphics is fine.

Like...what's a graphic?

It has no color.

It's just like this weird green thing, and then it's also really heavy.

It looks like I'm holding an enormous phone. Hello?

(Finebros) Alright, go ahead and play the game.

- Hit start? - (Finebros) Yeah, keep hitting start

- until it starts. - (Tetris theme music)

(Finebros) So you need to try to make lines with all those sheets--

- I know. - (Finebros) Oh, okay.

What does A do? No, no.

B. No, no. Okay.

Just...oh boy. Wait, what?

Oh, yay! I got rid of a layer.

It's kinda boring.

I actually like it, but also hate it.

I bet my mom would be better at this.

The whole thing is sort of big and clunky.

It's really pixelated, but it's still kinda cool.

This game is addicting!

And I lost.

What the? I made it!

It says "Game Over".

(Finebros) You're supposed to try to stay at the bottom.

You guys never told me that! Can I play again?

Did you really enjoy playing this?

Kinda feel sad for the people in the past.

(Finebros) So some of the problems the Game Boy had,

unlike things you had today, is that it was difficult to play

in certain types of light and also when it was dark,

so they made accessories that had things like flashlights

and magnifying glasses to help you play.

That's funny. How do you put it on?

It looks like a TV.

Look at it. I'm on TV.

Oh, so you had to do this? Or put it on top like that?

Walking around with this?

How do you put this in your pocket?

Why can't you just get a regular magnifying glass

and just tape a flashlight to it?

The Game Boy didn't come with a wall adapter.

You had to buy that separately.

And there are also weren't really re-chargeable batteries back then,

so you'd have to change the batteries regularly to play it.

That's a struggle!

Oh my god!

You had to buy so many things. You probably had to be rich.

I think that they did that on purpose.

Because they want you to spend all your money.

Now you can just charge your thing-- you don't even see the battery.

It's better if you have a 3DS. You only have to use a plug.

You can even charge it while you're playing.

If you're going somewhere for a month, you have to bring

five bags of batteries.

(Finebros) There were over 64 million Game Boys sold.


(Finebros) Putting it in perspective, it's only a few million less

than Playstation 3 or Xbox 360. It was that popular.


It's surprising because this is kinda plastic.

I think it's kinda piece of junk.

That would never happen in this generation.

That doesn't surprise me.

It was a new era. It's a new era of gaming.

New technology.

Back then, it was the top of the line.

It was amazing.

It was revolutionary, so everyone would want it.

(Finebros) So if your parents went ahead and presented you

with an old working Game Boy with a bunch of games,

would you want it and play with it?


Well, I lost my DS. I would be happy with this.

It wouldn't be my favorite thing. I'd probably play with my iPad more.

I would play with it, but I would still just be so disappointed.

I would play for it, probably for two days,

and then get bored of it and go on my iTouch.

In a split second I'd throw this in the trash or I'd get back the iPad.

It's fun and you can use it, but now there's just better technology

that's more portable than this, so there's really no use for it.

(Finebros) So after hearing more about this, what do you think of the Game Boy?

The gaming device is stupid.

They can't sense people's skin.

You have actually press buttons and do everything.

I mean, it was amazing back then, but now it's...I don't know.

It can't compete with the PSP or the DS.

It's actually better than I thought, but a little bit less as good

as a DS, but it's actually pretty good for what it has.

Without the Game Boy, I don't think there would be a DS or a Wii

because it's by the same company.

The Game Boy started it all!

You wouldn't have the DS-- the Nintendo wouldn't keep thriving

into the portable gaming industry.

Without this, you wouldn't have the gaming apps that you have now

on your iPhone or on your Samsung.

So you gotta thank this. This is the grandfather of everything.

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