Kids React To XBOX ONE vs. PlayStation 4!


Kids react to video games!

This episode: Xbox One vs. Playstation 4!

A video game commerical?

Ah, this is an Xbox commerical.


Xbox one? Owch.

(gasp) Why do they put guns out? I'm a little kid!

Halo! I don't know what that is.

That's Halo.

All the guys at my school talk about this.


Those are really good graphics.

Wow! The graphics are so realistic.


Oh, Plants vs. Zombies.

Really? They have Plants vs. --dude, that's pretty cool.

Are they advertising?

Hey, I played Fable!

Fable's a good game.

Final Fantasy.

How many times do I have to see the commercial?

Kingdom Hearts--I played that, like, seven years ago. That was a fun game.

It's Disney?

Wait, what?

I just got my Xbox 360 the other day.

Not the other day, but a couple months ago.

And there's no way in heck my mom's letting me buy a brand new one.

My brother loves Xbox.

I'm going to go buy an Xbox One. (laughs)

-(Finebros) Or... -Or...oh. PS4. Which one's better?

Dun, dun, dun.

Yeah, you always have to put quote from other people.

I just got a PS3 from my neighbor the, like, last week.

I swear, last week, and now I'm not going to get the PS4.

My life sucks.

Ooh, I love this game.

Marvel Heroes! Lego style.


Why do kids only like those gun thingies?


I love soccer.

Alright, Call of Duty: Ghosts is horrible. I've played it.

It's, like, the worst one.

See, this is the hard part. You don't know which console to buy.

Just buy both, yeah?

Oh my gosh! It won't stop!

That just scared me. I thought it was coming to me.

Aw, I wish there'd be Clash of Clans.

They just want people to buy more consoles to get more money.

That's the truth. That's the truth about Wii U too.

Question time!

(Finebros) Are you excited that the new consoles are here?

I'm a gamer! What do you think? (laughs)

Yes. I've been wanting them for a while.

Not really.

I'd only be excited if the new thing is Clash of Clans.

No. I mean, I don't play video games.

I have my 3DS on my iPhone.

I have tons of stuff already. Why do I need Xbox?

It's, like, the best thing in the world! Not.

I'm not into video games. I'm a girl!

A lot of new video games that are coming out are only available

on those two new consoles, so...whoever thought of that idea

is going to make a lot of money.

Let's just stop making every other game and make new ones only on these consoles...

and then people will be forced to by them!

(Finebros) And how much time, every day, do you play games?

Zero seconds.

Twenty minutes.

I only play on the weekends for about an hour.

Two hours.

Maybe two hours a day.

I'll play on my mom's phone while she drives.

Unless she doesn't let me.

Well, if it's Clash of Clans I'd probably play a long time.

When I have school, I only have like time to do it for like ten minutes.

If I do it in the car, it would only be, like, two hours till I puke.

But the most game time I would like, which isn't video game,

is my sister chasing me!

-Awww! -Cute!

(Finebros) And if you didn't have school and your parents let you,

how many hours a day do you think you would play?

Twenty minutes and twelve seconds.

Three hours a day.

Probably, like, the whole day.

24 hours. (laughs)

24! The whole day.

I would just sit there and play Xbox all day.

I wouldn't even eat. I wouldn't get up to go to the bathroom.

I wouldn't even brush my teeth. I wouldn't take a shower.

(Finebros) And why are video games fun to play?

I honestly don't know! They're-- it's almost like addicting.

Exercising helps your body.

Video games help your mind stretch.

Well, I think people just like the excitement of, you know, pretending...

to be something that they're not.

You replay. You replay.

So...but if you were doing this in real life, you'd die, you'd die.

(Finebro) Some adults like video games,

but some don't understand why kids like it so much.

(Finebros) How would you try to explain to an adult why games are so fun?

It's a new generation! You guys got to get in!

It's kinda like playing a board game, but, they could, it moves by itself.

They're just like movies, but you don't have to be quiet the entire time and listen!

First of all, I'v been trying to explain this to my mom for five years.

You have stress while you're doing homework...

Just play a video game and then you're okay!

(Finebros) Consoles can do more than just play video games now.

Especially the Xbox One and the PS4.

They do, like, video chat...

You can watch movies.


Xbox on. Xbox off! It's, like, you talk to it like it's your personal slave!

It's like Xbox, "Go get me some mac and cheese."

(Finebros) You can watch Netflix from the Xbox or the Playstation.

I love Netflix!

Dude! I want one now!

(Finebros) You also can go on the internet from them.

(gasp) I care about internet.

I want to live with you because you know everything about Xbox.

Wow! They're really useful!

(Finebros) Do you care about these extra features on your consoles?

Or do you just want to play the games?

Um...I don't know. I guess it'd be kind of cool, but...

the reason you buy the thing is so that you can play the games.

It's too much.

All I really care about are the games.

I don't think anyone's just gonna buy an Xbox just so you can Skype call.

It's, like, buy a way cheaper computer and do it.

Now everybody is so obsessed with the internet and Skyping...

..and, you know, showing everybody how awesome or horrible they are at a game!

I mean, it's the new generation.

(Finebros) And what's the very first console ...

or system that you remember playing a game on?

Either computer or Wii.

I think it was on a phone or computer.

Probably my DS.

Wii. Wii. When I was four years old.

It was the Nintendo 64. Uh...ancient.

(Finebros) And have you ever heard of something called Atari?

What's Atari?

(Finebros) Have you heard of Sega Genesis?

No, but I do have a friend named Genesis.

Genesis is a horse, right?

-(Finebros) What about an N-64? -No.

(Finebros) NeoGeo?

No! They sound like funky names that you're making up right now!

Isn't that thing, like, ancient? What the dinosaurs played on?

(Finebros) know, we weren't dinosaurs, but yes--

(everyone laughs)

Maybe in, like, the next ten years, Playstation and Xbox will... will be like, "What?"

(Finebros) There's a lot of gamers out there

that swear by one console or the other.

(Finebros) That they won't even play the other one. Why do you think that is?

I have something to say about that.

Can we all just get along?

I guess you just want to be better than your friends...

or think you have something better or cooler.

You're attached to it! You can't, you can't just go say,

"Oh, now. I'm going to go play on the other one.

The rival, technically.

It's like saying you're a Directioner and then you're like,

"Oh, never mind. I'm going to go be a fan of The Wanted."

And then it' can't do that!

(Finebros) Well, what do you want to say to the people out there...

that it does matter to and that are getting into arguments

and insulting each other over what console they're playing?

They're just video games.


Please don't make fun of each other. That isn't nice.

Stop being mean! That's mean and it's rude!

Would you like to be made fun of? No! Of course!

Then don't make fun of other people.

All of the games are, like, the same.

They're just different controllers. I don't know. Does it make a difference?

(Finebros) Finally, what system do you think is better?

(Finebros cont.) Xbox One or PS4?

I don't care.

The Xbox One. (laughs)


Playstation 4.

Xbox One.

Playstation 4.

Xbox one.


Xbox one.

Playstation 4!

I'll go with...I don't know what they're called.

I want the Xbox! First, because I want to get on that internet!

(Finebros) You can go on internet with both!

Good! I want the internet!

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