Kids React to Ice Bucket Challenge


Kids react to viral videos!

This episode: Ice Bucket Challenge!

Alright, I've been officially called out by John Bullis in the Ice Bucket Challenge...

Oh, it's the Ice Bucket Challenge.

- Ice Bucket Challenge! - Ice Bucket Challenge!

I already know this.

Everybody's doing the Ice Bucket Challenge!

You have 24 hours to respond, or you're gonna donate $100 to the ALS Foundation.

That's not a bucket.


That is literally everywhere.

So I'm gonna do the ALS Bucket Challenge.

So here it goes.

That's a bigger bucket.

- There's no ice. - I nominate [inaudible]...

and Justin Blonde.

Have fun, you guys. You have 24 hours to do this, right now.

Hey, it's Niall Horan here--

Oh, I know him!

Hey, One Direction!

I want to nominate Novak Djokovic , Louis Tomlinson...

I love the way he talks.




He used the trash bin. (laughs)

I've been challenged by several Americans--

(Finebros) Do you know who that is?





Rob Ford?

I forgot his name!

- He lost to Obama a while back. - Is it John McCain?

That is one of the former presidents.

George Bush.

George Bush!

I do not think it's presidential for me to be splashed with ice water--

I agree.

So I'm simply gonna write you a check.


That check is for me. I don't wanna ruin my hairstyle.

I don't really like this guy, but yeah! He supporting ALS.

Right now...I will be doing

- the Ice Bucket Challenge! - Oh, Macklemore.

So many celebrities are doing this.

(crowd cheers)

- That was a cool place to do it. - Yeah!

And all the girls are like, "I want the bucket!"

That one was a crazy one.

Famous people doing it just makes it stupider.

Alright, Scooter, I accept your Ice Bucket Challenge.

Is that Justin Bieber?

Oh no.

- I nominate Barack Obama-- - What?!

Barack Obama?!

Bieber, stop getting in my face.

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, I have been nominated by three people...

Syndicate, yeah!

I can donate $1,000 to charity.

Let's do this. (gasping)

It's time for Nate's nomination. Go, go, go, go, go!

Oh no, no, no, no!



I've got one more nomination to go.

- I have so many-- - Oh no!

Oh no!

Okay, this one's good.

It's like a waterfall!

(laughs) This is the best one.


That's crazy!

Now it's going to say QUESTION TIME!

(Finebros laughs)

I've been here long enough to know everything.

Question time!

(Finebros) So why do you know about the Ice Bucket Challenge?

I've heard of it from my friends.

Somebody did it at my school.

(together) Instagram.

- Facebook. - It's huge!

Basically, everyone that I know have done it.

(Finebros) So the Ice Bucket Challenge is where you challenge people in a video

to pour ice water over their head, and they have to do it in 24 hours,

or they have to donate money to charity.

That's actually pretty hilarious.

So wait...if you pour the water on your head, you don't give money?

If you don't do it,

(Finebros) What do you think about this challenge and the charity drive?

I think it's a really good cause.

Is it dumb or is it helping out charity?

Oh, let's find a way to spread awareness about this disease.

Let's pour ice water on our heads.

You're just wasting water.

Some of the people that do them, they only do tiny buckets.

- Yeah. - I know we're in a drought, but...

(together) It's for charity!

(Finebros) It's gotten so big that even major celebrities are doing it.

What is it about this that makes them want to do it to?

Because they want to help people with ALS.

I think it's cool that everybody's doing it.

It's like the next trend.

If big celebrities do it, then everyone else wants to do it.

I think it's a good cause. I think people should do it

to spread awareness and stuff.

But when you do it, you seem like a good person.

So...celebrities want to be like, "Oh, we're normal people.

We do great things."

(Finebros) Why do you think people just don't make videos challenging people

to donate money to charity?

Why do we also need to be pouring water over our heads?

Because it catches peoples' attention.

If it's just charity, go donate for charity,

they'll be like, "Well, that's boring."

'Cause it sounds like an ad!

Well, you need to intensify everything.

We can't just go, "Oh, here's $100 for charity."

No! You have to dump ice water on your head.

"Oh, okay!"

Not everyone can donate.

I just don't have $100 I can just give away.

I'm a kid.

But we can dump ice water on ourselves to help get the numbers up

so someone else can donate.

(Finebros) So this challenge is said to have come from

another challenge from a while ago called the Cold Water Challenge,

where you jump into a cold lake or a body of water for charity.

- Have you ever heard of that? - No.

Don't think so.

(Finebros) So this challenge seems to have come from another challenge,

- but people rarely mention that. - I kind of feel bad for the Cold Water Challenge.

That's what started it all. It's like the father.

If you go online and you get an idea from something,

you have to credit the source.

(Finebros) So back to the challenge, it can be for any charity,

but mostly it has been for ALS. You know what ALS is?

Ummm, no.

No clue.

ALS is Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

It's also known as the Lou Gehrig Disease.

You can't move certain muscles, and eventually you just can't move at all.

You have to sit in wheelchairs and you can barely walk.

My mom had cancer--the lungs one.

It's very rare and they didn't have a cure for it,

so helping people cure themselves is a very good reason

to care about your family as well.

(Finebros) Some are saying this challenge is dumb and people are only doing it

to get attention because it's gotten so popular,

and there's no way to know if they're actually donating to charity.

Other people think it doesn't matter because it's still raising awareness.

- What do you think? - I'm with the people who are saying

it raises so much awareness.

I think they should think positive, not negative.

If it was dumb, then why would a lot of people do it?

Well, yeah...wait a second, wait a second. This is humanity we're talking about.

Even if they are doing it for the wrong reasons, just to get attention,

they are still telling people, "Come on. You should donate to charity."

(Finebros) Finally, we will donate $100 to charity if you accept

the challenge of pouring ice cold water over your head.

I accept!

Oh god!

Right now?

I'll do it.

I accept it!

You got yourself a deal, young man!


Oh no!

This is for you, ALS, and you're a sucker,

so here it goes!




Oh my gosh. That wasn't so bad.

Oh my gosh!


I challenge all you subscribers.

All the subscribers out there...

to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

24 hours, please.

- Good luck! - Good luck.

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The information to donate to ALS is in the description.

And wish you'd donate at least $100, people!

They need the money, so they can cure the people.