Extra English 06 - Bridget wins the lottery

This is the story of Bridget and Annie,

who share a flat in London,

and the boys next door,

Nick and his friend Hector from Argentina.

Annie fancies Nick

but Nick fancies Bridget

who fancies Hector.

But guess what. Hector fancies Annie.

How are they going to solve their problems?

Stand by for Extra.

More money! It's my lucky day.

Now, where was I?

99, 100.

Good, that's done.

Now the cushions.

In my special order,

orange, pink, purple

- Hi, Bridget.

- Hi, Hector.


Hi, Annie.

- I'm just

- No!

Bridget, no!

It's OK, Bridget, you didn't see it.

You didn't see it!

What are you wearing? Take it off!


Your shirt. It's that colour.

Take it off.

This shirt? What is wrong with the colour?

What's wrong with yell

Don't say it! Don't say that colour.

Just take it off

and throw it out.




Bridget must not see anybody

wearing that colour.


Because that colour

is very unlucky for me

and today is Lotto day!

Lotto day. What

The lottery.

I pick five numbers.

My numbers are: 66, 11, 89,

18 and 69.

If my numbers are the same

as the lottery numbers on television,

I win millions!

I've never heard of it.

Bridget gets very excited.

But I know how to keep calm.


So, there we are, Hector.

Great. I am going shopping.

- Do you need anything?

- Yes.

Could you get my dress

from the dry- cleaner's, please?

Dry- cleaner's? OK.

The blue ticket is on the board.

Got it.

See you later, Bridget.

- Hector!

- Hi, Nick.

I've just been to see Bridget.

Yes, I can see.

Anyway, where are you going?

I am going shopping.

Wait, wait, wait.

Come in here. 7- 9- 4- 6- 4- 6- 4- 7.

7- 9- 4- 6- 4- 6- 4- 7.

Pen, pen, I need a…

Pen. 7- 9- 4- 6- 4- 6- 4- 7. Paper.

Paper! 7- 9- 4- 6- 4- 6- 4- 7.

- Thanks, Hector.

- What is it?

Today I met a girl called Emily.

She is very beautiful.

Long, blonde hair,

- big

- Yes?

..blue eyes.

And she is crazy about me.

Where did you meet her?

She was in her sports car.

At the traffic lights.

I asked her for a lift, she said no.

But she shouted her phone number.

7- 9- 4- 6- 4- 6- 4- 7.

I see.


Maybe she has a friend or a sister.

Wow, yeah!

Let's go out. Todayis my lucky day.

Now it's time for the National Lottery.


Is this my lucky day?

And the numbers are


Hello, Mother.

Yes, well, I'm a bit busy.

Can I call youback?

I've won!

Mum, I've won!

I must go.

And those were this week's lucky numbers.

What is it?


Bridget, I can't understand you!


I have won

the National Lottery!

From now on,

it will be a life of luxury.

Designer clothes.

Exotic holidays.

Luxury homes.

The very best restaurants.

Mixing with the stars.

But of course I will give

a lot of money to charity.

No more work,

no more bosses.

In fact,

I'll call now and resign.

Hello, this is Harry Bowler.

Leave a message and I'll ring you back.

Harry, it's Bridget.

I resign!

I quit!

I'm off!

Keep your job.


Oh, dear.

From now on,

no more bosses for Bridget.

Bridget is the boss.

Now, I'll just get my lucky little ticket.

What is it?

My lottery ticket

has disappeared.


But the dry- cleaning ticket is still there.

Hector has taken the wrong ticket.

We'll go to the dry- cleaner's.

99, 100.

Got it!

My lottery ticket has disappeared.

Hey, Nick, that waitress really likes you.

Two girls in one day.

Call meMr Irresistible!

- Hi, girls.

- Hi, Bridget.

Your dress, Bridget. I forgot, sorry.

How did you collect the cleaning

when I had the ticket?

No, Hector, darling.

You have the wrong ticket.

I have the wrong ticket?

You have the wrong ticket.

Now give it to me.

Yes, I have it here, Bridget.

You have got the ticket, Hector?

Yes, I have got the ticket, Bridget.

I have lost the ticket.

You have lost the ticket, Hector?

I have lost the ticket, Bridget.

You've lost the ticket, Hector.

You can't have lost the ticket!

Emily's number is on the back!

Are you OK, Bridget?

The ticket you took from the board

was not the dry- cleaning ticket.

It was my lottery ticket.

My winning lottery ticket.

I am a multimillionaire.

But with no ticket!

And you,

you can stop smiling

because this is your fault too!


Nick, Hector,

where have you been?

Well, first we went to the CD shop.

No, no, no.

First we went to Leo's Cafe.

Remember the waitress?

Yeah! She was

Yes, and

Then we went to the CD shop.

Then we went to Cool Man.

And then we went to the motorbike showroom.


So, you are going back to look for it.

Yes, ma'am!

And don't come back until you've found it, OK?


The ticket must be claimed

by ten o'clock tonight.

Now get going.




You can say that again!

OK, Hector.

I hope you find the ticket. See you later.

Whoa! Where are you going?

Well, I am going to the traffic lights.

Emily might return.

I can't ring her because her number

is on the lost ticket, remember?

Yeah, but what shall I do?

Look for the ticket, of course.

Yeah, but what shall I say?

Well, you say


I am the shopkeeper.

You are you.

- Great!

- OK.

Good afternoon.

Good afternoon.

I have lost my ticket.

What sort of ticket?

- My winning lottery ticket.

- Your winning

Wait a moment.

You can't say,

'I have lost my winning lottery ticket.'

Why not?

Because if they know

it is a winning lottery ticket,

they will keep the money, they will hide it.

So you must be someone else.


Someone who can search the rubbish bins.

Search the rubbish bins?

That's it, a dustman.

- Dustman?

- Yeah!

A dustman can search the rubbish bins.

Great idea, Nick.

Yeah, great idea, Nick.

Come on, you need to prepare.

Emily's number is on the back!

Now get going!

- Hello?

- Hello?

- Hector?

- Hello, Bridget.

Have you found the ticket?

No, not yet.

Well, where's Nick?

- At the traffic lights.

- What?

At the traffic lights?

Well, call me when you've found the ticket!


Leo: Today you will have a big surprise.

- Well?

- Well

- Well?

- Well, what?

Any luck?

Yes and no.

Yes and no?

The bad news is, I didn't find her.

- Who?

- Emily.

Emily who?

Emily, the girl at the traffic lights.

- The good news is

- Yes?

I made £50 cleaning windscreens.

Where's Hector?

Where's my ticket?

Look at the time. It's ten to ten!

Ten to ten? I haven't fed Charley.

Where is Charley? I must find him.

Charley was asleep on my bed this afternoon.

Thanks, Nick.

There you are, Charley.


What's this?


Bridget, I found it! Your ticket!

- What?

- Where?

On Nick's bed.

- Who?

- On Nick's bed.

- Well, give it to me.

- No, give it to me.

- It's my ticket.

- Emily's number's on the back!

- It's mine!

- Give it to me!

It's OK, it's OK.

I'll stick it back together.


Thank you.

Now I can claim my money.

Hi, Hector.

Poor Hector.

I've just found the ticket on Nick's bed.

Isn't it exciting?

Yeah, great.

I can call Emily now.


- When Bridget has finished.

- Great.


I'd like to claim my prize money, please.

My numbers are:

66, 11, 89,

18 and 69.


What do you mean,

they're not the winning numbers?

Well, what are your numbers, then?

69, 81,

68, 11 and 99?

But how?

I know what happened.

Bridget, what were you doing

while watching the lottery?

My yoga.

Which position?

This one.


These are your numbers, but

..this way.

Bravo, Hector.

It was nothing.

Emily's number.

7- 9- 4- 6- 4- 6- 4- 7.

It's ringing.


Is Emily there?


Who are you?

Jack's Taxis?

Emily, you tricked me!

What an unlucky day.

Well, it can't get any worse.

Yes, it can.

The phone call.

My job.

We must get that tape back.


And I know just the men

for the job.

Oh, no!

Oh, yes!

Nick, should we be here?

It's OK. Bridget said it was OK.

Look, there is the answerphone.

Quick, get the tape!

Security. Who's there?

Next time in Extra

Bridget's twin comes to stay.

Hector asks Annie on a date.

And why is Bridget being so nice,

or is she?