Extra English 12 - Football Crazy

This is the story of Bridget and Annie,

who share a flat in London,

and the boys next door,

Nick and his friend Hector from Argentina.

Hector is dating Annie

and Bridget wants to go out with Miguel

and all Nick wants is a job.

Stand by for Extra.

Nearly ready. There we are!


Now the living room.

Oh, there!

Just there!

Yeah, perfect, baby!

Now, refreshments.

Cola, yes!

Crisps, yes!

And finally

Dial- A- Pizza. Yes!

Only two hours to go!


What is your television doing in my bathroom?

Hi, Bridget.

- So I don't miss anything.

- Miss anything?

Yeah, if I have to,

you know, when the match is on.

Oh, the match.

So, who's playing today?

It's the semi- finals. England



Hey, Hector, great outfit, but wrong team.

And I've got my lucky World Cup pants on.

Your lucky World Cup pants?

Yep. I don't change them

when the World Cup is on.

- But it lasts for weeks.

- Yeah.

So, Hector, I've got the refreshments ready.

Cola, crisps

TV in the bathroom.

- At what time is kickoff?

- Midday.

We had better sit down, then.

Hello, everyone.

Charley and I are ready for the match.

Annie, you look nice!

- Your ribbons are different.

- That's right.

One for England and one for Argentina.

How sweet!

But of course England will win.

I don't think so, Nick.

We beat Jamaica 4- 2.

But we beat Italy 3- 0.

Well, our strikers are the best in the world.

But your defence is poor.

- No, it's not.

- Yes, it is.

It's not! It's not! It's not!

It is! It is! It is!


And now make friends.

You're so childish.

Miguel arrives today.

At least he's a real man.

But he loves football too.

A Spanish supporter.

- Hello?

- We'll beat them, in the final.

Nick, for you. Your agent.


Hi, Cameron. How are you?

Good. An audition?

For me?

What for?

London On Fire?

The soap? Yes!


Today? At midday?



But that's 100 miles away.

No, of course I'm pleased.

OK, thank you.


An audition for London On Fire? That's brilliant.

Yeah, you must be pleased, man.

Yes, I am.

I am very, very pleased.

I am so happy.

I can see that.

Why today?

Why this afternoon?

Why in Birmingham?

What about the football?

It's only a football game.


there are some people who think

that football is a matter of life and death.

It isn't.

It is much more important than that.

- Don't go to the audition, then.

- Don't go?

Don't go? I must go.

Drama is my life.

Look, Nick, we can record it for you.

Yeah, and we won't tell you the score.

Really? You won't tell me the score?

You promise?

- Promise.

- Promise.

OK, promise.


I will go,

and perform for England.

But of course England will win.


I am so happy.

I don't believe it.

It's a very, very bad hair day.

And Miguel is arriving this evening.

It's a disaster.

It's a catastrophe.

I said it's a catastrophe.

What is a catastrophe?

Bridget's hair.

I've got to do something.

I know. Carol.

She'll help me.

..we've got all the action coming up.

Hello? Carol?

Bridget here.

Look, this is an emergency.

I need a hair appointment.

I need a style

that a Spanish football fan will adore.

You can? Goody.

I'll see you at five o'clock.


..this semifinal between the two giants

Come on, England!

Come on, Argentina!

..but a strong team.

England look likeAre they going to score?

Yes! It looks like it!

Now Argentina, coming up on the outside.

They're looking dangerous.

They've got through the defence

and they score.

Come on, England. They've got to pull

themselves together. And who's this?

Look at him. He's broken through.

And it's a goal!

A minute to go in this exciting match

and England have possession.

Yes! Yes! Yes! It's gone in!

What a game!

Yeah, it was fantastic.

Poor Hector.

- Argentina did very well against England.

- Yeah.

But not well enough.

We must not look too happy.

We promised Nick not to tell him the score.

And, Hector,

you must not look too sad.

Come on, try to smile.

Come on, snuggly puppykins.

Like this.

It'll do.

Hi, Nick.

- Hello.

- Hi, Nick.

- Good match?

- You know, so- so.


- Where's the tape?

- Hector's got it.

- Where's Hector?

- In your apartment.

- Bye, then.

- Bye.


Hi, Hector.

Nick, my friend, you are back.

Is this is the football match?


- What?

- You won, didn't you?

- Won what?

- The football.

Argentina beat England, didn't they?

Nick, I promised you I wouldn't say anything.

But I know. You're so happy.

No, I'm not.

I knew it. I knew it.

Poor England, my country.

Nick, you can watch the match on video.

I can't bear it.

How, Hector, how could you?

How could Argentina beat England?


just watch the tape.

I can't wait to see Miguel.

I'm going to the hairdresser's to get my hair

done for gorgeous Miguel. Bye.


OK, repeat after me.

Bridget, you are so beautiful.

Bridget, you are so beautiful.

Bridget, I love your hair.

Bridget, I love your hair.

And your smile.

And your smile.

No problem, Miguel. See you later.

Hector and Bridget!

How could they?

Argentina did very well against England.


But not well enough.

This is an emergency.

I need a hair appointment.

I need a style

that a Spanish football fan will adore.

Bridget, you are so beautiful.


- Annie?

- Yes, Hector?

- Are you all right?

- Yes.

Are you cross about something?

Why do you think that?

Annie, come and sit down.


Annie, have I done something wrong?



Well, if you don't tell me, I won't know.

You know, Hector. You know.

Yes! Yes! Yes! We won!

We won!

We're in the final!

Sorry, have I missed something?


Bridget, what's wrong?

Why have you got a bag on your head?

- Come on, let's take it off.

- Leave it!

Is it your hair?

It can't be that bad.

It is!

Come on.

Do you promise not to laugh?

We promise.

Don't we?

All right, then, here goes.

It's very


I knew it!

I knew you'd laugh!

It's a disaster

and Miguel will be here any moment.

That's him!

He mustn't see me like this.


Come in.

I'll just tell Bridget.

Bridget. Miguel's here.

I don't want to see him. I can't.

Trust me, Bridget, he will love your hair.


Bridget, you are so beautiful.

I love your hair, and your smile.

I love your hair.

So, Spain versus England

in the World Cup final.

Poor old England.

On the contrary, my Spanish friend.

Prepare to die.

Nick, please ask Hector to pass the crisps.

Hector, Annie says can you pass the crisps?

Please ask Annie

why hasn't she spoken to me for two days.

Annie, Hector says

why haven't you spoken to him for two days?

Tell him

She says

It's starting.

..final between England

and their arch- rivals Spain.

Come on, England. Come on.

Come on, Spain.

He passes to Scholes, and yes

- Go on!

- And here's Spainand it's a goal!

- Yes!

- Goal!

England have the ball.

They are heading for goal.


Annie, can I ask you something?

Yes, Hector?

Have you ever thought about getting married?

Who to?

To someone

Someone likeme.

..and he shoots and he scores!

I don't believe it!

What a match!

Spain played really well.

Yeah, but not well enough.

Poor Miguel. Speak to me in English again.

Bridget, you are so beautiful.

I love your hair and your smile.

- Is that all he knows?

- Yep, and I taught him.

- When?

- On the phone.

You were on the phone to Miguel!

- Teaching him English.

- Silly me!

I thought you were talking to Bridget.

Annie, there is only one person for me.


Well? Will you?

Will she what?

Marry me?

Yes, Hector!

Next time in Extra

Hector and Annie plan their wedding.

Nick is in for a surprise.

And guess who's coming from Argentina.