This is the story of Bridget and Annie,

who share a flat in London,

and the boys next door,

Nick and his friend Hector from Argentina.

Annie cares about animals.

Hector cares about Annie.

Bridget mostly cares about herself.

But Nick doesn't care very much about anything.

Stand by for Extra.

Bridget Evans?

Annie Taylor?

Detective David Hunt

of the Metropolitan Police.

Could I have a word with you, please?

So we went to the restaurant

and it was a very good vegetarian restaurant,

and I had the peppers

and Hector had the mushrooms,

which was very nice

because Hector doesn't like mushrooms,

so I said to him that it was good for him to try.


And then afterwards we went for a lovely walk

and it was such a beautiful evening

and the birds were singing

Annie! Will you shut up?


You have been talking non- stop

for 20 minutes.

I know. It's

It's because I'm doing a sponsored silence

for the charity Pigs With No Parents.


So why are you talking?

It doesn't start till ten o'clock, so if I talk

a lot now, then I won't have to talk later.

Anyway, what's wrong with your mouth?


Have you got a spot?

I'll call an ambulance!

No, but I am going to see my beautician later.

What for?

Just for a check- up.

A check- up? But you go to the dentist

for a check- up, for your teeth.


I'm going to the beautician's to check

Check that you are beautiful?

Of course not.

I don't have to check I'm beautiful, do I?

Hey, Nick! Do you like my new clothes?


Nick! What is the matter?

You can tell me.

You have a toothache.

Then if you have a toothache,

you must go to the den

Can't I say the word 'den…'?

OK, I won't say the D- word.

I call him 'plumber'.

OK, so when did you last see the plumber?

That's not too bad, five months ago.

Five years ago?

When you were five years old?

It is going to be a big job!

He'll need a big drill.

Come on.

The girls must know a good plumber.

Come on.

Do you want a sweetie?

Do you want a sweetie?

Sweets are bad for your teeth. Come on.

Hi, sugar plum.

Hello, snuggly puppykins.

Nice clothes. New?

Yeah. Thanks.

Is Nick rehearsing for the pantomime?

No, he has a toothache

so he must see the plumber.

No, no, no, Hector.

For a toothache, he must see the dentist.

I know that, but Nick doesn't like the D- word.


So I'm calling the dentist a plumber.

So do you know a good plumber?

A plumber? What for?

Nick has toothache.

Well, he doesn't need a plumber.

He needs a dentist.

Yes, Hector, we have

the number of a very good plumber - Julian.


He's so gentle.

He's so married!

Hi, Julian.

Listen, we have an emergency here.

What are the symptoms?

Shaking, squealing

Yeah, just a toothache.

You can?

Thank you. Bye.

Sorted. He'll see Nick now.

OK, come on, Nick.

Come on. Come on, Nick.

Come on

Come on, Nick.

Julian looked in my mouth once.

He said, 'Bridget, you've got wonderful teeth.'

With a mouth that big,

I'm surprised he didn't fall in.


Who's this?


Hello, Bernard.

Hello, Bernard.

You've been what?



When you were in the bath?

All your clothes?

And your keys?

Poor Bernard.

Listen, you must call the police, OK?

OK. Bye.

Poor Bernard.

It's ten o'clock!

My sponsored silence starts now.

He'll need a big drill.

If I talk a lot now,

then I won't have to talk later.

Have you got a spot?

I'll call an ambulance!

All your clothes?

And your keys?

Bridget Evans?

Annie Taylor?

Detective David Hunt

of the Metropolitan Police.

Could I have a word with you, please?

Why not?

You can't speak? I'm sorry.

You can speak.

Are you trying to be funny with me, young lady?

One word. Three syllables.

First syllable




Second syllable.

A? E?

I? I.


Chair- I- T.

Chair- I- T?

You're being silent for charity!

But which charity?

Cow? Dog? Cat?


Got it! Pigs Without Parents!

Is this man bothering you, Annie?

Because if he is,

I am going to show him some Argentinian

Detective David Hunt

of the Metropolitan Police.


- And you are?

- Hector Romero.

I suspect you're not English?

He is a very good detective.

And you are?


He's just been to see the plumber.

- The plumber?

- Yes, he had a toothache.

But you don't go to the plumber

when you've got a toothache.

- You go to the den

- Biscuit?


Anyway, I'm here to investigate a robbery

of Bernard Reynolds'…

Somebody has stolen Bernard!

There's been a robbery

of Bernard Reynolds' clothes.

Who would want Bernard's clothes?

So I'm investigating everybody in the building

because someone

has stolen Bernard Reynolds' clothes.

Where were you last night?

I was with Annie.

- Annie

- It's OK.

She can't speak for chair- I- T.

Anyway, what about Nwiff?


Show me, Nick.

I went to Leo's Bar.

I had a beer.

There was a beautiful girl.

And a motorbike?

You were with a young woman on a motorbike?

Motorbike. Registration?

Name of young woman?

He wasn't with her.

The young woman

was on television on a motorbike!

I saw that! Very nice!

Gee, I'm getting good at this.

Bridget Evans?

Annie Taylor?

Detective David Hunt

of the Metropolitan Police.

Could I have a word with you, please?

Chair- I- T?

Got it! Pigs Without Parents!

What about Nwiff?

Motorbike. Registration?

Name of young woman?

There you are!

Hello, Mr Reynolds.

Well, have you caught them?

- Who?

- The robbers.

The robbers who stole my clothes.

Yes. My investigations are going very well.

You have a cold, Bernard?

You need some clothes?

What a week! First, Mum went away

to play bingo all weekend.


Two fat ladies, 88.

Clickety- click, 66.

Anyway, and then someone stole my clothes.


Digestives! My favourite.

You must be Miss Evans.

And this is Sherlock Holmes!


I'd like to ask you a few questions.

Bernard's wearing my dressing gown!

What are you staring at?


Is there something wrong with your top lip?


Yes, there is. It's bright red.

It doesn't show, does it?

No, no, no.

They told me in the salon no one would notice.

Thank you.

I wanted perfect lips, but I didn't have

enough money, so a student did them.

What, a butcher student?

There, there. You're still very pretty.

Am I? Really?


Where were you last night?

- Looking in the mirror.

- All night?

Yes, all night.

How can anyone spend all night

looking at themselves in the mirror?

Bridget would.

I think that someone here

is not telling the truth

and I think that someone is you.

But I told you. I was with Annie.

Annie hasn't said she was with you.

That's true.

She can't speak.

She is doing

a sponsored silence for chair- I- T.

It doesn't matter. Did you go out at all?

- Yes.

- Where?

- Shopping.

- Shopping?

For what?

Some new clothes.

These new clothes?

Now, let me get this straight.

You need some new clothes

and Mr Reynolds' clothes have been stolen.

So what does that tell me?

Yes, but I…

Why buy new clothes

when you can steal somebody else's?


Do these look like Bernard's clothes?

They could be. My colour.

Oh, no! I spoke!

You! You made me speak!

Hello? Yes, he's here. I'll get him.

Bernard, it's your mother.

Hello, Mum. You're back.

How was bingo?

Mum, someone stole my clothes.


Right, I'm off.

Mum's back. She's cooking my tea.

Bernard, what about your clothes?

It's OK. She's got them.

- What?

- What? What?

She put them in the washing machine

before she went to bingo.


So Bernard's clothes

were in the washing machine all the time.

Well, yes, as I suspected.

That's another case solved. I'll be off, then.

No, you won't!


You owe me £120 for Pigs With No Parents.

You made me speak!

Well, will dollars do?

Next time in Extra

The girls enter a game show.

And guess what Hector finds on his jumper.