Big City Small World S01E08 - I'll Be Rich In Three Years!

Magda: So, did you see the flat?

Sarah: Yeah, it's greatreally spacious, really light, good location near a tube stationand not too expensive!

Magda: Sounds perfect. There's got to be a catch

Sarah: Well, Fadi's cousin is the owner

Magda: That's not a problem, is it?

Sarah: Nono, I don't think soHe seems ok

Magda: You don't sound sure

Sarah: No, really, he's ok. And I really need a new place!

Magda: So you think you'll move in?

Sarah: Yeah, certainly. Already decided....I move in on Saturday!

Magda: Great!

Johnny: Hi! Magda and

Sarah: Hi there Johnny! Come and have a seat! How's it going?

Johnny: Great thanksjust waiting for Harry.

Sarah: You two are hanging out together all the time at the moment

Johnny: We're good mates, we get on really well

Magda: Isn't Harry working for you as well now?

Johnny: No!!! He's working with me, not for methere's a very big difference!

Magda: What's that?

Johnny: Well, if he was workingforme, that means I'd be his boss! But he's workingwithme, which means that we work for the same company, that's all.

Magda: I'm not sure I'd want to be in the same office as you and Harry! What do you do, talk about football all the time?

Johnny: No! We don't even work in the same office!

Magda: Sorry, only joking…I didn't mean to be rude, but I think it's a good idea to keep friends and work separate

Sarah: Mmm, I agree

Johnny: You could be rightbut we don't actually work together closely. It's a big company you know, and Harry works on the IT side. I'm at the front of the operationsearching out opportunities, winning contracts, clinching deals

Magda: Alright for you then!

Johnny: I'll be rich in three years

Magda: That's what you always say! There are more important things in life than money, you know!

Sarah: Magda, don't worrynot all Chinese people are like that. We don't only care about money!

Johnny: Maybe, but all I mean is, well, I know where I'm going

Magda: Lucky you…I wish I didI'm about to finish my degree and haven't got anything lined up for the future yet

Sarah: Oh dearnothing at all?

Magda: Well, I've got an interview with a small architect's practice next week

Sarah: That's great news! Well done!

Magda: YeahbutI'm really worried about it! I've never done a job interview before. Can you give me some advice?

Sarah: Erm…I guess I could helpI've done one or two interviews

Johnny: I'll tell you all you need to know! Don't worry. Just listen to me, take my advice and you'll definitely get the job!

Magda: Oh, er, well, great

Johnny: But I can't tell you nowgot to go

Sarah: Where are you off to in such a hurry?

Johnny: Got an appointment with the boys, haven't I? Fadi and Harry - we're all playing football this evening. Bye!

Sarah: Bye!!