Kakva je razlika između američkog i britanskog engleskog vokabulara?


Hey Naturals What's up if you're curious about the difference between American and British

English You're in for a real treat today I have Anna from english like a native

And we're going to talk about some of the differences between

Words in American English and British English We've Been Having a Great time Just

discovering Some of The differences and

Laughing all afternoon about so many differences so i'm never i'm really funny You'll see you keep Watching we Just

Recorded a video About

pronunciation differences so if you're curious about some of The details and the

accent differences You Should Watch That video on Anna's Channel the link Will be in the

Description so make sure that you go over and Watch That

but If you're curious about Vocabulary

Let's get into it When I was packing it to come over here to London i said i'm gonna pack my my fanny pack

Right I Mean Fanny Packs are cool again Right Wait

Why are you laughing is It not cool? A Fanny pack in the UK is what your fanny in the uk is

It's you're it's like a Woman's private is like Yeah it's like Your Va-jay-jay oh My

Yeah We cool we Cool we Cool a Fanny pack a bum bag a bum bag


bum for

Americans It Could Be Like Your backside but it's usually a Homeless person and

Interesting You Say a bum is a word for a Homeless person in the uk Normally we Call The homeless person a tramp


and in the us a tramp is

Maybe a Woman of loose Morals Let's Say

I'm trying to be appropriate

Hey can i have some Chips um i don't have any Chips gabby but i do Have some Crisps

okay so these are chips in American English Yum but They're Crisps in

British English I'll Just Fill in The British english side Right Now i think French Fries are

we call French Fries Chips Chips

so if you're confused so the hot - fish and chips - yes the hot potato

Snack Is chips okay and these in British english are Crisps okay it even confuses me an aubergine


Eggplant oh What an eggplant It doesn't have any Eggs in It okay What about a courgette

Is that a zucchini mmm-Hmm okay we call like a Place That you get

Drinks Like If You Go for a beer we would call that a bar a Pub That's a Pub well we do have

Irish Pubs But it's very specific like we're trying to be European yeah and we Do Have Bars but again i think Bars Kind of

Popped Up in in big

multicultural Cities Like London and manchester Before They became Widespread so i think it's you know it's Just that Kind of Cross-pollination Yeah

Britain Becoming Very Much Like America and While we're talking about Pubs if i wanted to

Not Go to the bar and Just buy my own Alcohol i would Go to the liquor store

How about Here or in britain You go to the offy

offy that sounds like the office

Offy is short for off-license okay so if you Say liquor store Here we

Confused Because we don't even Really Drink liquor we Drink Spirits Spirits

okay well we do use that word but it's super rare uh-huh okay and then if you drink a Lot of

Spirits i guess you have to go to the John Right

Like The Bathroom okay so the slang for Toilets in

Britain is loo okay i need the loo and Actually i

Wouldn't Say John i think men Say The John Where it's like men go to the John

Women Go to the ladies Room because we're ladies yes and We Generally Say

Toilet As Well Like If you're in public and you Need to use the bathroom

And You'd Say Bathroom even if There's not a bath oh

Even if There isn't a Bath in that Room we Still call It a bathroom i need to go to the bathroom

It's a polite Way of Asking to go to the toilet you

Say Washroom Washroom We Say that yeah you ever Say WC no i was gonna ask you about that What is

WC it's Water Closet

we don't know we don't Say Either

Yeah WC Means Water Closet but We don't use it you don't use it who uses it? no one uses water closet

So i was on my way here going on the train i was in the train station and i was trying to ask Information

Where is the bathroom and they were looking at me no sorry i said Where's the restroom and They were looking at me like

Restroom Yeah Toilet Yeah we don't use restroom toilet is too direct in the US

We also sometimes we'll Say The phrase to spend a penny

Have you Heard about one, no, that is to go to the bathroom What

Because It used to be you know like in public toilets and it still is the case you have to pay like in Waterloo Station

and you have like 30 pence


Which is it's a ripoff right is that a Lot

You Know used to be a Penny obviously oh Right Spend a Penny That's so funny

So if you're working Out a Lot uh-huh what Would you call That like someone who so if a guy is like

Macho really muscular We Say He's hench if he's well built he's hench, he's big and

And We Would Say Ripped that guy's ripped Would you Say that yeah we'd say Ripped but ripped definitely means Muscular Tone

Okay I've never Heard hench oh?

How about Clothes for example, I was wearing a tank top When i arrived like no sleeves and

You called it, I called it a vest a vest so for for me and anything That's Kind of like a String


Arms And There's no Sleeves

And it'S close to your body it's a Vest

Which for me a vest is

no sleeves but you

Button It down in the Middle and you Wouldn't Wear it on its own it's like It Goes Over a Dress shirt

Yeah That's a Waistcoat That's a Waistcoat but it's not a coat

But You Only Wear It for really posh Functions true

yes okay Now What is a Jumper Um so in British English What is a Jumper

so in British English we say jumper

so in American english a

sweater uh-huh Would be What in British English Um a Jumper okay okay a Jumper in American English is like a

one-piece outfit that includes the top and the bottom together

a Jumpsuit

Uh-huh That's What is, a Jumpsuit Is all-In-One Like What babies Wear but Yeah maybe without the feet and then we Have

Braces yes But Braces in American english are to

straighten your teeth Right and then We Have Braces to on your teeth but also a Pair of

Braces are the elastics that You click to your trousers that go over your Shoulders Suspenders

Y-Yeah Suspenders are tights That You have Up your leg and you have a Suspender Belt and They're Very sexy

Garter Belts and Stockings so we call them suspenders Because They Suspend from your leg


Do you say flip flops?

yeah Because you know in Australia

Off-Topic Yeah in Australia they call them thongs What yeah no Thongs are underwear Yeah right Here too yeah yeah okay

So Gabby were you Confused when you arrived at My Ground Floor Flat uh

Yeah Ground Floor

Would Be The first floor There's no i mean we Just Say First Floor we don't usually have a Ground floor so

for Us first but Would be One Level up that is the first floor That's our second Floor

But If you're in a Lift in the uk and You'll have the buttons one

Two three four However Many Floors and then for What is on the ground the Ground Floor or the first floor we have will have

The Letter G

So i bet you get confused When you're in a Lift

Absolutely - in the UK - Because there's Like You Said there's a G or a zero and I never Know well iF someone Said My

apartment's on the first floor i mean i guess i would Push One because first Corresponds with one but i would wonder

What's on the ground floor and i probably have to ask the mailman oh? Oh?

Oh the mailman didn't We Say Postman uh-huh so in Britain we Don't Say mailman We Say Postman right I say Mailman

okay and Then

Line Is

What here queue queue something us Brits love to do and they love to queue

So you'd be Asked if you're pushing

While Lots of People are waiting You'll be Asked to go and Join The back of the queue

or the back of the line in American English

You Really Should Learn to queue it's a Good past time

Oh no that Sounds Awful that Doesn't. Sound like fun at all Yeah but We Brits Know

How to have a Good time yeah right so Anna I wanted to ask you

something I'm a Little embarrassed about

Our president - Trump - I heard That Trump Has another Meaning yes

It's Actually Been quite Funny for us as brits Watching everything That's going on across the Pond

More so because the word trump in British english means to fart

so embarrassing

So if you trump you fart and do you have a Trump running Your country. Oh yeah we do we have a trump for president

Vote Trump Yes so Every time the news comes Out That's got to be hilarious oh

My Goodness Just trump all Over the Papers trump all over the internet

Yeah There's so many Things i Feel like we Could Go on and on like With our list of different Vocabulary Words and sometimes like

Words or Phrases Just come up like we we were talking Just

Casually about Friends in common and different Phrases and

What's the One about if you're making fun of someone so like if someone was making fun of trump for Example while They are

taking the piss

Although piss -- is it vulgar? It is. Piss is a Swear Word so i always measure it by Would i would i be

Shocked If a Child Said Piss? ah and I would - Adults only

but so i wouldn't use it in in a formal Situation

But If you're with Your friends and you're grown up and you're mature

then You can Say They were taking the piss over and so They were making fun of

They were taking the piss and this is a Really Vulgar Way to say That you're going

To the John or the loo or going to the bathroom I may use it in that respect as well thank you you could Say

Stop taking The Piss i'm gonna take a Piss ah

But Again in that respect It is also Really Really Vulgar i would never say I'm going to take a piss - no - I would never - because I'm a lady


See we do use it in both

Respects okay take The Piss i'm taking a Piss okay

That's it's so interesting Just Unfolding the differences so i

Think That's a Good place to end we have so so many i could go on we're constantly Learning

Too i'm constantly Learning as i Just talk to people so you know don't be intimidated by the differences Just Get out there

Talk to people and

People are Nice They want to help You so you can Just ask wait What does that mean again? like i have to do that

While i'm here so

So yeah i hope that you enjoyed This and make sure that you get over to English like a native

Check Out our pronunciation video it'S a Blast all right Thanks so much Guys i'll see you later