Kako naučiti engleski jezik uz filmove ili TV serije


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movies or TV series

This is a question

I got from a member of my English fluency Club

And this student asked about how to use movies or a TV series to learn English

How do we do it?

So I want to share the answer with you my amazing go natural English

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How do we use movies or TV series to learn English?

Well first of all choose something you like

You're gonna learn a lot more if you

Enjoy the material for me. You know I always like to watch movies and languages that I was learning like Spanish Portuguese

Japanese or French I think at one point when I was studying Spanish in college

I rented every single spanish-language DVD like every foreign film made in Spanish from

the movie store and that actually

also tells you that I'm pretty old because

In college they still had places where you could rent DVDs

That's not even a thing anymore. I should have said I watched every spanish-language movie on Netflix

Yeah, Netflix all right, so

Anyway, what I would do and what my students have done with success is to choose a movie or a TV series that?

You enjoy now

What if you don't know a good English movie or English TV series?

Well, I'd like to ask you to share in the comments share

Your favorite TV series in English or movie in English so that people who are watching who aren't sure where to start

Could try one of those favorites of yours

Okay, so you choose something that looks interesting? I want you to watch this program

Whether it's the movie or TV series. I'll just say program to keep it short watch it first without subtitles

If you can't understand anything

Then I would suggest choosing a different program something that is a little bit easier to understand

It's okay, if you want to watch something. That's like a Kids program

That could be a good place to start or something that is just a little bit slower

Action movies are typically not very easy to understand fast paced action

Fast paced you know where things are blowing up, and it's hard to hear what people are saying

It's not a very easy way to listen to the English so anyway pick a movie or program where things are not blowing up

Maybe something romantic because people usually speak a little slower when they're trying to be romantic

Like I don't know what am I even talking about just pick something that you like and that's pretty easy to understand?

Watch it without


Why without subtitles because when you turn on the subtitles your eyes?

Automatically want to read what's on the screen so if you have the choice

Watch the program without subtitles, and if you can understand

60% of the program, that's good

70 80 90

100 % awesome, then I want you to just in your minds

Or it could be on a piece of paper in your notebook quickly summarize what?

The movie was about or what the TV program was about and an awesome way to do

This is to share it with your friends

So you could even invite some of your friends over to your home or wherever you know if you want to watch a TV

Program at a cafe on your laptop whatever with your earphones

Wherever is good for you. You think about that you do the logistics. I'll teach the English

so tell your friends about what you understood and

Have them tell you about what they liked about the show and what their summary would be of it like hey

let's talk about it and it's really really good because

You're checking with each other you're teaching the other person you could do this in English

And it's even better if you talk to your friend in English to summarize what you watched and maybe ask each other questions

But if you need to do it in your native language. That's okay the idea is that you're checking your comprehension of what you watched


Go back and watch with subtitles in


In English so you're listening in English and the subtitles are in English to check your understanding

See if anything changes if you understand something more then

After you do that

Check with subtitles in your own language

so I'm assuming that you have the option for subtitles in English and in your native language and

The last step should be watching the program with subtitles in your native language

There are some programs where you can even watch them dubbed over in your native language

If you're still not sure about what you watched you could do that

But I don't think it's necessary if you're understanding what I'm saying right now. You can probably

understand the program in English

most of it without subtitles

More of it with English subtitles and all of it if you put on subtitles in your native language

So that's how I suggest to learn with movies to check your overall

General main idea comprehension is just as I said to watch with no subtitles watch with English subtitles

watch with subtitles in your language and

That's about it. Actually that's the last step, so you could do more with this if you have time

I'll recommend to go back and

Check the words or check the scenes where you didn't really understand

What was happening so if there's some parts of the movie where you're completely?

Confused you have no idea what happened go back to those parts try writing down the words that you No

And then you can check them, and it takes time it does you have to be patient with yourself

It's a little tedious to do this to go back check the words. You don't know look them up up in the dictionary and

Actually try to understand a whole scene that you didn't understand before, but this is how you improve your listening comprehension

So next time you watch the movie or next time you watch a different program

That uses the same word or the same expressions you're gonna be even smarter you're gonna understand

What's going on, and that's gonna feel so good?

So if you feel like this is too much work

Just imagine how you're gonna feel so good when you do understand the next time you

Listen to these words, so that should be motivating for you

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