Rude slang for body parts - COCK, PUSSY, ASS, BALLS :D


I'd like to please give everyone a

warning about this video this video is

very rude if you are easily offended by

rudeness or anything like that please do

not watch this video thank you

alright welcome to the slang video

probably in my dreams one of the best

videos ever to be done on in vid by me

I've been dreaming about this video

since day one where someone said hey

would you like to do videos on the

internet and I said can I fake cock on

the internet and hmm it didn't go over

too well but now it's gone over so well

I even wrote the word cock on the board

so today's lesson one of the funnest

ones is slang rude body parts we have

body parts but we have secret body parts

that a lot of people don't see hopefully

in the plain broad daylight we have a

head we have a head we have eyes nose

nose nose your eyes nose and we have

other body parts that are quite rude um

the first one is a penis men have

penises sometimes women have penises but

they buy them so that's kind of strange

but penis is usually only on men so I

put an M for the male part penis um

these words all mean penis so it's very

unusual for someone to say my penis is

itchy we would always use a slang word

for penis

especially in movies you may find

yourself in a movie theater

watching it in English and people are

laughing and you said and why is that

funny some guy said he was going to

stick his schlong in her box I don't

understand I know the

box yes I don't know schlong I must be

German Oh must be a German joke

no it means penis so pecker

pronunciation pecker Wang I like that

word sometimes I don't know why we name

penises after people we use people's

names will be is very common in England

it's a short form of William mostly in

the UK we have Johnson and Peter so

these are actually real men's names so

sometimes it's funny if someone said to

you my name is Peter this is my brother

Willie our last name is Johnson it's

funny but you wouldn't understand it

because you didn't know they mean penis

the next one maybe German may not be

it's it's nice it's called a schlong you

have too long it to make it sound

correct so the pronunciation is a little

strange so you can practice Schwalm good

next one very common you will hear a lot

in movies talk now you have to be very

careful when you are saying this word

cock because a lot of you guys want to

say the word coke but you end up saying

cock so you might go to the store you

might go to a restaurant and the person

says what would you like to drink

and you'd say I'd like a small cock


maybe someone laughs at you really hard

and you don't understand maybe oh maybe

you're a little thirsty like a large

cock then be careful please

pronunciation is cock meaning the penis

and the drink is coke try this coke and

cock this isn't happening is it the next

word means small but we mean it as a

penis it's dink or dinky maybe when you

were younger you played with Minnie

cars in North America we call them dinky

cars think he actually really means

small but we use it to use penis next

word dick this is another name of a man

it's actually Richard so the proper

man's name or the long form of the name

is Richard I have a colleague who I work


his name is Richard some men named

Richard would like you to call them dick

I don't know why what's your name my

name is Richard please call me dick

please call me penis oh okay cool that's

awesome so all the Richards and dicks

out there I want to know why I had an

uncle dick that was funny when I was a

child and so Richard dick the other one

has to do with food I think you might

get the sausage analogy with this one

sausage Weiner hotdog Weiner and tube

steak okay

penises Weiner tube steak sausage the

next one is for women if you are a fan

of adult videos you've probably heard

these words before the most popular one

is the word pussy pussy is a slang word

for the vagina

now pussy has two meanings a long time

ago we would call a cat meow a pussy or

a pussy cat so it is a it is a harmless

word when you say pussy cat you have to

say the cat part if you just say pussy

it means vagina I will never forget one

time when I was younger I went over to

my mother's cousin's house she was an

older lady her cat went under her bed I

was smaller then I was like this small

and I could get under the bed and find

the cat the funny thing was she was at

the other end of the bed saying here

pussy pussy pussy I almost died of


there and she's like do you think it's

funny I can't find my cat no it's funny

cuz you just said vagina five times

next word this is a bad bad bad bad word

probably the most offensive word ever in

the English language personally one of

my favorites it's very common in the UK

it's very common in Britain they say the

word cunt all the time if you don't like

someone you can call them a cunt in

North America I don't know why it's

considered really really really really

terribly badly rude even ruder than all

of the other bad words it means vagina

okay so you can say pussy you can say

cunt you can say vagina the next word is

is more you can understand how this word

came about vag it sounds kind of gross

though it's just a short form of vagina

so vag vagina this word of a JJ is I

would guess that it was a fairly new

word in the English language so it's one

of our new vagina words for JJ you will

hear it a lot on TV and you'll go oh my

god they're talking about vaginas when

they say vajayjay box is a funny word as

well it does mean vagina there's a joke

y RS I'm sorry how do you know that the

Smurfs recycle wait for it

Smurf at has a blue box her vagina is

blue the next word is again about food

for some reason we have the wiener tube

steak and for the women we have the

schnitzel maybe it's the their schlong

and the schnitzel connection we also

have a pink taco and we have a fish taco

so pink taco fish taco or the same the

schlong and maybe the schnitzel the

German connection they're not too sure I

don't know how these became to be I have

no idea all I know is they're funny and

they use

movies a lot the next one is what both

males and females have the proper word

is buttocks which is an X word in itself

buttocks buttocks and in sewing we say

ass you can call someone an asshole you

are an asshole

that means it's the hole in your bum or

in your buttocks booty or booty I here

used a lot in rap music it means it also

means a pirate's treasure and butts and

bomb when I was a child my mother would

say bum or even more stranger now that I

think about it

bumble Erie here's your bumble 18 yeah

mom let's kid thanks mom um but and bum

are not bad words neither is booty butt

ass might offend a few people okay the

next one did only women have or breasts

we have two breasts these parts here are

called nipples mm-hmm both men and males

both men and women have breasts both men

and women have nipples

except women's breasts are usually

bigger than men's breasts and they're

different the most probably the most

common word for breasts in saying is

boobies in the plural or boobs kind of

make sense there's two B's here two

nipples let's put some nipples here ding

ding so boobs or boobies in the plural

and tits or titties another word that's

very very common that this might be

funny to you or make sense now is the

restaurant named hooters if you've ever

been to a Hooters restaurant you will

notice that the waitresses have big

breasts and the t-shirt has a picture of

an owl with two big eyes well guess what

they're not eyes

Hooters is a name for breasts jugs I

don't get it I have no idea why but it's

also a name for breasts okay the next

one are exclusively for men women do not

have testicles what is this this is a

picture that I've drawn very good artist

Ronnie thank you of testicles mm-hmm

these are the testicle hairs and this is

the balls the word we use in English for

slang is balls we also say bag not oh oh

no we need to do you have a friend with

only one nuts maybe you can say nuts

sack bag and sack has the same meaning

here or you can say nut sack you can put

those two together also nads again I

don't know gonads it comes from the word

gonads a long time ago there was a

facial product for women that was a hair

removal facial product and it was called

nods that was hilarious for me bollocks

very good word very British in its

origin it means testicles and I think my

favorite word it sounds cute for

testicles is testes so you will hear

sometimes when someone's testing a

microphone they say testy testy one -

they're saying testicles testicles

testicles balls not sack these things

here another thing exclusively for women

is a camel toe a camel toe is a vagina

that is shining through the pants so

this means ladies if you wear your pants

a little too tight yoga pants are

probably the worst culprits for these

basically it means when

someone says you have camel toe is that

I can see the outline of your vagina no

one likes to see camel toe you might say

I don't understand why is it a camel and

it so if you live near a camel go to the

camel and look at his feet or her feet

and you will notice that the camels toes

kind of look like this and then they'd

have the legs here so we imagine that

this part would actually look like this

part if the woman were to wear her pants

too tight I hope you enjoyed the

terribly slang lesson on body parts and

that everyone named Richard Peter

Johnson and Willie will thank their

parents very much for giving them

spectacular names bye

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