Naučite Engliski uz Lady Gagu i pesmu "Shallow"


It's time to learn with who is probably one of the best artists of my generation -

Lady Gaga! Are you ready?

So, she just won the Oscar for Best Original Song, and she was in fact

nominated for a few other ones.

I recommend that you check out the speech that she made the other night at the Oscars

as it was super motivating.

I'll link that down in the description and the movie is fantastic; it was a little long

for me, but I would still recommend that you watch it.

So, she and Bradley Cooper did a really amazing performance of the song "Shallow" live at the Oscars,

and I definitely recommend that you look that up after this lesson

if you haven't seen it yet, but today we will be using the original music video

to teach you with this song.

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Now let's jump into today's lesson with "Shallow" from Lady Gaga.

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Can you give me an example with "times"?

You could talk about any period of your life , the good times, the bad times, the crazy times, the dark times -

Just get creative! Do that down in the comments below and I'll be correcting many of your examples.

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