Basic English Grammar - Do, Does, Did, Don't, Doesn't, Didn't


hi there my name is Ronnie and today I'm going to teach a lesson by special

request from someone wrote in or typed in and wanted a lesson on the

very basic verb of do

now we really use this verb a lot in English it's called an auxiliary verb

sometimes we need to put it in where you think it doesn't go

I'm just going to teach you the basic positive and negative of this verb

so the reason why this is so confusing is we have to change it

depending on the subject, so if you're talking about yourself you're going to

say i do we usually say this in a marriage

do you I do whoo hoo if we have the word

you and I both use do if we have he or she we must use does so I do you do

he or she does these are the only ones that change if we want to talk about a

group of people, we can see they. They do, and if you're talking about yourself and

another person

we're going to say we do so you only really have to be worried about when we

he or she don't worry about it

he or she does all of the other subjects do now the negative is also different

with do and does when we use the negative with I, you,

they, and we.

We say don't

don't is actually a contraction of do not but in normal everyday speaking


it's very very same "do not" we usually say don't

so if we use I you

they and we going to say don't I don't have a cat

you don't like me

we don't go there if it's the word does in the negative it's going to change too


so for example he doesn't like cats

she doesn't like him

so we never change the subject in the negative

it's always the same he or she does he or she doesn't

when we don't we use I you

they and we. The last thing about this lovely verb is the past the past

thank goodness will stay the same

ok does not change so we can use

I he/she they and we did the negative of this is it

peace are present this is pass

so these do not change this is easier I he she they we did I didn't like him he

didn't like the cat

all right i hope that clears it up for you and please if you have any suggestions

anything you would like to be taught

please go to and write a comment and we'll be happy to

teach you


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