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Pronunciation is the soul and heart of a language, in today's lesson we're going to be talking

about the pronunciation of the most, some of the most important words in English language

that people mispronounce. Ladies and gentlemen a very warm welcome my name is Hridhaan, and

I welcome you to my channel with a very big heart, without further ado let's get started,

Word number one that we have on the list iswomen”. Now how do we pronounce this

word? A lot of people pronounce this word quite incorrectly, because this word has m-e-n

in it and m-e-n is pronounced as men. So people pronounce this word as wo-men, wo-men but

that is not the correct pronunciation the correct pronunciation is /we-min/ wo-men

changes to /we-min/. one more time we-min. Next one in the list is comfortable how do

people mispronounce it? Because we have table in this word, a table, table the word in itself

has a different pronunciation. People think that they have to choose the same pronunciation

in the word comfortable and so they pronounce it like this comfort-table, comfort-table

but that is not right. How do we go about this one? It is, it is tbl, /kam-f-tbl/, comfortable,

comfortable not comfort-table. Next one in the list is garbage. You have seen garbage,

you know we've got to, we've got, we got in our societies there's one, one area where

all the garbage goes, but one important thing to note, notice here is the pronunciation

of b-a-g-e, that people get confused and as they pronounce the word and they call it bage.

Garbage, but the trick in the pronunciation of this word is, first of all you remove the

‘r’ and then after that you remove the ,agesound here and it becomes

writing ‘J’ so that you understand it, better it becomesbij’, ‘aa-bij

garbage, one more time it becomes garbage. So whenever you, you see a garbage next time

in future it is not garbage, it is garbage, absolutely please do make sure that you pronounce

it time and again after me so that you have a continuous practice of the right way of

pronouncing it. Next one is cloth and clothes. How do people mispronounce it? You have a

piece of fabric that is called a cloth, but you have clothes you have different pieces

of, the things that you wear on a daily basis, for example this shirt is not a cloth but

comes in the category of clothes, this jeans that I'm wearing it's not a cloth because

it's not just a mere piece of fabric it is particularly trimmed clothes that I'm wearing

so not cloth as an enormous fabric but a piece of a garment that we have available. When

it comes to pronunciation, what, how do we go about it? Please repeat after me, law-th,

cloth it is not clothe, it is cloth, one more time cloth. Now let's come to the garments

that we wear on daily basis, it is notklothit is clothes, how do we go about this one?

The word, the sound ‘o’ here is pronounced in the same way as the word low, low-high,

in the same manner we pronounce this sound, clothes not clothes it islowsound

in this so it becomes clothes. Next one in the list isFebruary’, it is the second

month of the year and you have to say let's say a date, I was born on 10th of February

a lot of people say, ‘ferburyor February and they get confused a lot in how to pronounce

theruhsound in the word and what is the correct version, I'm gonna write it for

you please have a look please repeat after me, ‘ru-ari’, Feb-ru-ari. February, not

February because it doesn't come out right and not furvery also because here we have

the ‘b’ sound and it becomes /Feb-ru-arinot February or furvery for that matter. Let's

move on to the next one now M-O-N-K, I leave it to you to guess, the ‘O’ sound in the

word monk, m-o-n-k is pronounced asuhit is not ‘o’ because a lot of people

say monk, but who is a monk, who is a monk for that matter? A monk is somebody who lives,

who lives in a temple especially a Tibetan temple and they worship God and they help

people with spirituality that person is called a monk. Now how do we pronounce it correctly

it is /muh-nk/ monk not monk. Next one in the list is d-e-n-g-u-e, it is a disease of

very bad disease wherein you get a lot of high fever and people go to the doctor and

even the doctors pronounce it miss, incorrectly how do we pronounce it correctly? it is not

dang-yu’, it is in English language, ‘e’, /deng-ee/ it is not dengue, it is

dengue so the next time if somebody catches high fever and that person has probably been

bit by a, let's say mosquito, it is not dang-yu it is dengue, as you say it correctly in English

language. Next one is data or data, now this is one of the most important confusions that

people have in mind, now let's clear that confusion a data is a piece of information,

a computer stores data, a camera stores data of your pictures and videos, but please do

not confuse it with data, it is data, it isday-ta’, data not data. This takes us

to the next one, what do you have first thing in the morning, is that break-fast or is that

break-first? it is a very commonly used word and very commonly and easily mispronounced

as well, how do we go about this one? In the wordbreak’, we have a separate word

in English language and that is pronounced as break, but that word does not have the

same pronunciation in this word the break turnsbrehkin this word so, I'm just

gonna write it here for you it becomesehnot ‘a’, brehk. So

the first thing for us to understand is, it is not break, it is brehk and the next thing

is fast, now why do people call it fast, they stretch it because we have a word in English

language that is the opposite of slow, fast and people think that that this word has the

same pronunciation from the word fast but that again is incorrect, it is not fast, it

shortens up and it becomesuhst’, it becomesuhsound so now this word is

no more break-fast it is /brehk-fuhst/, please repeat after me, breakfast so the first thing

that you have in the morning is a breakfast, not break-fast. Next one is, what do you have

when you go to a restaurant in the end of your meal, is this a desert or a dessert?

Well that's one of the most confused words as well, when it comes to this sweet dish

that you have in the end of your meal, it is called, I'm gonna write it for you here

/di-zuhtnot desert, it is dessert. Next one is, hmmlet's say you want to grow

a plant and you want to - a seed under the ground, what is it called, is it burry or

is it Barry? it is /be-reeand not Burry. Please remember this it is not Barry, it is

not burry, it is bury. Next one isdebris’, what is debris? Now one of the biggest errors

in pronunciation here is people pronouncing the sound ‘s’ with this word, which is

where it goes wrong, it is not debris, it is /deb-reeand we put the ‘S’ sound

in the silent mode here and it becomes /deb-ree/, so the next time when you talk about an accident

a sudden accident that happens it is not deb-ris, it is /deb-ree/. Next one is very, very important,

have you got a car at home or a scooter or let's say for that matter a scooty at home?

Well that is very commonly mispronounced, it is not vehicle, it is vehicle. Let's do

it together, please repeat after me, it's /uh-klvehicle, vehicle not vehicle, we

do not go with the, with the spelling of the word we go with the phonemic script, it is

vehicle. The next one is the third day in the week, is it wed-nes-day or Wens-day? The

quick trick is you remove the ‘D’ sound and you add the ‘Z’ sound here and it

becomes /Wenz-day/ not wed-nes-day. So let's do it one more time Wednesday, the next time

when you talk about the third day in the week, please say Wednesday and not wed-nes-day.

I hope you got it right, please continue speaking it loudly so that your throat gets used to

the next, to the right sound. The next one is a disease where you're not able to breathe

properly, what is that called, is that as-th-ma or is that something else? Well it definitely

is something else. We do not pronounce thethsound here, we pronounce it like

this, please repeat after me, ‘ma’, /as-ma/ not as-tha-ma, we say as-ma. The next one

is jewellery. A lot of people wear jewellery, different accessories these days and especially

it could be of a metal, gold for that matter silver as well or platinum but how do we pronounce

that piece of accessory that is made up of all of these elements, is it jewellery or

is it /jool-ree/, it is jewellery and not jewellery. So make sure when the next time

you talk about something else it is not jewellery, it is /jool-ree/. Quickly moving on to the

next one, we have, ‘onion’, a vegetable, it is not onion, a lot of people misunderstand

it with the sound ‘o’ in the beginning, it is not onion, it isuhsound, onion.

So the vegetable that a lot of people like and dislike eating is onion not onion. The

next one is the dry fruit that is quite famous, people actually have it in winters, but the

trick to pronounce it is, by removing the ‘L’ sound in the word and we say /ah-mnd/,

not almond it is, /ah-mnd/. The next one is, well have you ever been to a concert and in

that concert you need something, it is actually also called a pass to enter it, this word

is a replacement of that one and it is called coupon, it is not coupon, a lot of people

say that, it is /koop-on/ please repeat after me, coupon. Next one in the list is, tomorrow.

What is the day called after this day in the present? It is definitely called tomorrow

but a lot of times people mispronounce it as tomorrow, but it is not tomorrow, it is

it'sro’, ‘maw-ro’, ‘/tu-maw-ro/. One more time tomorrow. This takes us to the

next one, pasta or pasta, it is, imagine you pass an exam and you say pass and you just

basically have to add atahto it and it becomespass-tah’. Please remember

to pronouncethsound correctly it is not it is not ‘t’ it is pass-tah, a lot

of people say pasta they usethsound in replacement oftah’. It is pasta.

Next one is, the third last month of the year, what is that called, is similar to February,

what is this month? It is October, not ak-tuber, let's do it together, together please, ‘toh-b’,

/ok-toh-b/, October. Where do we put the stress, is it October, is it October or is it October?

It is October the first part ok-toh-b’. The second last in the list is quite similar

to the last one, but first we'll do the last one in the word, ‘p-r-o-n-o-u-n-c-e’,

we have the wordnounwhich comes from one of the grammar elements of English language

and people actually use this word to pronounce the second last one. The first one, ah, the

last one is pronounce, let's do together, pronounce, nouns, announce, renounce, pronounce

one more time pronounce, and a lot of people when they pronounce the second last word they

saypronounceiation’, pronunciation but if you look closely in the bigger word there

isnunnot noun and thus we write and say /pr-uh-nun-si-ay-shanand it becomes

shan, ay-shan, si-ay-shan, nun-si-ay-shan, uh-nun-si-ay-shan, and finally /pr-uh-nun-si-ay-shan/.

This is the end of this lesson I hope you really liked this lesson and if you did please

drop in a comment. Thank you very much for watching and have a great day ahead.