7 Best Ways to Learn a Language Fast


Some things don't change from one year to the next or even from one decade

To the next but language learning is something that should change especially if you haven't reached

Your fluency goal yet. So if you're learning a new language

I'd like to share some advice on things that you need to stop doing old

traditional ways of learning language that do not work and

What you should start doing in order to gain the fluency that you really want

I'd like to give a big shout out a big THANK YOU to Ling goda for partnering with me on

This video to bring you some great language learning advice and at the end of this video

I'm going to share how you can improve your speaking skills and your fluency in

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So I'm really excited to tell you more about that

But I'll talk about it at the end of the advice on how to learn

Language what to stop doing and what to start doing? Okay. So one thing that we need to stop doing is

Jumping around from one language learning method to the next I

like to follow an acronym called focus follow one course until success and

That means that you do your research and then you make a choice

So a lot of us get stuck in this research phase where we continually look for

The best or the better option maybe you find a good option for language learning

But then you think wait maybe there's a better option I should keep looking but what happens is that you get stuck in this

research phase and you don't choose a method of language learning and you don't focus you don't commit and

Therefore you don't advance. So sometimes you need to just make a decision and go with it


Looking around all the time for the next best thing

Choose something and go with it

focus commits

Take action and follow that course until success

Another thing we need to stop doing is learning language only in school. It's ok

Of course, it's good to take language lessons in school

But I think we all know that that is not the way that we become fluent for the real world. So we need to stop

only learning language in school

And we need to start learning language anywhere maybe from home

Maybe out and about in the real world with real

Conversations immerse yourself in the language that you're learning be okay with learning it

Anywhere anytime make it part of your lifestyle and not just something that you study for

One hour a couple times a week when you have to go to English class, please. I know that

Watching movies in English is fun. And it's a good way to improve your listening skills and maybe even your pronunciation

However, stop thinking that you're going to become fluent in English just by watching movies

No, it's a fun thing to do and it can help motivate you to improve your English fluency

However, simply listening to movies is not going to give you the ability to speak in order to speak English guess

What you have to speak English. I know it's amazing

Right, but we have to actively use the skill that we want to develop and improve so yes

Let's still watch movies, but stop thinking that just watching movies is going to somehow make you fluent in the language

It's not if it did I would fluent in

Macedonian because one of my favorite movies that I've probably watched 20 times is from Macedonia

But I can't tell you a single word in Macedonian

You just can't rely on only watching movies to make you fluent. You have to actually use the language now when you learn English online

There are a lot of resources and some of them that I've seen myself are not

Reputable they're not correct. They're not accurate

They may be teaching you things that are not in fact, correct. So, please please please

Stop just accepting anything that you hear on the Internet as truth and start doing your research

start selecting better

resources to learn from make sure that

Your teacher who you're learning from or that website, you're learning from or that podcast or whatever. It may be that blog is really

written by an expert language teacher

This is super important and make sure that you check these sources so that you're not learning the wrong information

This is really important

I can't tell you how many times I've read a blog post or seen a YouTube video

That is teaching me something wrong, and I would love to just go and change that resource

But I can't all I can tell you is to be careful of

What you learn from stop relying on fill in the blank exercises or multiple-choice quizzes

to make you fluent now quizzes are great and fun and a good way to

Maybe test your knowledge of a subject in English or a grammar or vocabulary


They're not going to make you fluent again to reach fluency to actually be able to speak English

You need to speak English

You need to have ways that you can practice the language by actually creating the language

creating your own sentences thinking about what you're gonna say and then saying it see filling in the blank or

Choosing a multiple-choice answer is not using your brain in the same way that creating your own sentences

spontaneously does so being able to

speak in full sentences in a conversation requires different kinds of skills than

filling in a blank on a worksheet

I think you know this to be true because many of you have told me

Gaby I get really good grades in my English class on the quizzes on the worksheets, but I can't form a complete sentence

I can't even participate in a conversation because the words don't come out of my mouth

This is why because you've been relying on things like fill in the blanks and multiple choice quizzes

So that has to stop and let's start using the language. Even if it's difficult at first. Let's start

Speaking. Even if you just talk to yourself at first, even if you just think to yourself at first or

Talk to yourself or talk to your friends or some low pressure situations

We need to start using the language and on that note. We need to stop with all the repetitive drills all of the

Repeat this list of vocabulary words after me kind of thing or grammar drills, you know

Like I am you are he is we are they are

It's not helpful for your communication. It might be helpful for memorization

but memorization does not equal fluency or

Communication so stop with the repetition drills and start using English

Creatively start creating your own sentences. You might want to write them first and then say them out loud

until you feel like you can speak automatically without thinking and


Translating another thing we need to stop is

Translating every sentence in your head or on paper from English to your native language

So you understand it or from your head to your native language to English when you speak it

This is not helpful. It really slows you down and worst of all

Translation is really unhealthy for communication because a lot of phrases and a lot of ideas cannot be directly

Translated, you know this to be true

Lost in translation is the title of a movie and you know

What happens when you try to?

Say something funny or just share an idiom or an idea from your native language in English

And it just doesn't translate directly. So we need to stop

Translating in our head and we need to start

Really observing how native speakers use the language and express their ideas. So we need to start learning in

English if you are at the high beginner to low

intermediate level in English and up

So if you're intermediate or advanced you really need to be learning English all in English

you need to stop translating using an online dictionary or

your just your brain and we need to start thinking in English and start learning in English with a

Monolingual dictionary with a textbook that's all in the language that you are learning or not even a textbook

We need to start learning with authentic materials meant for native speakers of the language. You are learning again

This is for the intermediate level or up

If you are a beginner in a language, like you're just starting to learn French, for example

Then it's okay to learn with some of your native language

This can actually be really helpful in the beginning. But once you reach that high beginner level you should really go for

100% in the target language that you're learning

I think that you can see a theme here which is to

Stop learning in the traditional way and really start using the language start

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Here's to a happy new

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