I'm here to get validated. -

Youyou are awesome! -

Excuse me?! -

You have an amazing face. You've got powerful features, man, anyone ever tell you that? -

Um, no. -

Then listen, you look a little downand it may seem, sometimes people don't understand you.

But someday man, someday people are gonna see you for what you really are. -

You really think so? -

Absolutely. You - are - great! -

I need a validation please. -

You, you are great, ma'm. You have amazing cheekbones! -

Really? -

Sir! - Yes. - We have a situation. - Where? -

What the hell is going on? -

You've been through. You know! You've had so much life experience that other people don't appreciate

but you know! -

Bless you dear. -

They're not patronizing the shops, they're just coming to see HIM! -

Oh Sir, you're in great shape, you work out? - Actuallya bityeah, thanks! -

Young man, we are running a business here, not a social club. -

That is a fantastic suit. It really flatters you! -

Youthink so? -

You guys work so hard, you are the backbone, that keeps this place running -

I always felt like no one really appreciated! - Yeah, I mean our terms are so stressful

and it seems like, most of the times, people just don't see it. -

No, what you do is sooo important. -

You know? I bet the boss would love to meet ya. -

You are great. You provide hundreds of jobs, sustaining hundreds of families

that's huge! -

That's so good to hear, most times I feel like people don't recognize that

I'm just the big bad man on the hill. -

Not at all. You give. -

You know, I know some people who would probably like to meet you. -

Mr. President, no matter what people say about you, you still got a great golf swing. -

God bless you! -

You do! -

You have a fantastic moustache. I bet Burt Reynolds and Tom South look at you

and get envious, I'm not kidding.

Thank you. -

You're welcome! -

Hugh Newman, a man who's changing the world with free parking - and free compliments. -

Your licence is expired, sir. -

That is why you're great at what you do. You are so thorough.

Really? You think so? -

Hugh, what is your secret? -

I just love to see people smile! -

Song "Smile"

It seems there is no one, Hugh Newman cannot make smile. -

Next! -

No one smiles in their drivers license photo, sir. It's not allowed. …

Next! -

You are amazing. You are so efficiant! - Next! - Victoria? Oh, that's a beautiful name. - Next! -

You take such good care of your equipment, they're lucky to have you. - We're closed, sir. -

Victoria? I just wanna see you smile. - Good night, sir. -

Where do I go for… - We don't validate, sir. -

Next! - They match your eyes, sort of

Oh, you have the most beautiful eyes, I've ever seen. - Next. -

You eat healthy, too. So you take good care of yourself. That's awesome! -

See, you're a great pet owner, you're giving her a full hours walk

most people wouldn't take the time, but YOU care, boy, do you care. -

Have you ever smiled? - Yes. - When? - When I was a little girl. -

Oooh, I bet you've had a beautiful smile, what happened to it? - Next! -

Look like anyone you know? - Next. - There's color and black and white! - Next. -

I just wanted to see you smile. - I'm sorry. Next! -

I'm here to get validated, please! -

You'reokay, I guess. - Okay? Did you say okay? -

Yeah, you're fine. - Don't you have anything else to say? - What's the point… -

Hey, excuse me, excuse mecould you take our picture?…

Thanks, we really appreciate it. - It's our first time here! -

Smile. …

That's not a real smile. …

Do you guys love each other?…

You're on vacation, travelling the world? Yeah, that's great

wish I could travel the world with the woman I love. Wish I could have someone

take our picture. I'd really smile. You guys have every reason to smile!…

You're gorgeous! You're in the time of your lives! You guysare great! -

Hold it, right there!

Now that is a smile! -

One more, right there! Ah, that's excellent! One more, one more! Beautiful

can you look at each other? Oh fantastic!

What do you love most about your wife? -

Um, she accepts me - despite knowing! -

Where did you meet? - On jury duty. - Oh, served your country

met the love of your lives. You guys are awesome! -

Beautiful, beautiful, nice meeting you! - Thank you so much! -

Excuse meyou get the most sincere smiles out of people I've ever seen

you wanna make some extra money, shooting stuff like this? -

Pardon me, folks. Sorry to interrupt. You're a beautiful couple. …

You're models? - No, no. - Would you like to be? -

You have two of the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen. - Excuse me? -

Your eyes, they're gorgeous, you're gorgeous. …

And your dress matches your eyes. It's perfect! May I? - Okay. -

What do you love most in all the world? - My daughter, she has the most wonderful smile. -

Hello, free tan(?) and cleaning, Hugh Newman? -

Hello Hugh. Can you just put your drivers license on here, when you're done? - Sure. -Thank you. -

Hey! - Hey, man. -

How did youyou're smilingbut shedid you… -

NEXT! - Excuse me, sir, where is Victoria? -

She doesn't work here, she was fired. NEXT! - Fired, why? - She was smiling. …

Here, look at this. She did these. They're smiling, those pictures suck

they're not supposed to smile! - Where is she? -

You are awesome. You are gonna have so much fun on this trip

the stories, you're gonna tell people, when you get back will be amazing. -

I can't wait, I've always wanted to see Paris. -

I don't understandI tried everything. What happened? -

When I was a little girl, my mother got very sick. And she stayed that way. …

And over the years she just got so sad, that she forgot how to smile. …

And seeing her like that, I couldn't smile either. And I didn't. For years. …

But then one day, a young man came up to her and told her, how beautiful she was. …

So beautiful, that he wanted to take her picture. He made her smile. …

And suddenly after all those yearsshe got better!…

I knew it was you, I looked everywhere for you, but I couldn't find you anywhere. …

I went to every garage in town, I payed every fee they had, but: I couldn't find you. -

You payed for parking? For me? - Yes. Because you are great. You are amazing. -

No one has ever said that about me before. -