First kiss


Top 10 First Kiss Tips

1. Your first kiss should be in private.

Chances are you are going to feel a bit nervous as it is. The last thing you want to have is a group of spectators! And, even if kissing in public does not bother you it may bother your partner or make other people feel uncomfortable. Be considerate.

Your first kiss should be special. You don't want any distractions!

2. Wait for the right place and time.

The moment has to be right. The fact that you may be thinking of kissing your partner all the time does not mean he or she is thinking the same thing at the same time. Be patient. There is no rush.

3. Have clean breath.

Make sure you brush and floss your teeth before kissing and if that is not possible at least chew some mint flavored gum. Remember to carry some with you all the time. Always go to the bathroom before kissing to check your teeth in the mirror, especially after a meal, to make sure you have nothing stuck in your teeth.

4. Don't ask permission.

Asking for permission to kiss is awkward, spoils the mood and is a sign that you lack confidence. Your partner will let you know soon enough if he or she is not ready or willing to kiss you.

5. Lean forward and touch.

Show your partner through your body language that you want to kiss. If you're a guy lean forward and stroke her hair, telling her how beautiful she is. If you're a girl lean forward and touch your partner's cheek.

6. Make eye contact.

Look your partner straight into the eyes before kissing. You can also shift your gaze to your partner's lips and then back to his or her eyes as a hint that you feel like kissing.

7. Make sure your lips are moist.

It's easier to kiss if your lips are slightly moist. Don't lick your lips in front of your partner though!

8. Tilt your head slightly and close your eyes.

Tilt your head slightly to the left or the right as you get ready to kiss and close your eyes just before your lips touch those of your partner's. This will avoid you bumping noses!

9. Kiss and embrace.

Pucker your lips slightly as you start kissing. If you're not sure what to do then start by kisssing your partner's upper or lower lip, i.e. place your lips over either your partner's upper or lower lip and gently massage his or her lip between your lips. You can also rub the the tip of your tongue against his or her lip at the same time.

Try to embrace your partner, if possible, while kissing. If you're a girl you can put your arms around his neck and if you're a guy put your arms around her waist, as illustrated in the photo above.

10. Know when to stop.

After the initial kiss take a moment to catch your breath and re-establish eye contact with your partner. At this stage you may want to go for a second kiss. However, if you feel that one kiss is enough gently pull back from your partner. Knowing when to stop is just as important as knowing when to start kissing.

Knowing what to do is important but you also need to know what to avoid doing. Here are some common mistakes you need to avoid.