Married? (Present Perfect Tense)


Husband: Honey, I'm home!

Wife: Hello, dear, you've arrived. How are you?

Husband: I feel great. I had a very nice day at work. What about you?

Wife: Well, I've had a really busy day and I haven't finished half of the work yet.

Husband: Can I help?

Wife: Yes, please. I haven't cleaned the bathroom; you could do it for me. I've already made beds in the bedroom but I haven't done the dust yet and I've just finished washing the dishes but the sink is still dirty. I haven't had enough time to clean it. That would be all for now.

(Three hours later)

Husband: Honey, I've finished. I've never seen such a dusty bedroom. And the bathroom was very dirty but I've cleaned it too.

Wife: What about the sink? Have you cleaned it?

Husband: Yes, I have. I've also cleared out the dishes. They were clean but they were all over the kitchen.

Wife: Thank you, dear. I haven't had time to go to the supermarket today. Could you do it?

Husband: Yes, honey, what should I buy?

Wife: Oh, I've already made you a list. It's on the fridge in the kitchen. Have you seen it?

Husband: No, I haven't.

Wife: And you could also go to the butcher's and buy some fresh meat, lamb or pork.

Husband: Yes, dear.

(An hour later)

Husband: I'm back. I've bought all the things from the list.

Wife: Great! You're the greatest husband anyone has ever seen! I've just been to the garden. The grass has grown too high. Could you mow it?

Husband: Oh, my God!

(The following day)

Husband: Honey, I'm home!

Wife: Hello, dear, you've arrived. How are you?

Husband: Oh, I'm so tired I can't move. I've had such a busy day at work, I think I'll lie down and have a rest.

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