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M: Hello English learners! And welcome to EnglishPod! My name is Marco.

A: I'm Amira.

M: Amira and I are here today with an interesting lesson about a hotel situation. Amira, why don't you give us a little bit more information?

A: Well, the situation is taking place in a hotel and someone is checking in and is updating an upgrade.

M: An upgrade, okay, that's an interesting word. Why don't we listen to the dialogue and then we'll come back and explain all this vocabulary.


A: Okay, everyone, that is nice, ha?

M: Yeah, the guy is really excited that he's gonna get the presidential suite.

A: Yes, there're some interesting phrases and vocabulary items here and I know, Marco, you want to talk about some of them.

M: Right, um, the first one and this is really useful for all our listeners who travel a lot, this phrase will come in handy and it is “I have a reservation under the name”.

A: Under the name.

M: Under the name.

A: Under the name.

M: So, before we explain this phrase, let's listen to some examples on how it is used in other situations and then we'll come back and give you more information.

Example one.

A: My secretary made a reservation under my name.

Example two.

B: I'm sorry, sir, I don't have a reservation under that name.

Example three.

C: Do you have a reservation under the name Smith?

M: Alright, some really good examples there on how we could use this phrase in other situations, but just in case let me explain it real fast. Under the name means that when you go to the restaurant or a hotel and you tell them your name, they know that you are the person that they have been expecting, they have been waiting.

A: Yes, well, I have chosen another useful phrase for you and it is mix-up.

M: Mix-up.

A: Mix-up.

M: Mix-up.

A: “There seems to be a mix-up”. Before we talk about this phrase, let's listen to some examples of how it is used.

Example one.

A: There was a mix-up at the airport and my bags were sent to Antarctica.

Example two.

B: I'm sorry, sir, there's been a terrible mix-up. We've given you the wrong baby.

A: Okay, that was useful and funny. Hehe.

M: Yeah, that's, uh, the baby situation is

A: Oh, my God! Imagine that happening.

M: Yeah, I know.

A: Well, guys, so, a mix-up is a confusion or a misunderstanding.

M: Uhu, exactly. Well put.

A: Alright, Marco, what do you have for us?

M: Okay, the next word that [we] should take a look at is overbooked.

A: Overbooked.

M: Overbooked.

A: Overbooked. What does that mean?

M: So, if a hotel or a flight is overbooked, it means that they are full, they are more than full.

A: Right, so, they cannot accept any more people.

M: Exactly.

A: Okay, now, ah, why is this phrase useful?

M: Because it happens all the time.

A: There're so many other situations where you can use this word or hear it from other native English speakers. Um, for example, a bus or a train can be overbooked.

M: Exactly, that's really common. Okay, let's take a look at the last phrase for today and that is complementary upgrade.

A: Complementary upgrade.

M: Complementary upgrade.

A: Complementary upgrade.

M: So, this means that, for example, when the hotel is overbooked and all of their standard rooms are full, they will give you a better room, a more expensive room, but free.

A: Yes, because it was not your fault.

M: Right, this also happens sometimes if you're lucky on airplane flights.

A: Yes.

M: So, if you are ineconomy classin an airplane, but for some reason it's overbooked, they will move you tobusiness classorfirst classfor free.

A: I have a similar story, but I'm not gonna tell you about it now. For now, let's go and listen to the dialogue one more time and when we come back, we'll talk some more.


A: I love listening to this dialogue. It just, ahit's just so nice to see that someone is enjoying his upgrade so much, ha?

M: Yeah, especially since he was expecting just a really normal room and now he's gonna be treated like a king.

A: So, Marco, have you ever gotten a complementary upgrade?

M: Yes, yes, I did. When I was traveling through India I bought a normal seat in the train, but for some reason thit was overbooked, so, I talked to the, mm, station manager and I got a complementary upgrade to first class.

A: I had a similar experience as well. I was flying from Shanghai to Qatar and, uh, I actually had an economy seat, but for some reason they just upgraded me and I was so happy.

M: Oh really? Like

A: Yes.

M: It wasn't overbooked.

A: Oh, wellI'm not sure, because normally the night flight is not that full, but they upgraded me for some reason

M: Ooh.

A: And I was so happy with an upgrade to first class.

M: Wow! That's really cool! I…

A: Yes.

M: I would prefer a first class upgrate on an airplane, yeah, any day.

A: Well, you know what really amazed me was like there f… the food you get there, you know, you have a five course meal.

M: Oh really?

A: Yes.

M: And you get all the drinks you can get right?

A: Exactly.

M: Wow, thatyeah, I would be really happy there. Alright, everyone, we're out of time today, but be sure to listen tomorrow, because we'll be back again with another great podcast. And also don't forget to go to our website at englishpod.com and leave us all your questions and comments in our community forum.

A: Yes, and we would also appreciate your suggestions and, um, I hope you enjoyed the lesson today and Marco and I will be back tomorrow with another great lesson for you, but for now, it'sBye!

M: Bye!

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