Kids React To Typewriters


(children) Kids react to technology!

This episode: Typewriters!

(Finebros) So here we go again. No video today.

What? Again?

Ay-yi-yi. Again?

Oh, a typewriter!

- You guys suck. - (Finebros laughs)

Yes! Something that I know.

I forgot what it's called, but it's the special typer machine.

Why is it... oh my god!

(joyful squeal)

What does that mean when I move this stuff?

(children) Question time!

- (Finebros) So what is that? - It's a typewriter.

- (Finebros) Why do you know what it is? - Because I know a lot of antique stuff.

I just see it in movies, on TV shows.

Old movies.

I've seen it in a movie.

Somebody in my family still has one.

- (Finebros) So what does a typewriter do? - Type.

It's a computer-- well, it's not a computer.

I'm pretty sure it's just typing.

It types and it prints at the same time.

It is basically like a computer, all except it doesn't have a screen.

All you do is type out messages.

(Finebros) How does it work?

I actually really don't know.

Let's explore.

I think you put a piece of paper in there, and then you...

or does it provide paper? I don't know.

And then you click that and then it scans it on.

Gotta type like that, but then-- here, I'll just try

to get to the end-- and then...

This is fun!

(Finebros) On a computer, you can just type into a program

and it will show up. But for this, you need paper.

- So where's the paper? - I don't know.


Well, I think it's this stringy thing over here.


Do I have to scroll this up or...

(Finebros) We actually need to give you paper.

Okay, then. I wasn't sure about that.

Can I write my name?

- (Finebros) You can, once we get you-- - L!

(Finebros) How do you load the paper?

Huh? What?

(paper rustles)

In here?

Do you put it right here or right here?


I think I just broke it.

Oh! I'm good at this.



How did I do this? Okay, I'm in trouble.

Let's try this again. Can you help me here?

(Finebros) Okay, we'll show you how it works.

- So this goes right here, okay? - I knew it all along!

(Finebros) And hold there, but then you need to--

- See these wheels? - Oh.


(Finebros) Stop! There we go, good. A little bit more.

And then you have to take this part up, and then you put it down

so that it keeps it in place.

(mashing keys)

That's so awesome!

(Finebros) Go ahead and type "Kids React!"

First I need to find the K.


- (key strikes paper loudly) - Ah! This is scary.

It's loud!

This is harder to type with.

- (Finebros) Okay, so how'd you do? - The K didn't really show up.

I only got an A for some reason.

It looks really ancient. Oh my gosh.

I feel so fancy.

(Finebros) When you compare to typing on a computer or a tablet,

- how is it typing on this? - Typewriters, you have to push down a lot.

Computers and tablets are just like... (magic sound effects)

and this is like... (grunting violently).

Takes a very long time to write these things

because once you try to type fast, you just can't do it

because there's too many and it collides.

I'd rather write, actually. I would not want to use this thing.

I love it! I would like to keep this, actually.

- (Finebros) Why do you love it so much? - It's better than a computer!

Computers have batteries and electricity stuff.

This won't waste electricity. Don't waste electricity!

♪ (harp strums) ♪

(Finebros) A public service announcement from Kids React!

(Finebros) If you make a mistake, how do you fix it?


Hit this button.

- (Finebros) But did it go away? - No.

It just leaves it there! It doesn't do anything.

(Finebros) So all that's doing is it's moving it back

to where you were typing, but if you typed again,

- you'd just type over it. - Aaaah!

You'd have to get another paper?

And then you'd have to go like, "Dad? Can I use another paper? Thanks!"

And then he says, "NO!"

"But I made a mistake with my typewriter."


Did they have Wite-Out? Kinda like that?

(Finebros) In order to delete, you needed to use something called Wite-Out.

Ooh! So they would get Wite-Out and erase it.

Nobody even uses Wite-Out anymore.

That's horrible!

(Finebros) And how would you know if you were typing too far,

- if you were at the end of the row? - This ruler thing?

You guess?

Is it gonna say, "Ding!"

It'll bing.

(clanking away) Let's work out.


- (binging) - It dings.

What does that mean?

- It means you're done? - (Finebros) Done with what?

Nope! You could still keep going.

There's about no more paper. You can see it, but you don't want

to start another sentence there.

(Finebros) So how do you get to the next line?

Wait, uh...

- (types) - (Finebros) Nope!

(Finebros snickers) No.

(Rafi) You actually have to push this thing in, like that,

and then bring it all the way over... and then that brings you to the next line.


- You use this. - (Finebros) You're right!

- How did you know to use that? - Have I not told you this already?

(testily) I watch a TV show, I know it, okay?

Why is it so complicated to do that?

Too many steps. Oh my gosh!

I think it would just be simpler to write.

Let's say you finished typing in an entire page,

but then you had to make 20 copies of it.

How do you make copies with a typewriter?


How would you do that?

They had printers back then, right?

Did they have copy machines back then?

Please tell me there's a copy and paste button.

You have to get another paper and do the same thing.

You would just have to do it all over again!

How long is that gonna take? Like a month or so.

(Finebros) One of the common ways to at least be able to make one copy

- was something called carbon paper. - Oh! We used that in Art.

(Finebros) You placed the carbon paper between pieces of paper,

and that way it would go through and make a copy,

- but you could only do one or two at a time. - That's it?

Thank God we bypassed that. Oh, seriously...

It's better than one at a time, though.

That's pretty hard to do, but it's funner.

(Finebros) So how do you feel for the people who lived at a time

where there were no computers and this is what you had to type on?

Deal with it! (laughs)

I feel very sad for them.

They can't FaceTime.

And they can't do messages, they can't do work like that.

They can't play games.

You should get a computer or something.

I feel so bad for you guys, but you're probably like,

"How do you use this MacBook?"

(FInebros) Do you that future kids are gonna also feel sad for you

- because you had to use a computer? - That makes me feel sooo 32 seconds ago.

No, no, no, no, no. The Mac isn't gonna be like this!

I hope I die before then.

People are gonna have chips implanted in their brains,

and I'm gonna be 80 and be like, "Back in my day, we only had iPads

that were 16 gigabytes."

They'll say, "What is this old thing?! How do you use it?"

But if it's like the typewriter, it'll last for 100 years.

So... we've got nothing to worry about for the next 100 years, do we?

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Okay, hold on. I'm typing "Good bye".