Kids React To Harlem Shake


- (children) Kids react to memes!

This episode: Harlem Shake!

Con los terroristas

♪ (synth riffs) ♪

- (sighs) - (Finebros) Heh.

- Harlem Shake.

- (sarcastically) Oh, I don't know what Harlem Shake is.

♪ (music builds) ♪

- Some odd guy is-- - ♪ Do the Harlem Shake

Oh, okay then.

- What are they doing?!

♪ (beat drops) ♪

- There's always a naked guy.

Just somewhere, hidden in there, there's a naked guy.

- At least put some pants on, dude!

- That's funny.

- ♪ Con los terroristas

- Again? (laughs)

- I like his mask.

- A computer person wearing a horse and dancing?

♪ (music builds) ♪

- (singing along) ♪ Do the Harlem Shake

♪ (beat drops) ♪

- I thought these were business people.

- Yep, normal work day.

- I love these videos. They're great.

- ♪ Con los terroristas

- Oh, this is the best one.

- (as drill sergeant) Attention! Do the Harlem Shake.

- What if this was real and they were actually doing that on the battlefield?

♪ (music builds) ♪

- ♪ Do the Harlem Shake

- What? Aren't these people in the army or something?

- What the heck are those boys doing in that blanket?

(cracking up)

- (laughing) My side is hurting.

- I just don't understand.

- ♪ Con los terroristas

- Is Shamu gonna come out of somewhere?

- Oh yeah, I watched this one. This is pretty funny.

All of them are pretty funny. (laughs)

♪ (music builds) ♪

- It's coming! It's coming! - ♪ Do the Harlem Shake

- Oh my gosh! They even had a walrus!

- This is horrifying! What even is that?

- (cooing) Oh! A seal!

- What? What? What?

And why are they shirtless, some of them?

- That's such a weird-looking walrus.

- ♪ Con los terroristas

- Ah! (chuckles)

- Really?

- Is that you guys?

- That's you!

- There I am, right there!

- Oh, look! It's me right there.

- This one's gonna suck. You can already tell.

♪ (music builds) ♪

- ♪ Do the Harlem Shake

- What?!

- What are you guys doing?

- I'm right, like, behind the plant.

- How did I miss this shebang? - (Finebros laughs)

- I couldn't make it to that. I was really sad.

- Oh, why would you do that?

Oh my god!

(laughing hard)

- (breathlessly) Okay.


- (children) Question time!

- (Finebros) Okay, have you seen Harlem Shake videos before?

- No.

- No.

- No!

- Yeah.

- Everyone at school is doing them, like in the science room, just everywhere.

- No.

And I wish I hadn't. (giggles)

- (Finebros) Why do they call them the Harlem Shake?

- 'Cause everyone's shaking?

- The song says it?

- 'Cause the guy who invented it was named Harlem?

- What is Harlem?

- (Finebros) Do you know what Harlem is? - No.

- No.

- No.

- I have no idea.

- It's a prison or it's a very bad neighborhood.

- Harlem is a city in New York.

- Isn't it a place in New York or something?

- (Finebros) Do you like Harlem Shake videos?

- Yeah, they're really entertaining.

- I liked the part where they were dancing.

- I think are kind of funny, especially ours.

- I think they're all yucky!

- It was very weird. It was awkward.

- When things go viral, you can get sick of them sometimes.

- (Finebros) Why is this something that people see

and go, "I have to make this myself."

- Lots of people think it's funny. Like, did you see me?

I was just-- I couldn't even breath!

- It's like planking. You gotta be part of the new thing.

- They get so many views.

- Maybe because it's easy or something.

- It's easy to make.

- You just have to dance, basically, crazy,

and then you need a naked guy, which is easy.

- (Finebros) How long do you think the Harlem Shake has been around?

- Uh, two, three weeks maybe?

- Not that long. It looks pretty new.

- (Finebros) The videos have only been around a little while,

but the Harlem Shake dance has been around for over 30 years.

- Whoa! Really?

- So why is it popular now?

- (Finebros) So now I have another video that shows you

how to do the Harlem Shake. - Oh gosh. (whimpers) Okay.

- (man) And we're going to learn the Harlem Shake.

You're gonna go... - Uh-uh.

- (man), here. - Here.

- (man) Boom, boom, boom.

All right, now we're gonna do the same thing

but we're gonna do a double shake before we--

- Oh, this is getting complicated now.

- (man) Da, da, boom. - Da, da, boom!

- (man) Now let's add the hands here. - Here.

- (man) Boom, boom, bop!

- Boom, boom, bop!

- That's like my dance teacher.

She has to have different sounds for each move.

- (man) And we'll try out what you've learned.

- Okay, I wanna try. Yeah.

♪ (rap music) ♪

- That's my version.

- (man) Boom, boom, bop! Then a shoulder, shoulder, ah!

- Oh, now he's just adding stuff. I can't keep up with this.

- (Finebros) Were all the Harlem Shake videos doing

the proper Harlem Shake dance? - No.

- No.

- No-ho-ho!

- Not at all.

- (Finebros) What do you think people from Harlem

or the dancers that do the Harlem Shake think about this?

- Not good.

- They probably hate it.

- They're like, "Why you no do this dance?"

- It could go extinct.

- (Finebros) And how many Harlem Shake videos do you think have been made?

- There's more?!

- 30?

- Around 80?

- 1,000.

- Is it over 9,000?

- (Finebros) There's been over 50,000 so far.

- Wow!

- Oh my god.

- O-M-God.

- How is it 50,000? I mean, in just this month?

- (Finebros) What do you want to say to someone

that wants to make a new Harlem Shake video?

- Do it.

- Keep 'em coming. They're interesting.

- That's enough.

- Everybody's sick of the Harlem Shake. Make a new dance.

- Stop it! Now!

If you make one more video, I will pull your brains out

and feed your liver to my dogs!

- (Finebros) If you were in one of these videos,

and it was time to dance crazy, what is your craziest dance move?

- No.

I don't wanna do it.

I'm just too afraid.

I'm not-- I'm not-- I'm not gonna do it.

I'm not-- no dance for me because I don't wanna do the dance.

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- Peace out!

- No more Harlem Shakes.

If you do one more, you already heard what I said.

Don't you dare do it EVER again. I said EVER!

(pants) Got it? Okay.


(sweetly) Bye!