Extra English 10 - Annie's Protest

This is the story of Bridget and Annie,

who share a flat in London,

and the boys next door,

Nick and his friend Hector from Argentina.

Bridget has a job with Channel 9

and so does Hector, he's a reporter.

Annie just wants to save the animals

and NickWell, Nick is Nick.

Stand by for Extra.


- Nick!

- Who is it?

It's me. Annie.

And this is Ziggy.

- Is Hector there?

- No.

- He's working tonight.

- Then you must help us, Nick.

Take these.

They are my babies,

so look after them, please!

Sure, no problem.

Right. Ready, Ziggy?

Come on, let's go.


Yes, three o'clock. Tell the others.


'Animals are human?'

Annie, animals are animals.

- But animals are like people.

- Really, Annie?

Look at this flat. How can I get ready?

- Sorry, Bridget.

- I have a very important day today.

- Sorry.

- I have big, big decisions to make.

Likewhich dress.

What do you think?

They're both nice.

I have such a busy morning.

David Beckham, Madonna.

What? You're meeting them?

No, I'm reading about them

and then I'm having lunch with guess who.

Yes, you've guessed it.

Leonardo DiCaprio!

Leonardo and me!

Wow! Leonardo DiCaprio?

Just you and him?

Well, nearly.

There'll be 45 journalists there too

but really it's just me and gorgeous Leo.

You and 45 others?

I see.

Anyway, this cosmetic factory

experiments on animals for make- up

and I really feel

Good, Hector, you're here.

Now you can help me choose.

You're back, Hector.

Was it a difficult night at work,

snuggly puppykins?

Yes, and the bad news is

that Eunice wants me to go straight back.


There is a big news story happening today.

So, Hector,

which dress do you like the best?

This one.

- You're sure?

- OK, that one.

But you just said this one first.

Yes, I know, but

Bridget, I am going to Channel 9 now.

- Are you coming?

- Yes, Hector.

And I can tell you

all about Leonardo and me!

The guinea pigs!


Good. They're OK.

I'm coming.

Ziggy, come in.

Right, now, there are the posters.

Now, a note for Nick.

Ready, Ziggy?

Bye, Charley. Wish us luck.

Wait a minute, Ziggy.

OK, right, let's go.

Wish us luck.

Yes, three o'clock. Tell the others.


Leonardo and me!


Leonardo DiCaprio?

I have big, big decisions to make.

Which dress?

Hector. At last.

I want you to go

straight to Garrier's cosmetic factory.


Because some horrid hippies

are protesting there.


Because they think Mr Garrier

experiments on guinea pigs for make- up.

This is nonsense.

Guinea pigs?

You know,

guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs! How sweet.

And these hippies

have stolen his guinea pigs.

Poor Mr Garrier adores his little guinea pigs.

He wants them back.

He told me over dinner last night.

Who is Mr Garrier?

Mr Garrier owns Channel 9.

And Mr Garrier has said

we must make these protesters

look very, very stupid.

Now get going!

OK, Eunice.

I want their heads!


Yes, Bridget?

Is there anything I can do?


I have a very important job for you.

Get me a coffee. Black, no sugar.

No, Bridget.

I can't, I'm a married man.


Crazy, man!

Guinea pigs!

They are my babies,

so look after them, please.

Yeah, sure, no problem.




OK, my little beauties.

Time for breakfast.

Come on.

'Nick, very important. Keep my babies safe.

I will call you. Annie.'

Does she think I'm stupid?

Of course you're safe with me.

Now, let me introduce myself.

My name is Nick.

Yeah, hello there.

Now, what's your name?

Kevin? How do you do, Kevin?

And who's this?


Is she your girlfriend, Kevin?

OK, it's not that funny.

Janice, I think you're very pretty, OK?


These are all your friends.


There are eight of you.

You must be hungry.

Shall Uncle Nick get you

something nice to eat?


Have they split up?

Hollywood's most beautiful couple.



Garrier out! Garrier out!

All right, Eunice, I cannot hear you.

I said,

find the leader.

The what?

The coordinator.

Which one?

Her, her! That one!

The one with the big ears.

Garrier out! Garrier out!

- Hello.

- Hello.

This isn't a tea party. Ask her a question.


So how important is this protest?


Well, yes, it's very important

because this factory, Garrier's,

experiments on animals for make- up.

And why is that bad?

Because the poor

Because the poor animals are suffering.

That's dreadful. The poor things.

Poor little things.

They're just guinea pigs!

Hector, remember who Mr Garrier is?

You do want your job.


OK, so do you think

this march will help the animals?

It's Hector and Annie.

- This march is important.

- Wow, man!

We must stop Mr Garrier!

I see.

These scientists are using poor animals

to test on hair dye,

lipstick, mascara, blusher.

They use

Well, tell her. Tell herwe need make- up!

And where are the eight guinea pigs

they stole from the laboratory?

I bet she knows. Ask her.

Ask her.


And do you know anything

aboutsome stolen guinea pigs?

The guinea pigs are safe.

Yeah, they're safe with me.

Aren't you, my pretty ones?

I bet she's got those guinea pigs.

- Ask her! Ask her!

- OK.

Have you

Louder, you idiot!

Have you got

We've got her! Ask her again! Ask her again!

Have you got the guinea pigs?

Hector, why are you doing this?

You know I love animals.

I'm sorry, Annie. It's my job.

Well, you can keep your job!

Annie, please! Wait, I'm coming!

This is Hector Romero for Channel 9 News.

Annie, please! I can explain.


OK, my little beauties.

They're safe with me.

Aren't you, my pretty ones?

Have you got the guinea pigs?

Hector, why are you doing this?

This is Hector Romero for Channel 9 News.

Annie, please, I can explain. Wait!

Bridget DiCaprio.

Mrs Leonardo DiCaprio.

Leonardo and Bridget DiCaprio.

'Hello, Mrs DiCaprio!'

'Call me Bridget.'

'Is Leonardo there?'


'he's on the beach with

our two beautiful children and the dogs.'

Oh, dear, oh, dear, oh, dear.

So aren't you going to ask me

about my lunch?

- What did you do that for?

- Aren't you going to ask me about my lunch?

- What lunch?

- My lunch with Leonardo.

Leonardo who?

Leonardo DiCaprio, of course.

So, Bridget, how was your lunch

with Leonardo DiCaprio?


I was so funny.

He loved me, he loved my dress,

he loved my name.

- That's nice.

- Now close your eyes.

Go on, close your eyes.


What do you think?

- Very nice.

- It was very expensive

but it's worth it

because tonight I'm going to a premiere.

I can't wait!

I wonder if Leonardo will be there.

Now I must get ready.

Tonight this little lady's going to shine

Tonight this little lady's going to shine

Annie, I can explain. Listen.

Annie, please talk to me.

Hey, guys. Great interview.

You were not fair, Hector.

- You were asking awful questions.

- Yeah, they were pretty bad.

It wasn't me.

It was Eunice.

The guinea pigs!

Nick, where are they?

I must take them to the animal sanctuary.

We've been having a lovely time,

haven't we, my friends?

Hello. They're not here.

What do you mean, they're not here?

I mean, they're not here.

So where are they, Nick?


I'll get it.


Hi, Eunice.

Yes, Eunice.

OK, Eunice.

No, Eunice.

OK, Eunice. Bye, Eunice.

- It was Eunice!

- No!

And after what happened today,

she says that I…


Your job! She's fired you!

I'm so sorry, Hector.

It's all my fault.

She says that I must tell you

that she is so pleased with the interview,

she wants Channel 9

to fight against animal cruelty.

Channel 9's new motto is

Animals are human.

That's fantastic news!

Good old Eunice.

What about Mr Garrier?

She said, 'Don't worry about Mr Garrier.'

- Right, let's find those guinea pigs.

- Yes, right away.

Right, we've found seven of them.

There's just one guinea pig still missing.

He's probably watching us.

Yeah, and laughing at us.


OK, right.

- Bridget, your taxi's here.

- I'm coming.

New girlfriend, Nick?

Right, everyone,

I'm just off to my premiere.

Did I mention it?

Proper acting.

Perhaps you could learn something, Nick.


No spare ticket.

Still, I'll tell you all about it later.


Don't wait up.

Next time in Extra

The friends go on holiday to Spain.

Bridget finds her prince.

And Nick finds his princess.