Big City Small World S01E12 - Good News & Bad News

Olivia: Hi Magda! How was your first day?

Magda: Fantastic!

Olivia: Really!? I'm amazed

Sarah: Yeah, you were so worried about your new job

Magda: Well, I had some good news

Olivia: Yeah? What?

All: Hi Johnny!

Johnny: Hi! I've got some good news

Sarah: Makes two of you then!

Johnny: At least I think it's good newsI'm not really sure

Olivia: Tell us!

Magda: Can't I tell you my good news first?

Sarah: Wow, this is getting complicatedand I'm afraid I've only got some bad news

Magda: Oh nowhat a shame! What's the problem?

Olivia: Yeah, go on, bad news first, then the good news will cheer us up!

Sarah: OK, well, I had a row with my landlord, finally! And I'm moving out

Magda: Oh no!

Sarah: Oh yes! So, I need a new flat

Olivia: Again!!!

Magda: Oh dear

Olivia: What a shame. I hoped it was going to work out

Sarah: Yeah, but I didn't get on with the landlord.

Magda: Have you told Fadi yet?

Sarah: NoI'm worried what he might think. The landlord is his cousin, after all

Olivia: Well, let's just wait until he comes in. I was going to tell him you weren't happynow I'll tell him you're leaving!

Magda: Is it good news time yet?

Sarah: Yes! Go on! What's your good news?

Magda: I've been offered a job!

Johnny: Me too!

Olivia: Hang on! Wait a minute! You've already got a job, haven't you Magda?

Sarah: And you have too, Johnny, haven't you? You talk about it all the time

Magda/Johnny: But

Magda: Go on…!

Johnny: No, you first, please

Magda: I've been offered a permanent job, with the same company! I'll be a proper architect!

Olivia: Wow! That's fantastic!

Magda: But

Olivia: There's always abut’…

Magda: I have to get a distinction in my master's degree

Sarah: Phewthat's not easy

Magda: No, but I'm doing well

Olivia: Fingers crossed then

Sarah: Let's hope!

Johnny: That's amazingI've got the same news!

Olivia: What? You're going to be an architect?

Johnny: No!

Sarah: You're doing a master's degree?

Johnny: No!

Magda: What then?

Johnny: A jobI've been offered a new job!

Olivia: Yes, you said

Johnny: And there's abut’…

Olivia: I told you there was always abut’…

Johnny: It's not in London

Olivia: You'd have to leave

Johnny: Yeah

Olivia: Well, where is it? New York?

Johnny: No

Magda: Paris? Berlin? Where?

Johnny: It's back in China.

Sarah: OhBeijing? Shanghai?

Johnny: No, it's in Chongqing.

Olivia: Where?

Johnny: Chongqing!

Magda:: Where's that?

Sarah: Southwest China. It's a really interesting placegrowing really quickly

Johnny: Yeah, it's a great opportunity

Olivia: But?

Johnny: But I love it here so much. I'm not sure I want to go back to China yetI'd miss all my friends

Olivia: You'll have to choose!

Sarah: It's big decision time! Oh nohere comes Fadi....and Harry.

All: Hi Fadi! Hi Harry!

Fadi: How's it going everyone?

Olivia: Don't ask

Magda: I've been offered a new job, a really good jobif I get a good degree!

Johnny: I've been offered a new job, a really good jobbut I have to go back to China!

Harry: Wow! Busy day everyone's havingI've got some news too

Olivia: Oh no

Harry: Oh yesI've been sacked!

Magda: “Sacked”?

Harry: YesI've lost my job, been made redundant, unemployed, no longer working!

Magda: Oh no!

Harry: Don't worryI don't care. I hated that job anyway. I'll soon find another job. A man with my skills and abilities is always in demand!

Johnny: Somebody from my company sacked you? Why?

Harry: I told them I wasn't going to work at the weekendSaturdays and Sundays. If I worked on Saturday and Sunday, when could I play football!? So I saidno’, and they saidgoodbye’…

Magda:: What will you do now?

Harry: I have absolutely no idea! The future is an open book

Sarah: Very poetic!

Fadi: Well Sarah, at least you're okwith your new flat and everything

Sarah: Oherwell

Olivia: Actually, I wanted to talk to you about thatcousin

Fadi: You wanted to talk to me?

Olivia: (whispering) Yeah, well, you see, Sarah's a bit embarrassed

Fadi: (whispering) What's up?

Olivia: She wants to leave the new flatshe doesn't get on well with the landlord

Fadi: My cousin.

Olivia: Yes, your cousin.

Fadi: I'm not surprised!

Olivia: Eh?

Fadi: I said I'm not surprised! My cousin's horrible! I can't stand him!

Olivia: (laughs) Oh that's a relief

Fadi: SarahI'm sorry if I got you involved with my cousin…I thought you were desperate for a place to live…I know my cousin's horrible!

Sarah: Oh, never mind Fadithanks for trying to help anywayNow I need a new place to live though

Magda:: If I get this job, I'll have more moneywe could get a place together

Sarah: That'd be great

Johnny: If I take the job in China, I'll have to leave my flat

Sarah: And we could move in

Olivia: What a lot ofif's’…

Sarah: It's exciting

Magda:: But also worrying

Johnny: And confusing

Harry: And that's not all

Fadi: What?

Harry: I've just been speaking to the owner of the café…

Olivia: And?

Harry: They're closing downnext week!

All: What!!?? Ohthat's terribleno....what are we all going to do??