Extra English 23 - Truth or Dare


This is the story of Bridget

and Annie, who share a flat in London

and the boys next door - Nick, and

his friend Hector from Argentina.

Bridget wants to marry a millionaire.

Nick wants to be a millionaire.

Hector is a millionaire.

But Annie doesn't really care.

Stand by for Extra.

He's been gone for ages.

Do you think he did it?

Nah. I bet he didn't dare.

Well, there you go.

One bottle of milk

one tin of tuna

Bravo, Nick!

Come on, Bridget, your turn.

Do your dare.

Bernard, I love you!

You're the one for me.

Please, let's run away together.

All right, Bernard?

Hello, Bernard. OK?

Let's do it again.

Tell the truth, or do a dare.

Now, do you want to tell the truth?

Well, then you have to do a dare.

Yeah, but what dare?

I know.

I dare you tokiss Nick.

Truth or dare?

A dare.

OK, I dare you to

copy someone in this room.

Someone in this room, eh?

Right, my turn.

A dare.

I dare myself to kiss Bridget.

Not another dare! Why not the truth?

- The truth?

- Yes.

Nobody wants to speak the truth.

I dare youI dare all of you

to speak the truth.

OK, let's speak the truth.

- For a whole day.

- Tomorrow.

- No lies?

- No lies.

And the winner

we buy the winner dinner for two

at The Ivy restaurant!

24 hours of truth.

You will tell the truth, the whole

truth and nothing but the truth.

Welcome to the Ivy, Miss Evans.

Mr P is waiting for you

at your usual table.

The whole truth

and nothing but the truth.

The truth.

- What's wrong with you?

- Nothing at all really.

Is there no food in your apartment?

The truth, the whole truth

The thing is, Annie

The truth is

on Thursdays, I never go shopping,

I just take your food.

What? You mean that…?


Hello? What?

An audition? A commercial? When?

I've got to go.

Hi, Nick.

Hi, Hector. What are you doing?

I'm writing things

I don't like about Annie.


Let's use the truth to make

our relationship stronger.


Go on, write

things I don't like about Hector.

OK. 'Things I don't like

about Hector.'

I behave like a big child?!

I shout too much?

See? You are doing it again.

So, you don't like my carrot cake?

And you've never liked

my carrot cake?

- No.

- But you always eat it.

I didn't want to upset you.

Well, now I am cross. Very cross!

See? You are shouting again.

I do not shout too much!

Calm down, please, Annie.

I'm late, I'm late,

I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!


John? No, I don't want to see you.


An old boyfriend. How strange.

So, Hector, if we're telling

the truth, let me ask you


- Do you fancy Bridget?

- No.

And before,

have you ever fancied Bridget?


Out! Get out!

But, Annie

I hate the truth!

Annie, do I look fat

in these trousers?


To tell the truth, yes,

you do look fat in those trousers.

I can't change clothes,

I don't have time.

And don't forget - one day of truth.

You're the one for me.

Please, let's run away together.

I dare youI dare all of you

to speak the truth.


So, this is a commercial for yoghurt.

That's right, Nick, Yupiyoghurts.


This is the most delicious yoghurt

in the world.

Wow, in the world.

So, first, we want you to eat some.

45 minutes late.

I'm sorry, Eunice.

What happened this time?

A fire in the house?

A burglar? A big monster?

No. The bus

Welcome to the Ivy, Miss Evans.

Mr P is waiting for you

at your usual table.

No. I'm late because I overslept.

So, you overslept?

Of course.

You do need your beauty sleep.

Now, work!

My bag. Where is it?

Bridget, you know

Channel 9 wants new talent?

Have you found any?

Well, I have.

A new presenter.

Really? Who?



Hello, my darlings.

What? What?

Hello, my darlings.

This is the beautiful Eunice,

bringing you delight and wonder

from Nannel Chine.

From Channel 9.

Stay tuned

for all my special reports.

Well, what do you think?

We want you to eat some

and then say, 'Mm, delicious!'

Mm, delicious.

- After I eat this?

- Yes.

- Do you have a problem with that?

- No. No problem at all.

The truth.

It's desgusting!

It's terrible, it's horrible.

- Do I get the part?

- Next!



What do you mean, 'ridiculous'?

Stupid yoghurt!

So, you didn't get it then?

- Nah.

- Oh, I'm sorry, Nick.

Well, at least I don't have

to eat them again.

Where's Hector?


Don't talk to me about Hector.

So, where is she?

- Where is who?

- Bridget.

I got her message and here I am.

- You have got a date with Bridget.

- That's right.

This is a very, very strange day.

Bridget's not in.

- Here, have a yoghurt.

- Thanks.

Handbag, handbag, handbag.

Eunice is an ugly,

bad- tempered witch.

My handbag.

Oh, it's you.


Who? Kevin?

Three years ago Kevin?

No, no, I don't!

Two old boyfriends -

first John, now Kevin.

What a coincidence.

Mm, delicious.

Mm, it's desgusting!

Do I look fat in these trousers?


What do you mean, 'ridiculous'?


What a coincidence.

Hello, Bridget.

How dare you call me a witch?

'You are an ugly

bad- tempered witch.'

- I didn't send that message.

- No? It's your number.

My mobile, someone took my mobile.

Good try.

The truth. Did you send that message?

No, no! Someone took my phone.

All right then,

you didn't send the message.

So, what do you think of me?

The truth?

The truth, Eunice - you're an ugly,

bad- tempered witch.

You know, Bridget,

honesty is a great quality.

- It is?

- It is.

I hope honesty will help you

when you look for a new job!

You're fired!

Well, hooray for the truth.

Ziggy's coming later.

Then we'll decide who's the winner.

What a day!

I need comfort food.

The truththe truth is,

we were asking the wrong questions.

Ask me what I think of your eyes.

What do you think of my eyes?

I think you have the most beautiful

eyes I have ever seen in my life.

Really? Tell me more.

I think you are

the sweetest, kindest

- Oh, snuggly puppy!

- Oh, sugar plum!

I feel sick.


Oh, not again!

Listen, Stuart, I finished with you

because you have no personality,

no moneyand no sense of humour.

More old boyfriends.

I don't understand it.

At last.

Oh, Bridget my fair

- Oh, Bridget my fair

- Stop, stop.


Why are you doing this?

- But you told me to come.

- I told you to come?

I got your text.

Who is sending

all these messages from my mobile?

John? No, I don't want

to see you! Goodbye.

So, where is she.

I got her message and here I am.

..call me a witch? You're fired!

My bag? Handbag, handbag?

Eunice is an ugly bad- tempered witch!

Oh, it's you.

It was you, wasn't it?

I think Bridget should be the winner.

Yes, we'll pay for dinner for two

at the Ivy.

Yes! I'm going to the Ivy!


So, what do you want?

'Please come to my flat at 7pm.'

Now, what do you want?

I didn't text you. Ziggy stole

my phone and sent those messages.

Oh, lady of such beauty

- I have never seen

- Who's this?

Lady of such beauty

You shall be my queen

Bridget, where did you find this man?

He is perfect for Channel 9.

He is?


He'll make a perfect weather man.

Maybe you can have your job back.

Now, come and talk

about your contract.


Oh, Bridget

She's a natural blonde

Her bottom is big

And she wears a thong

So, do I get a job too?

Next time in Extra -

Nick becomes a pilot,

Hector is his hostess

and why has Eunice come to stay?