Reading Comprehension in English




How you doing?

i am reading a newspaper

and having a hard time understending it

i really not comprehended it

Comprehenending means to understand or we could say Comprehansion.

Comprehension is a good skills of learn

Many people can read but they don't trully understand what they reading

So! We gone work on this to give you some hands

how you can work with englis... Reading

and understand what you reading. Okey!? Now

I suggest, at first time you read something:

Read it quickly!

And don't use a dictionary. That's right!

A dictionary is not good.

Because you miss out a something very impotant

That thing is calls ...

Many time in your own languadge when you read something

you don't understand all of the words.

You don't allways go for a dictionary.

You read another words around it

and you find out what that word means.

That's important for Comperhension.



First step

Read .... quickly

and underline

So! For the first step I want you to :

Read quickly,

and underline the words you don't know

By doing this we studying your brain of the passage of working on the new information

and geting the context of the information.

Now, that how can help you understand,

but there are two ather steps. So, let's go over them!

After you read quickly you gone have qutions:

What are these words?

Here is what we going to do to help you with that.

The second time we going to read it again.

But this time what i want you to do is

use you diсtionary and we going to take

each paragraph such you read

and made one sentence summarize it, Ok?

So! We going to do: read it again... this time

use the dictionary

and summarize each paragraph.

How is it help you? Well!

In a first case we read, we did not understand the words

Your brain starts start what did they mean.

We take a time to read it again and ans to the question for you brain

that need you would you to summarize each paragraph

gaving a basic maining on it.Okey?!

Thera are too much information on each paragraph to summarize in ome sentence

but it put you on right track to really understand what you reading.

Which leads me to the third step.

Okey, ready!? Let's go!

On the third step...

We want to... Yes! I know! Read it again!...

Yep! But this is important part. It is now you actualy going to understend

Trust me! It's really cool! Watch...

At this time we going to read whole artical and summarize everything we've read, okey?

Okey! What you've done summarized everything

We actualy on a pass to writing essey.

Things you might used in TOEFL

but that another chapter. For now

Let's go over the reasons why you will do this.

By summarized everything you are actualy passed to understand what you doing.

We 've read it three times. Each time gone deeper into what we've been reading

but that is not cool part, realy cool part is this...

By reading it over and over you actualy learnig idioms, phares and words

what you woun't foget.

And here is the cool part

You read faster. Right! Because you are learning this things and keeping them.

Every time you read something new you remember it!

So, you cut down the reading time. Cool, I told you!

I know it slow to begining, but I promiss you if you follow this method

For other wile say a mounth...

... you will notice the greatest provement in your reading

and even more important you will find you realy understand

Comperhension funy cool. Any way, James got go, but before I do -import message.

If you have any more question on comperhension

A place where you can meet me and some one other teachers

is WWW....(dot) ... Eng... (As a English)... Vid (As a Video) .(dot)

We will be happy ans your questions and get some advence and fill back.

I out. Comperhension. Have a good day.