I understand? OR I am understanding? | STATIVE VERBS


I understand. I am understanding. I have a new phone. I am having a new


I am having a good time.

Why is I am understanding not correct? Why is I'm having a new phone not

correct, but I'm having a good time correct?

Today we're going to look at some really important verbs called stative verbs.

Stative verbs are the opposite of action verbs, also called dynamic verbs. Let's

look at them together.

Before we look at stative verbs let's take a moment to really clarify action/

dynamic verbs. Drive, run, take. Take a picture. Play. Play an instrument.

Teach. As in, teach a lesson. These are action verbs/dynamic verbs, they're very

physical, you use your body. Usually you can see the action happening. Stative

verbs are more emotional. Like, love, dislike, hate, prefer, want. These describe

feelings, emotions. Stative verbs also describe things to do with our mind and

our opinions. Understand, remember, believe, know, seem, agree, disagree.

They also have to do with our senses. Smell, taste, feel, hear/sound, see, and

states. States are things that never change or will not change soon. Stative

verbs very common ones are be and have. For example, I am American this won't

change. I have an older sister, this won't change. Okay so now we're getting a good

idea of what stative verbs are. Don't worry in the description below i have a

link which will take you to my list of very common stative verbs. So why is it

important for me to know about stative verbs? Because stative verbs are not

normally used in a continuous way. I am understanding this lesson. This bag is

belonging to me. I've been believing in ghosts

since I was a child. We can see the stative verbs, understand, belong, believe,

and these sentences aren't correct. We don't use stative verbs in a continuous

way. I understand this lesson. This bag belongs to me.

I've believed in ghosts since I was a child.

Let's compare. I've been living here for a long time.

Perfect, live is an action verb it can be used in a continuous way. I've been

knowing Jim for a long time. Know is stative, we don't use it in a continuous way.

I've known Jim for a long time. So, some verbs can be stative and active. Let's

take a look. You can see we have be, have, look, see, think, taste. These words can

both be stative and action verbs but the meaning changes. Be, stative. A state, this

is the way something is. You are mean. This is how you always are. Action, a

temporary emotion or quality. Why are you being so mean today? Are you ok? Have,

stative possession. I have three kids. Action, an experience. I am having a

wonderful day. Look, stative. The way something appears. Is that bread fresh? It

looks a bit old. Action, to use your eyes. What are

you looking at? See, stative, understand. So, we use infinitive after a model. Oh, I see.

Action, to be in a relationship. Are you seeing anyone at the moment? Yeah

actually, I'm seeing someone from work. Think, stative. Your opinion. I think doing

yoga is more fun than going to a gym. Action, in your mind, your thoughts. Hmm

I'm thinking about doing a first aid course. Taste, stative. The flavor. Ooh

this chocolate tastes like strawberries. Action, try any food to see if the flavor

is good.

Remember the ING form isn't only a continuous tense, it can also be a gerund.

I'm not good at remembering new vocabulary. Disagreeing with your

colleagues can create a lot of stress. I never buy anything without knowing the

price. Here we can see we have: Remembering, disagreeing, knowing. You know

these three verbs are stative, but these sentences are correct. The ING form is a

gerund. So gerunds is quite a big topic, but I have a video which you can look at.

You can click on and learn more about Gerrans.

So to answer the question finally. I understand or I am understanding? We know

I understand is correct. Why? Because I understand is stative. Exactly! Thank you

so much for watching today's video. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and I'll see

you very soon for another lesson!!!