Extra English 11 - Holiday Time


This is the story of Bridget and Annie,

who share a flat in London,

and the boys next door,

Nick and his friend Hector from Argentina.

Hector works as a reporter on Channel 9

and is going out with Annie.

Bridget works at Channel 9 as well

but is not going out with Nick.

They all need a holiday.

Stand by for Extra.

'Who would be your ideal holiday romance?

'A) J.Lo

'B) Cameron Diaz

'or C) Kylie?'

Difficult to choose.

All three!

'What do you like most about girls on holiday?

'A) Their suntans…'

Yeah, OK.

'B) Their bikinis…'


'C) Their…'

Ironing skills?

'Where do you meet girls on holiday?

'A) On the beach

'B) In the bar

'C) On the ski slope?'

On the beach

Yeah, I meet lots of lovely girls

on the beach.

Oh, NickOh, NickNick




Nick, I am fed up.

I need a holiday.

We all need a holiday.

Yeah, I know what you mean.

I'm exhausted.

So, it is holiday time again

and everyone is off to the airport.

Hello, Hector.

They are travelling to Florida,

Thailand, Egypt andBelgium?

Are you sure?And Belgium.

Travelling by plane, by train and by car.

Well, maybe not by car.

This is Hector Romero for Channel 9.

Bridget will be furious.

Still, maybe a new fashion.

Yes, yes.

Can he do the interview on Thursday?

No. Well, what about Friday?

Hang on.


She wants 22 dressing rooms?

Four for Lourdes and her nannies?

But we've only got two.


For goodness' sake!

Who wants Madonna anyway?

Hello, are you still there?

Hello! What?

Hello, Eunice.

Yes, David Beckham is booked

and so is Princess Caroline of Monaco.

No, Madonna is not coming.

Yes, OK, Eunice, I will.

I will, today.

Bye, Eunice.

What did your last slave die of?

What I need, what I really need is a holiday.

Go on, type New York.


Number of nights - three.


OK, let's see what they can do.


That's much too expensive.

We must choose a different destination.


How about Las Vegas?

But that would cost even more.

Don't be silly, Nick.

What? Is Nick being silly? I don't believe it.

I'm so tired.

Hector, I saw your holiday report.

I have just spent all day

watching other people go on holidays.

I can't go on!

Eunice is a witch.

She makes me work, work, work.

- Why don't you leave, then?

- Yeah.

What? Leave my job?

I love my job.


What you needWhat we all need is a…


A holiday!

Great idea!

Where shall we go?

I'd love to go to Las Vegas.

Cape Town.

I'd like to go anywhere with Enrique Iglesias.

What about Spain?

You speak Spanish.

- You can be our guide.

- Well

Enrique Iglesias speaks Spanish.

And the girls!

I can't wait!

Hey, Hector,

you can translate my chat- up lines.

Well, I'll try.

And we can try them out.



There's your ironing.


There's yours.

I need a holiday.

Where shall we go?

And the girls!

I can't wait!

OK, I see a pretty Spanish girl

How do I say

'I'm English. Can you

give me directionsto your apartment?'

- Really?

- Yeah.


Good, but this one is better.

Your eyes are like stars.

They come out at night.

I like it!

How do I say it in Spanish?

- That's what I said.

- OK.

Now, this one always works.

I know what you're thinking.

You want to kiss me, don't you?

No, I don't.

Not you! It's the chat- up line, stupid.

Hector, are you there?


Could you give me a hand with my luggage?


All of it?

Yes, all of it, please, Hector.

Over here, Hector. I must do a final check.

Good gracious, Bridget.

What have you got in there?

Six T- shirts,

three pairs of jeans, four pairs of trousers,

ten bikinis, four sarongs, two skirts,

two nightdresses, three pairs of trainers,

two pairs of evening shoes,

three toothbrushes, two toilet bags,

five belts, two jackets,

two cans of hair mousse and a ball gown.

But we're only going for three days.

You never can be sure

what event we'll be asked to go to.

Parties, balls, the opera, theatre

Oh, yeah

It won't happen.

When Bridget arrives in Spain,

we'll be invited everywhere.

They just won't be able to resist.

What won't they be able to resist?

What are you wearing?

I am a toreador.

Whose is this?


You are taking all that?

Yeah. Why?

Bridget, Bridget, Bridget

All you need to travel

is your passport, your tickets and your money.

That will be the taxi.

Let's go.

Come on, boys,

give me a hand with my luggage.

Gatwick airport, please.

All you need to travel is your passport,

your tickets and your money, Nick.

Yeah, yeah, very funny.

Wow, look at this!

- It's so Spanish.

- Yep.

Typical Spanish hospitality.

And this is a typical happy Spanish waitress.


We are from England.

And we would like a drink, please.

Girls, girls, girls, leave it to me.

I must translate for you.

Hang on.

I'll talk to the lady.

She doesn't look very happy.

No, she looks a mess.

Perhaps her boyfriend has left her.

Yes, because she looks a mess.

Maybe he didn't like her hair.

Actually, he did like my hair

and at least mine is natural.

She understood.

She's English.

How did you guess?

So, is this a traditional Spanish bar?

This is a traditional English tearoom.

In Barcelona?

Aren't you clever?

Leave it to me.

Please can we have a drink?


Why not?

There are no tables.

- What about this one?

- No.

Or that one?

- No.

- What about this one here?

It's reserved.

Never mind, let's go.

But if you reserve the table,

you can come in.


Can we please reserve a table?


Yes, I can just fit you in. That table there.

You never can be sure

what event we'll be asked to go to.

Wow, look at this! It's so Spanish.

She understood.

Yes, I can just fit you in. That table there.

Right, what would you like to drink?

- Cola, please.

- Me too.

And me.

In Spain, do as the English do.

I will have a nice cup of tea, please.

Which tea?

- What have you got?

- We've got Darjeeling, Kenyan,

English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Lady Grey,

camomile, peppermint,

jasmine, Imperial, Oolong,

Indian, green and yellow tea.

I'll have a cola please.

Anything to eat?

Yes, please. What have you got?

Egg and chips, sausage and chips, fish and chips,

cheese and chips, pie and chips

and chicken and


Chicken and croquette potatoes.

So, we can have anything with chips.

Apart from chicken.

Or I have cake.



I think she means gateaux.

Gatox, please.

Spanish girls are beautiful.

Great! And French girls.


I don't believe it.

- What?

- Over there. Over there.


- It's him!

- Who?


Enrique? Que?

Not Enrique, que - Enrique Iglesias!

No! Are you sure?

- It can't be!

- This is Spain. Well, he's from Spain.

- Well?

- I must go and talk to him.

- Hair?

- Check.

- Lipstick?

- Check.


- Check.

- Right.

Here I go.

Where's Bridget going?

Enrique Iglesias

is sitting over there at that table.



- That is not Enrique Iglesias.

- No way.

Poor Bridget.

Still, he is quite good- looking.

Latin men are different to English men.

They are not sensitive, gentle,

romantic and sophisticated, like me.


I think the waitress fancies you, Nick.

Go on, try one of your chat- up lines on her.

She's not my type.

So what is your type, Nick?

She's coming back! Go on, go on!

Which one, which one? I've forgotten them all.

Use my one. Stars, stars.

OK, I remember.

Your teeth are like stars.

They come out at night.

It's obvious. She's crazy about me.

I've got a date with him!

I've got a date with him!

Who? Mr Iglesias?

Don't be silly.

Of course it's not Enrique Iglesias.

I'm not that stupid.

It's Miguel, and tonight we're going clubbing.

- Great!

- Where are we going?

No, not you. Miguel and me.

No, Bridget, we must be your chaperones.

Yeah, you will not even notice us.

Well, all right, then.

All those Spanish girls - clubbing!

Clubbing! Let's boogie, baby!

I'll show you how it's done.

Next time in Extra

England play Argentina in the World Cup.

Nick gets a phone call.

And Bridget has a bad hair day.