Extra English 16 - Uncle Nick


This is the story of Bridget and Annie,

who share a flat in London.

And the boys next door,

Nick, and his friend Hector,

from Argentina.

Annie loves Hector

and Hector loves Annie.

And Bridget and Nick are going out,

most of the time.

So, will the happy couples stay together?

Find out in Extra.

Chocolate mousse!

Peanut butter!

Strawberry yogurt.


Sorry, Annie. Exams. I forgot!

I won't make a sound.

Sorry, Annie. I…

Hector! Stop.

Do not eat that apple.

Sorry. You want it, Annie?

No, Hector! It's too noisy!

I am trying to revise!

My exams are next week!

I need some classical music.

Sorry, Annie, I…







Why is Hector

hanging out of the window?

Poor Hector!

- Hector, are you OK?

- Yeah.

The window is dirty.

Well, then, it's a job

for a window cleaner, not you!

Hey, guys, look at these!

It's pictures of my makeover!

What is a makeover?

It's when they use make- up to turn this

into this!

Just joking!

Bridget, they're fantastic!

You look like a film star!

Cameron Diaz, watch out!

Were you wearing lots of makeup?


Anyway, what are they for?

Well, Nick wants to be

a Hollywood movie star

and if he can do it, I can do it!


You are going to tell George Ducas

about me?

What, the George Ducas,

the Hollywood director?

You're going to tell him

what a great actor I am?

Oh, Victoria!

Thank you so much!

How can I thank you?

Can't anyone else do it?

Yes! Of course

I want you to tell George about me!

No problem.

See you later.


That was my friend, Victoria Yallop,

the really good actress.

Yeah, she's a really good actress.

Nick, darling!

Well, guess what?

She's going to tell George Ducas,

the Hollywood director, all about you.

- Yeah! How did you know?

- Lucky guess.

And what do you have to do for her?


She wants me

to look after something for her.

Victoria Yallop. Nick is expecting me.

Nick, darling!

This must be so much trouble for you!

No problem. No problem at all.

Sweet! OK, three rules.

No meat, clean underpants in the morning

and in bed by eight.

Now meet

Where are you?

Come here!

Nick, meet Lucas.

Lucas, say hello to Uncle Nicky- Wicky!


Good joke!

Well, I must dash.

George is waiting for me.

Don't worry, Nick,

I'm going to tell him all about you!

Lucas, be a good boy

for Uncle Nicky- Wicky!

Don't tell me.

Nightmare On Elm Street.

Goodbye, darlings! Goodbye!

I'm hungry.


What is going on?

Victoria's au pair

has run off with the postman.


So, she's got no one to look after Lucas.

So, why can't she look after her own son?


she's going to meet George Ducas.

- Where?

- New York.

- New York?

- She'll be back tomorrow!


He's very sweet

but what about my exams?

He won't be a problem.

You won't even notice him.

We'd better not.

Hector! Stop.

Say hello to Uncle Nicky- Wicky!

Annie, have you seen these?

You showed me earlier.



It's thatthat child!

What's that noise?

Lucas is playing ball.

Oh, is he?

You've made me do that.

He's on my bike!

I know. Just don't go in the bathroom.

I said don't go in the bathroom.

And I don't know what he's done

with the toilet paper.

Poor Charley.

I'm hungry.

Nick, where have you been?

Shopping for Lucas.

Nick, you must take control of him.

Baby, I'm trying!

Nick, I'm trying to work.

I'm trying to revise for my exams.

OK, OK. Very nice, Lucas.

Maybe later?

I know. Let's play games.

- I've got Twister.

- Great.

Oh, OK, boys versus girls.


I'll just move my left foot over to you.

It is stuck!

OK, I'll move my hand.

Hey, I can't move!

Nor can I!

What's happening?

Lucas? What have you done?

Lucas, come here!

Lucas! Come on!



I'm going to tell him all about you!

I'm hungry.

I'm hungry.

Hi, Lucas! Where have you been?

To the zoo.

- Where's Nick?

- He had to take the penguin back.

- The penguin?

- Yeah. It must have fallen into my bag.

What are you listening to?

I said, what are you listening to?

Dog Puppy Dog.

Can I listen?

This is good!



Lucas! Come here!

Lucas, why are you so

Hey, that's me!

Lucas, do you want to be like me?

A news reporter?

Well, to be a good news reporter

you have to do everything exactly as I do.

All good newsreaders brush their teeth.


Comb their hair.


- And say good night.

- I'm hungry.

Check. Good night.

Goodnight, sugar plum.

Haven't you got a girlfriend, Lucas?

Girls are wonderful, especially Bridget.

Girls are yuck, especially Bridget.

Yeah, well, anyway, time for bed.

Nick, thank you for a lovely day.

Well, that's OK, little fellow.

We'll have more fun tomorrow. Night night.

Sweet kid!

How does he do that?

I've had enough of you, you little

Now, sweetie, that was very good!

But Auntie Bridget thinks

you should stretch more like this!

Would you like a cup of tea?

Hi, Nick!

This is Joe. He was just telling me

about window cleaning.

So I see!

So, you want my girlfriend, do you?

Thanks, Lucas!

Nick, Joe, stop!

No! He started it!

Nick, what are you doing?

Electric shocks!


How do you do that?

Poor Joe!

I haven't paid him! Joe!

Has Bridget just run off

with the window cleaner?


Cuckoo! Anybody home?

Lucas, my darling, I'm back!

Give your mummy a hug!

- How was George?

- Wonderful!

So, did you tell George about, you know?

You know?


Did you tell George Ducas about me?

What a good actor I am.

I'm so sorry, darling.

I completely forgot!

It was all so exciting!

Lucas, you're going to have a new daddy!

George and I are going to be married.

I'm going to be Mrs George Ducas.

Hey! That means

you are going to be Lucas Ducas!

Lucas, come with me

and meet your new daddy.

See? Girls are yuck!

Next time in Extra

Bridget gets a new computer,

the boys get competitive,

and Annie gets a surprise.