Learn English with Mr. Duncan - Lesson 12 (All about you!)


- Come on Misterduncan we're waiting

- Hurry up!

- Where are you?

- Come on

- Hurry up!

- Get a move on!

- Come onwe're waiting!

- Misterduncan where are you? Quickly!

- Come onHurry up!

- Hurry up! Misterduncan we're waiting for you!

My gosh! OKOhI'm so sorry I'm late! Hi everybody! This is Misterduncan in England. How are you today? Are you OK? I hope so! Are you happy? I hope so! In this lesson we're going to talk all about You and your character.

All about you!

The way you behave and the way you act with other people can be described using many different words. For exampleyour "Character"…or your "Individuality"…your "Manner"…your "Persona"…your "Personality"…your "traits".

Your emotional reactions determine your character. What you sayWhat you doeven what you think!

There are many different types of character and they are all very individual and unique.

Each group of characteristics fall into two categories. They can be positive or negative.

Words that describe a positive character. Affable. Bright. Cheerful. Extrovert. Friendly. Genial. Generous. Gregarious. Happy. Sociable. Sunny. Warm.

Words that describe a negative character. Aloof. Bitter. Cold. Cynical. Dark. Dour. Introvert. Odd. Scathing. Sceptical. Spiteful. Unsociable.

Would you say that you have a positive or negative character? Another word for describing your characteris "Mood". This word means, the way you feel at a certain time. Your mood can change, depending on many things. For exampleif you feel tiredMaybe you have heard some bad news. You may feel unhappy. You are in a bad mood.

Perhaps you have found your perfect partnermaybe you are in love! Or perhaps you are just glad to be alive. You are happyYou are in a good mood.

I hope you are in a good mood today. This is Misterduncan in England saying thanks for watching and bye-bye for now!