Places in a City - Learn English Vocabulary


Places in a city.

Learn English vocabulary.

There are many places buildings and stores that you will find in a city.

Here are some typical places in a city:


An airport is the place you go when you want to travel by plane to another city or country.

amusement park

An amusement park is a large outdoor area where people can go on rides

such as rollercoasters and enjoy other entertainment.


A bakery is a place where you can buy fresh bread and cakes


A bank is a place where people deposit or withdraw money.

Withdraw means to take out.

You can also borrow money from a bank,


A bookstore is a place where you can buy books and magazines.

bus station

A bus station is the place you go when you want to travel by bus to another place usually another city.


A butchers is a place that sells fresh meat such as steak and sausages.


A cafe is a place where you can buy a cup of coffee or tea and cakes or sandwiches.

You normally sit down at a table to have these.

cinema /movie theater

A cinema or movie theater is a place where you can see the latest movies.

Many people eat popcorn while they watch the movie.

Cinema is British English

Movie theater is American English


Court is a place where civil and criminal cases are presented before a judge.

craft market

A craft market is normally a temporary event or place

where people sell typical handmade products of a region or country

dentist or dentist's

The dentists or dentists office is the place where people go to take care of their teeth.

Sometimes they have teeth removed or get a filling.

Department store

A department store is a large store that sells clothes,

household appliances and other goods in different sections or departments.


A drycleaner's is a place where you take your clothes to be dry cleaned

which means they are cleaned with chemicals instead of water.

fast food restaurant

A fast-food restaurant is a place where food is served quickly,

typically you can buy burgers, chicken or fries at a fast-food restaurant.

You can eat your meal there or take it away.

fire station

A fire station is the building where firefighters keep their equipment

including the fire engine or fire track

florist's or florist's shop

florist's is a place where you can buy flowers and sometimes house plants.

gallery or art gallery

A gallery is a place where you can see old and new paintings

as well as other works of art such as sculptures.

petrol station / gas station

A petrol station or gas station

is a place where you go to put gas, also called petrol,

into your car or other vehicle.

Gas station is American English

Petrol station is British English


A greengrocers is a place where you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables.


A gym is a place where people can go to do exercises,

work out and keep fit by using the equipment that is there.


A hairdresser's, sometimes called a hair salon,

is a place where people go to get a haircut or have their hair changed in some way.

Men often go to a barber shop instead of a hairdresser's.

hardware store

A hardware store is a place where you can buy tools and things you need for construction or home improvement.


A hospital is the place you go when you have an accident,

need an operation, or someone is going to have a baby.


A hotel is a place where you pay for a room to sleep in when you visit another a city.


A library is a quiet place where you can read books or borrow books.

A library has a large collection of books and magazines available.

You can also study at a library.


A museum is a place where people can see many historical objects to learn about the past

as well as other items of cultural interest.


A park is an area of public land in a city that contains an area of grass

where you can rest, play, or walk your dog.

Sometimes a park has a playground for children.

car park or parking lot

A parking lot is a place where you can leave your car for a period of time, usually while you go shopping.

Parking lot - American English

Car park is British English.

pet shop or pet store

A pet shop is a place where people can buy pets and pet supplies such as pet food.

Pharmacy / drugstore

A pharmacy or drugstore is a place where you can buy medicine and other health items.

Pharmacy is British English

Drugstore is American English


A playground is an outdoor area where children can play on swings, a slide or other equipment.

police station

A police station is the place where police officers work.

You are taken to a police station when you break the law and are arrested.

post office

A post office is a place where you can buy stamps and mail litters or parcels.


A prison is a building where people are sent as punishment for a crime they have committed.

They are sent there by a judge for a number of days or years.


A restaurant is a place where meals are prepared and served to customers.

you can go to a restaurant when you don't want to cook at home,

or to celebrate a special occasion.


A school is a place where teachers help children learn

Children normally start school at the age of five.

shopping mall

A shopping mall, sometimes called a shopping center,

is a very large building that has many stores and usually a food court too.


A stadium is a large place where sports are played.

People usually go to a stadium to watch their favorite team play.

underground station /subway station

A subway station is a place where the subway train or underground train stops to pick up or drop off passengers.

Subway station is American English

Underground station is British English


A supermarket is a self-service store where people buy groceries.

A supermarket generally sells food, drinks and other household products.


A zoo is a place where you can see many types of birds and animals from around the world.

Usually these animals are in cages.

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