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Amazing awesome English learners, welcome back to go natural English

It's me

Gabi your American English teacher here today with something special for you part 2 of

the top 10

Phrasal verbs that you need to know for English

Fluency and stick around to the end of this video because I'm going to give you a quiz to test your understanding

So, let's see how you do now just a few days ago

I was sitting on the beach having fun with some friends and

my Brazilian friend stopped and got really serious and he looked at me and he asked Gabi is

It true that phrasal verbs are important and I had to stop and laugh because he was so serious

But you know, it's true phrasal verbs are very serious

It is no laughing matter

But that doesn't mean that we can't enjoy our study of phrasal verbs and have a little fun as we do that

So today I'm going to introduce

10 more phrasal verbs that I did not mention in the previous

Video if you have not seen that part one of the top 10 phrasal verbs then you can click up there and see it now

Phrasal verbs are key to understanding

Everyday life with native English speakers. We use phrasal verbs every single day

I don't know of a single day in my life when I have not used a phrasal verb when I'm

Speaking with other native English speakers and a lot of people ask me Gaby. Why is it that I can understand your English so clearly

When I'm travelling I'm able to speak much more clearly with

Non-native English speakers than my friends who are also native English speakers

but who might not be so accustomed to speaking with English learners and its really in

Big part because of phrasal verbs. It's also because of clear pronunciation

But that's another topic for another video

And I'll tell you a really quick story about how important phrasal verbs are

But first what is a phrasal verb? Well a phrasal verb?

Is a regular verb with a preposition

Added to it

So then that combination creates a new meaning that is different from the base verb

Alone that you would see in a dictionary

Most of the time you can probably guess the general meaning of the phrasal verb if you know the general meaning of the preposition

For example the phrasal verb to turn on

Means something similar to two stars, for example, turn on the subtitles in English

Yes, you can actually turn on the subtitles in English here on this video to help you with your English learning so we know that

on is like to start and so we can guess or assume that turn on means to

Begin or starts or to power up a device?

Okay back to that story when a native English speaker friend of mine and I traveled together to Spain

We wanted to enjoy the Spanish food

And so we went out to eat a lot and we went to a lot of restaurants

where the the waiters spoke English and so my friend would order in English and so would I but when my friend spoke

the waiters couldn't understand her because she was using phrasal verbs like

Could we top off our meal with some dessert and coffee?

Or this Spanish wine has really grown on me or could you leave out the olives?

And so these are all examples of phrasal verbs top off

Grow on and leave out. Whereas when I would speak to the waiter

I knew the English was not his first language. So I would avoid those phrasal verbs just to have more clear communication

so I saw that the waiter didn't understand and I had to actually translate my friends native English into

Classroom English that would be generally understood by English learners without phrasal verbs

So I would say could we complete our meal with dessert and coffee?

she is enjoying the wine and

could you

Remove the olives for my friend and my friend thought it was pretty crazy

That I had to translate from

native English to classroom English

But that is exactly why I am here to help you to bridge your knowledge of English from the classroom to real-world

native English

Excellent. So let's jump into the top 10 phrasal verbs that you need to know for fluent English part two

Number one to pick out means to select or choose I really like to pick out different

Earrings to wear in these videos with you. How about we pick out a color to paint the wall?

Too to get around to doing

something this means to make time for something that may not be a

Super high priority for you. For example, when I have time I'll get around to painting this wall

When I have time, I'll get around to

Organizing all of my receipts

It's also very common when you ask someone when they will have time to do something, for example

When could you get around to?

Helping me to paint my wall

3 to make up for something means to replace or to

Do something that you should have done before so for example, I'm so sorry

I forgot about your birthday. I promise I'll make it up to you. So because I

didn't show up which is another phrasal verbs, see how common they are or because I

Forgot something, you know, I feel like I owe you something. So to make up for something is when you add something to someone and

You didn't give it to them

And so you want to replace that thing or that action? I hope that makes sense

I can't make it to lunch with you today. But I promise I'll make it up to you tomorrow

Number 4 to put down actually has a couple of different definitions can mean to make a disparaging

Comments or it could mean to put a deposit

down on an investment for example to put money down on a property or a

home to put someone down means to say something bad about them to speak ill of

Someone hey don't gossip. It's not good manners to put other people down

How much money would you like to put down on your new home?

five to break up to break up can mean to


tasks or an item

Into smaller pieces, it can also mean to end a relationship

Oh breaking up it's hard to do and just to distinguish between break up and break down

It can be quite confusing but we usually say break down for

Information or goals? However, we say break up

For items like a loaf of bread

for example

Let's break up this loaf of bread into many different pieces or break up tasks or activities

The way you can remember this is if you can

Divide an item or divide a list of things to do then it would be break up

but if you are actually making information more

Simple or easier to understand than it is to break down

Six is to grow up

So to grow up is only used with people with humans and it means to mature or to grow

Older. So for example, your child is growing up so quickly

We do not use to grow up with anything else. We don't use it with hair. We don't use it with animals

We don't use it with your English skills

and these examples are all mistakes that I've seen English learners make so

Avoid using grow up for anything besides human beings

another phrasal verb that I see a lot of people making mistakes with number seven to catch up so to catch up

means to

Do your work?

faster to

Speed up or to reach a point that you believe you should have already reached so to do

Tasks or work that should have already been done earlier and this could be to catch up on

To catch up on work. For example. Oh, I'm so busy. I really need to catch up on my work or I'm so tired

I really need to catch up on my sleep

Oh, why haven't you responded to my email? Oh, I'm sorry

I really need to catch up on my email INBOX eight to kick off has two different meanings

it could mean to begin or start like let's kick off this meeting or

to remove someone for example

This team member is just not pulling his weight. He's not doing his work

Let's kick him off the team nine to go on can mean to

continue it could mean to encourage someone to

Continue or it could mean that someone is talking a little too much it depends on the sentence that you're using

For example, if I say go on you can do it

Of course, I'm encouraging you

If I say oh that person

Just is going on and on and on that means that they're talking too much

So if someone is talking too much you would say

Going on and on or that person goes on and on so it's not just one on it's two ons

On and on and finally number ten to cave in. I like the sound of this one. It just sounds fun

because when you

Want to do something and you hold yourself to a high standard?

But then you decide to cave in and do something else

for example

I'm on a diet

But I caved in and I ate some ice cream or I really wanted to do all my homework today

But I caved in and watched a new series on Netflix. So I have to do my homework tomorrow

So to cave in is very common. So all ten of these phrasal verbs that I'm sharing with you are very common

that's why I'm sharing them with you because they are very

Useful for you, and I don't believe that you're going to learn all of these commonly in a traditional classroom

So it's a great thing that you are here now

let's test your knowledge to see how well you can remember all these phrasal verbs and

Just before the quiz

if you are feeling overwhelmed or panicked about how to learn all of the phrasal verbs that there are

Don't worry relax

Just start from where you are today and see if you can add one new phrasal verb each day to your English vocabulary

If you would like to learn phrasal verbs and much more in an organized structured way

Then you should get information about my complete English course, you can pre-register at

Pre-reg that's PR e r e

G the link is in the description

Okay, let's take this quiz

Number one now fill in the blank with the phrasal verb that would replace

The regular verb that I have over there

let's a

New professional outfit for your interview - I'm so busy. I really need to

Work three on a reality TV show called Survivor they would


the islands when can you

Helping me paint my house. I am so sorry. I forgot about your work anniversary

I promise you I'll

To you. Sometimes you're watching a video on YouTube and the presenter just

About nothing when you're on a diet you have good intentions, but sometimes you just and

Eat something that's not really on the diet. If you plan on purchasing a property in the United States, it is common to


Let's our work in two things. We want to do before lunch. And after lunch your child is

So quickly. All right. Let's see how you did number one

Let's pick out a new professional outfit for you for your interview - I'm so busy

I really need to catch up on work three on a reality TV show called survivor. They would kick people off the island

When can you get around to helping me paint my house? I'm so sorry. I forgot your work anniversary

I'll make it up to you

I promise sometimes you're watching a video on YouTube and the presenter goes on and on without really saying anything

When you're on a diet you have good intentions

But sometimes you cave in and eat something that wasn't on your diet if you want to buy a property in the United States

It's normal to put down 20%

Let's break up our tasks into things we do before lunch

And after lunch your child is growing up so quickly

So, how did you do now? If you want to challenge yourself? I highly recommend making your own

Examples in the comments below that is a great way for you to start using these new phrasal verbs

Thanks so much for watching if you enjoyed

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