Extra English 13 - A wedding in the air


This is the story ofBridget andAnnie,

who share a flat in London,

and the boys next door,

Nick and his friend Hector from Argentina.

Hector andAnnie want to get married.

Bridget also wants to get married,

but to whom?

And Nickjust wants to get away.

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Hector, it's perfect!

Yeah, perfect.

Hector, you have mail.

And they're all from your mother.

- Shall I?

- Yes, please, do.

What do they say?

Well, she says

'How many bridesmaids is Annie having?

'Ten or twelve?'

Ten or twelve?

You will like this one, Annie.

'Have you booked Westminster Abbey yet?

'I'm coming to London soon, to help you.'


Your mother is very kind,

but we want a small wedding.

She must not interfere.


Hector, we want our pet wedding, don't we?

- Yes.

- Well, she must not interfere any more.

It's OK. I won't let her. Come here.

You look happy!

Man trouble?

How isMiguel?

Miguel is finished.

It's all football, football, football with Miguel.

What do you expect from Spanish men?

So, I said, 'Bye- bye, Miguel.'

And Annie and Hector are so happy.

It's weddings, weddings, weddings.

I'll never find a decent man.

I'll just be single forever!


What you need is a new man in your life.

But where can I get one?

Hi. Bridget here.

Can I have a new man, please?

What about that gorgeousNick?


He's great as Pierce Steele in London On Fire.

What a hunk!

But he's

Come on, Bridget,

you say you want a new man.

Well, let me introduce you to the new Nick.

I want you to interview him

for Stars at 9 on 9.

Interview Nick?

But all he talks about is girls.

- And motorbikes.

- Forget what he says.

Ask him to take his jacket off!

Here, look at this.

London On Fire.

Enjoy it!

Oh, Pierce,

how can I ever thankyou?

It was nothing.

It's all in a day's work for

Pierce Steele.

- Hi, Bridget.

- Hi, Nick.

Come and sit down.


What are you reading?

A magazine about weddings.

I love weddings. Don't you?

The problem is I'm always the bridesmaid,

never the bride.

Isn't it lovely?

Yeah! The Ferrari Testarossa.

- What a great car!

- I meant her dress!

Do you like it, Nick?

Well, it wouldn't suit me.

Nick, you're so funny.

I love funny men.

I need a drink. Would you like one?

And good- looking ones.

I'd love to marry a funny, good- looking man.

By the way, Nick, I saw London On Fire.

You're very good in it.

Really? Did you think so?

In fact, I wondered if

- Yeah?

- If you want to

- Yeah?

- Will you

- Yeah?

- Will you do an interview for Channel 9?


She must not interfere.

Interview Nick?

But all he talks about is girls.

And motorbikes.

Will you do an interview for Channel 9?


Courtesy of Mrs Romero. Reception venues.

Courtesy of Mrs Romero. Wedding dresses.

Courtesy of Mrs Romero. Honeymoons.

Hector's mother is driving me mad!

Maybe I should just cancel the wedding.

Really? Well, I wouldn't.

I suppose marriage will mean sacrifices.

No more shaving your legs on the toilet,

no more soaps on TV.

- Oh, no!

- No more midnight chocolate feasts.

But thenyou will be Mrs Romero.

Do you think Bridget is ill?

No. Why?

She's being very nice to me. Very nice.

Well, maybe she is ill.

She was talking about weddings,

you and Annie.

You don't think she wants to get married too,

do you?

Who to?

Well, you said she was being very nice to you.

No! You don't think?


I have something to tell you.

- What?

- Nick.

Nick what?

I fancy Nick.

She did mean me!

Hector, help!

Once you're married, they've got you!

- You fancy Nick?

- Yes, I do. I do!

- But you don't like Nick.

- I do like Nick.

- No, you don't, you think he's an idiot.

- Yes, but he's so macho.

- You think he's vain.

- But he's so good- looking.

You don't like his clothes.

But now he wears a fireman's uniform.

So that's it! The uniform.

He's so sexy in London On Fire.

So what are you going to do?

Tomorrow I will interview him for Channel 9…

And then?

You'll just have to wait and see.

There is one good thing about getting married.

Yeah, love.

No! No!

The stag night.

- The what?

- The stag night.

It's when the bridegroom, that's you,

is taken out by his best man, that's me,

to say goodbye.

- Goodbye?

- Yep, to your fantastic life as a single man.

Goodbye to drinking beer

and watching football in bed.

Goodbye to eating curry for breakfast.

And worst of all

goodbye to Kylie Minogue!

Don't worry, Hector, we will face this together.

Thank you, Nick. You are a real friend.


this stag night

what are we going to do?

- Go to the cinema?

- Wha

In England, we do crazy things!

We party, we go to Brighton, we dress up

- As what?

- Women!

So I am here with Nick Jessop,

or Pierce Steele,

straight from the set of London On Fire.

- Nick.

- Good evening.

Do you think London On Fire accurately reflects

the pressures

on London's emergency services?

Dunno! But the women are good- looking.

Do you get very hot?

- When?

- In the flames, when you're filming.

No, not really.

Do you take your jacket off sometimes?

Yeah, sometimes.

- When it gets veryhot?

- Yeah.

- Do you want to take your jacket off now?

- No, not really.

- And what about the women?

- The women?

The women you rescue.

You carry them out of the house that is on fire.

- Yeah.

- They must love it.

Well, they are acting.

- And do they ask you to

- Do they ask me to what?

- Take your jacket off.

- No.

Will you take it off now?


- Could you carry me?

- When?

Now! Carry me like you do on London On Fire!


You're so strong!

This is Bridget Evans with Nick Jessop

for Channel 9.

- Shall I put you down now?

- Do you have to?

Hi, Hector.

Hi, Annie.

- Hector

- Annie

- No, you go first.

- No, you first.

OK. Annie, this wedding

I was going to say, 'This wedding…'

- OK, you say it, then.

- No, you.

OK, let's write it down.

Good idea.


One, two, three, show!

Yes, Hector, let's wait.

- This wedding is a nightmare.

- Yeah.

- Let's celebrate not getting married.

- Yeah.

OK, I'm going shopping now,

but meet me at Leo's Cafe at 5pm.

I'll be there!

You must tell your mother. Thank goodness

she's thousands of miles away in Argentina.

Make sure you tell her before she leaves.

Oh, no!

Meet me at Leo's cafe at 5pm.

Annieor Mum?

Mumor Annie?

Nick, you're so funny!

The stag night!

The what?

We dress up!

- As what?

- Women.

You're so strong!

Hi, Nick. Did you have a good day?

Great! I saved London again.

And I was interviewed by Bridget.

Man, I thought

she was going to ask me to marry her!


OK, what's up?

My mother is coming to London.

- Does Annie know?

- No.


But we have cancelled the wedding.

- Does your mother know?

- No.


It gets worse.

I was supposed to meet both of them

this afternoon in different places.

Triple whoops!

Hector, don't worry.

Women always forget.

Hi, Annie.

- Hector, where are you?

- Annie, listen!

I'm glad we're not getting married!

So they didn't forget?

Annie, please!

- Listen to me!

- What or who is more important than me?

- First marriage row.

- We are not getting married.

Pardon me!

Annie, today was difficult.


I don't want to know!

- Annie, it's my mother.

- What about your mother?

Here is Mother!

Hector, darling!

Speak to me in English. I'm taking lessons.

Where's Annie? Where's my little bride?

What a beauty!

Hector, you've kept her beauty a secret.

No, Mama, this is Bridget.

This is Annie.

Donatellacan help you.

Annie is the prettiest, sweetiest,

kindest girl in the world.


Didn't you tell her the wedding is off?

- I didn't get the chance.

- Well, now's the time.

- Mum.

- Yes?

Annie and I have decided to

Wait a few years before we get married.

No wedding? Oh, no!

Thank you, Bridget.

Do you have a boyfriend?

I hope so, Mrs Romero.

Is he handsome?

Yes, he's very handsome

and muscular!

I love macho men.

What's his name?

Nick. Nick Jessop.

Nick? Hector's best man?

Yes, that's him.

Time to party!

Mama, meet


So, have you booked Westminster Abbey yet?

Next time in Extra

Bridget tries to change Nick.

Hector's mother comes to dinner.

But why does Annie behave badly?

But whydoesAnnie behave badly?