Extra English 14 - Changes


This is the story of Bridget and Annie,

who share a flat in London,

and the boys next door,

Nick and his friend Hector, from Argentina.

Annie and Hector have decided

not to get married.

Bridget and Nick are dating,

but Nick is getting bored,

so will it last?

Find out in Extra.

Oh, Bridget

this is wonderful.

I'm so glad you like it, Nick.

I just can't get enough.

I want more, more, more!

Nick, honey,

there's plenty more where that came from.

- Nick?

- Yes, Bridget darling?

- How long have we been together now?

- Erm

We've been together two days, Nick.

Wow! That long? Hmm!

Yes, it is a long time, Nick.

But ifwe are to

continue our relationship,

you must

Will you…?

Will you treat me like a lady?

Bridget darling, just call me Gentleman Nick.

Nick! Nick!

You mustThere must be more


There must be more respect.

Oh, Nick.

Let's see what sort of gentleman you are.

Here's a little test. Follow me.

- Well?

- Well, what?

I want to go out.

- Oh.

- So

- What do you do?

- Oh!

- Kiss you goodbye!

- No.

You open the door for me.

Huh? Ah!

Because I am the strongest!

Rahr! Rahr! Tarzan!

Oh, come on, Ziggy, we'll be late.

Is just you and Ziggy doing this protest?

Yes, but when other people see how important

it is, they'll join us. We must stop

Oh, excuse me, Annie.

- Problems?

- What? Oh, no, no, no.

- No problems at all.

- Oh, look! There's Ziggy. Must dash.

- Have fun!

- This is not fun. This is serious.

This is serious too.

Now, clothes.


I want you morelike David Beckham.

Ah, like this!

Now, where is it?

Aha! Here it is.

Now, come here.

- Really, Bridget, I don't think

- Oh, don't be silly, Nick.

There! That's better.

Now, we must go deeper.

There is a bigger problem.

You have a lot of anger in there.

Well, yes, I am wearing this stupid hair band.

So, we must work on your inner calm.

I want to see your chest.


Lie down.

Close your eyes

and relax.


Now, this may tickle a bit.

- Ready?

- Yeah.

Here goes!

Just feel that anger go!

Acupuncture never fails.

- Oh, hi, Mrs Romero.

- Hello, Bridget. Where is Hector?

Hello, Mrs Romero.

Do you remember Nick, Mrs Romero?

Time to party!

I can't forget him.

Oh! Hola, Mama!

Sorry I'm late.

- Coffee?

- Oh, yes, please.

Excuse us, Mrs Romero.

Come on, Nick, I'm taking you shopping.

- Uh- uh.

- Oh? So you want some more acupuncture?

OK, OK, I'm coming, I'm coming.

And don't forget your money.

Rahr! Rahr!

Oh, you are learning quickly.

I want you more like David Beckham.

Ah, like this?

Wow! That long? Hmm!

Oh! You are learning quickly!

Oh, oh, oh, oh!

Mother, when in London, we speak English.

Yes, we must. English is the language

of high class, so I must teach it


- You must learn it, not teach it.

- Oh, yes.

So your father has found you a wife.

He told me. He must stop shopping on eBay.

Look, Mum, I don't want a wife.

I've got Annie.

This girl is from a good family.

- So is Annie.

- This girl is rich.

I don't care about money.

But she's almost royalty.

Mum, Annie is my princess.

But she's so

She's so clever, so kind, so happy!

- Annie?

- Very happy!

What happened?

Ziggy and I were in a field lying down.


- Protesting.

- And…?

It began to rain!

Oh, poor Annie.

Don't touch her!

Now, listen, Mum, I've told you I love Annie.

Be careful, your pullover.

Hector, your mother's right.

Don't touch me!

Why did you do that?

Because I love you, darling.

If you knew Annie, you would love her.

Well, I'm going home tomorrow.

Look, Mum, come to dinner tonight

and you will meet the real Annie.

And if you don't like her, then

then I might marry the princess Dad has found.


- Annie.

- Yes, Hector?

- Can we talk?

- If that's OK with your mother.

Oh, Annie, she's gone to her hotel now.

Look, she's going home tomorrow

and I thought

we would invite her to dinner tonight.

Well, I'm going out.

Annie, please don't be silly.

Stay and be nice to her.

She is OK, really.

Well, OK then.

But you must do one thing for me.

Sure. What?

- Scrub my back.

- Oh, but I am still dressed.

So am I. Well, I can't put these

in the washing machine. They're filthy.


No. Annie, will you behave?

- When?

- When my mother comes to dinner.



Annie, I have an idea.

Nick is pretending to be someone different.

Nick isn't pretending. This is the new Nick.

Isn't it, Nick?

You can pretend as well.

You can pretend to be what my mother wants.

What, Princess Caroline of Monaco?

Look, Nick is pretending

to be what Bridget wants.

Yeah, a slave.

How can I help?

As you can see, I'm a talented stylist.

Could I have some more cola, please, sweetie?

My mother is coming to dinner tonight.

Oh! So what's on the menu?

I am!

What sort of food does your mother like?

Babies on toast?

I don't know. A traditional English dish.

I am not going to pretend to eat meat.

How about roast Annie?

I know.

What about sweet and sour prawn balls?

- Sweet for me

- And sour for Hector's mum!

Nick, behave.

Very funny.

I will cook dinner.

And Nick will look after your mother

because he's such a gentleman now.

Don't you worry about Mrs R.

She'll have a great time.

Leave it to me.

So, Annie, will you pretend?

OK, Hector.

For you, tonight,

I will pretend to be the perfect girlfriend.


you and I are going shopping.

Too obvious.

Too Margaret Thatcher.

Hector will love it, but, no.


Don't touch her!

Your mother's right. Don't touch me!

- No!

- You can pretend to be what my mother wants.

What? Princess Caroline of Monaco?


Yeah, a slave.

Wow! Annie!

You look great.

I look 45 years old.

But my mother will like it.



Marks and Spencer's.

Have you enjoyed your visit to London,

Mrs Romero?

I love London.

We often visit our friends, Liz and Phil.

And where do they live?

Buckingham Palace.

There you are, Mrs Romero.

Oh, you are so handsome, Nick.

Annie has had an interesting day today, haven't

you, Annie?

Go on, Annie,

tell Mother about your interesting day.

OK. Well, our GM protest went very well today.

What's GM?

I don't know.

Great Men?

A Great Men protest?

- Really?

- It means genetically modified.

Listen, Mum.

So, so the farmer came over

to see what we were doing

Oh, GM, GM! Gorgeous Men!


- Another drink, Mrs R?

- Oh, yes, Nick, please.

You have lovely eyes.

Anyway, he told us to go away,

and when we wouldn't

There you are, madam.

- Where did you learn your beautiful manners?

- Oh, I was born with them.

Sit down.

And then the police arrested us,

but I escaped prison so I could be here tonight.

It is a joke!

Come on, Mum, talk to Annie.

So, Annie, Hector tells me you like animals.

Oh, I love them, but I don't eat them.

I'm a vegetarian.

How odd.

If we cannot eat animals,

why are they made of meat, then?

You are so funny, Nick.

But I do love horses.

Oh, yes, they're wonderful.

And I love riding.

I love your English hunt.

Yes, the dogs, the handsome men in red coats.

- The dead fox.

- Yes, the dead fox.

No! It's cruel.

The poor fox.

What do you know?

You are not from a good family.

There's nothing wrong with my family.

You are not family of beauty.

Well, anyway,

I don't believe that Hector is your son.

He's too good- looking!

Right, that's it.

I'm going.

Mum, Annie didn't mean

Annie, Mum didn't mean

Yes, we did!

And another thing.

You won't need hounds on a hunt.

When the fox sees you coming, he'll run!

Hector, I shall see you in Argentina

for your wedding

to our perfect princess.

Well, that went rather well, didn't it!

Oh, who is this?

He's darling!

- Oh, that's Charley. Charley belongs to A…

- Me!

- He's my baby.

- Isn't he gorgeous?

Look, darling, here's Mummy.


So, Hector,

who's this Latin American princess?

Well, my father wants me to marry her,

but I will not, of course.

Well, if you don't want her, I'll have her.

More wine, Nick!

Next time in Extra:

Nick gets ajob as a bouncer.

If your name's not on the guest list,

then you cannot come in!

Annie gets a tattoo,

and Hector wants to be a tough guy.

Extra, don't miss it.