Do you know these 8 ENGLISH IDIOMS?


Hi everyone! Welcome to today's lesson.

I'm Arnel. Today we're gonna look at eight great idioms you can use in your conversations.

So, are today's idioms formal or informal? They're neutral, you can use them in any conversation.

This can be with family, friends, or even at work, or school. Let's start with number one.

Number one, okay. I work from home which is nice, but I'm always in the same place.

Same house, same office, same computer. Same, same, same, same.

I need a change of scenery.

A change of scenery. A change of scenery. Definition, you go to a different place

because you are tired of the same place. What is scenery? Scenery. Scenery is like a view,

kind of like this picture, a landscape. This is beautiful but sometimes we need a change.

I usually work at home but sometimes i go to a café for change of scenery. Because of

this Covid pandemic, and all the lockdowns, I think we could all use a change of scenery.

You know, a change of scenery would do me good.

Number two, do someone good.

Definition, something has a positive effect on a person. A change of scenery would do me

good. We often use this idiom with some or a lot of. Going for a walk would do you some good.

Joining the army did Jonathan a lot of good. He became more mature and disciplined. Right, so I

booked a mini weekend getaway. I booked my hotel, I booked my rental car, and I bought travel insurance.

I honestly don't think I need travel insurance, I'm only going to be gone for two days. But it gives me

peace of mind. It gives me peace of mind. Definition, you are relaxed

because you don't need to worry. You can really think about it like your mind is at peace.

I just installed a security camera outside my front door.

Oh, did something happen? No, it's just for peace of mind. I feel better if there's a camera there.

What kind of things in life do we do for peace of mind? Um, people buy insurance, people save money, or

they do things like arrive really early for a train or a flight.

How was your trip? It was okay, it was good. But you know? I think I'm bored, I'm tired of everything. I

want to feel better, I want to feel healthier. You could stop drinking so much coffee. No.

You could join a gym. That is the last thing I want to do. Number four, the last thing I want.

The last thing I need. Definition, I definitely don't want or need this. Joining a gym is the

last thing I want to do. Hey, if you complete this 100 question survey, you might win 100 dollars.

The last thing i need right now is more work.

I definitely don't want to do this. End position, front position. Both are fine.

I have an appointment at 4 with Joanne, she's the last person I want to see.

So we can say something is the last thing I want or need. Or someone is the last person

I want to see, to talk to, to have dinner with. Right, back to joining a gym.

I should bite the bullet and do it. Bite the bullet, number five.

This is a bullet. Do you think biting a bullet is easy or difficult? Difficult. Is it pleasant or

unpleasant? Unpleasant. Definition, you do something unpleasant because it's necessary.

I should bite the bullet and join a gym. I don't want to do that, but it would be good for me.

In life when do we need to bite the bullet?

Number one, when we have to pay for something we don't want to pay for.

That accident was obviously not my fault! You saw the mole. But, I bit the bullet and

I agreed to pay for a new mailbox. Number two, when we have to do something that scares us.

I hate making phone calls in English. Just bite the bullet and do it, you have to speak to a doctor.

Or, number three. When we have to apologize to someone and we don't want to.

I know you don't like Bruce, but you should probably bite the bullet and say sorry.

You have an interview tomorrow right? Yeah, I do.

Thank you. What was the name of the last company you worked for? Oh, um.. oh

Oh, no oh! What's the name of the company? Oh come on! I worked there for five years, I can't believe

my mind's gone blank. Oh come on, come on. Arnel say something. Say something, say anything, say something!!!

Could you repeat the question please?

Next idiom, your mind goes blank. Definition, you completely forget everything in that moment. It's

like, poof, your brain stops working. It was so embarrassing, my mind went blank in the middle

of my speech. Some of my students say this to me: Whenever I try to speak English, my mind goes blank.

Okay, so I asked the interviewer to repeat the question.

Of course, what was the name of the last company you worked for?

Well, I worked there for five years and um, the name of the company it's, um ,it's on the tip of

my tongueNumber seven, something is on the tip of your tongue. That's a tongue and there's the tip.

Tongue, tongue. Not tongooe. Definition,

you know a word or a name, but you just can't say it, it's on the tip of your tongue.

Who's this ?Oh, I know her. Oh she ah, she was a really famous Hollywood star like,

a hundred years ago. Oh, her name it's, it's on the tip of my tongue

That's Mary Pickford. Okay, this idiom tells the listener that you know something,

but you just can't say it. Interview done. And we have one more idiom to go. Idiom number eight needs

a little bit of an introduction. Maybe you've seen those clips on YouTube called um, celebrating

too soon or celebrating too early. For example, you might see a cyclist. Oh he thinks he's won!

Ahh, he celebrated too soon. We don't want to celebrate too soon,

and we don't want to speak too soon. I don't want to speak too soon, but I think I got the job.

Definition, you feel something good is going to happen,

but you're not 100 percent sure. You want to be a little bit careful. How are sales this month?

I don't want to speak too soon, but i think this could be our best

month ever. Do I know this is going to be our best month ever? No, but I have a good feeling about it.

We can also say, I spoke too soon. Notice the past simple, we say this

after something negative happens. Maybe after we celebrated too soon.

For example, today's weather is perfect, nothing's going to ruin my day.

Ah, I spoke too soon.

Or maybe you have a baby and you finally put the baby to bed. Husband: Finally, some peace and quiet.

I spoke too soon. Okay, there we have it.

Do you have any of these idioms in your language? Let me know in the comments below

and can you try to write me a mini conversation using at least three, three of today's idioms?

Thank you so much for watching, I can't wait to make another video for you. Thank you, bye!!!