Listen to English - Busy, busy, busy...


Today's podcast is about words and phrases which we use to talk about being very busy.

Kevin's boss wants his staff to prepare a new report. As usual, he wants it straight away. His staff explain that they can't write the report instantly. So the boss says OK, but he wants it on his desk tomorrow morning. He sets a deadline of 9amthat means, he wants the report to be ready by then.

So Kevin and his colleagues set to work. They rush around trying to find all the material that they need for the reportfacts, figures, pictures, tables, charts, diagrams and so on.

In the middle of the morning, Joanne telephones Kevin. Kevin says, "I can't talk to you now. We've got lots to do. Everyone here is rushed off their feet."

Joanne says, "But we were going to meet for lunch."

Kevin replies, "Sorry, Joanne, we're too busy. I've got no time for lunch. I will probably need to work late this evening, too. Sorry, I must go, the boss wants to talk to me immediately."

Kevin skips lunch, and eats a sandwich and drinks coffee while working at his computer. He and his colleagues stay working in the office after the rest of the staff go home. At last, at about 8 pm the report is finished. It will be on the boss's desk when he comes in in the morning.

Alas, when Kevin's boss sees the report, he finds several mistakes which his staff had overlooked in their hurry. So they need to rewrite the reportas soon as possible.

There is an English saying "More haste, less speed." It means that if you try to do something too quickly, it will in the end take longer than if you had taken a little more time.

There are some vocabulary notes on the website. In the meantime, here is Alice Leon, and she is So Busy!

I'm So Busy

You don't know how crazy things have been

I'm so busy, really busy

You don't know how crazy it's been

I'm so busy, really busy

You don't know how crazy it's been

I've been meaning to call you

But I haven't had 2 seconds to myself

Working twenty-four seven

Days turn to nights and I don't have a second

I'll have you over for dinner

As soon as I am humanly able

Got to get a few hours of sleep, dear

I've been so swamped here

I am so busy

I don't have time for my friends

I don't have time for myself

I don't have time for my nails

I don't have time for my kids

You don't know how crazy things have been

I've been meaning to send that check

But day turned into nighttime

You asked what I've been up to

Where can I start if it's not at the top


immediately, straight away, at once, instantlythese all mean the same.

And here are more words and expressions about being busyin a hurry, in a rush, no time, as soon as possible, busy, deadline, can't stop, rushed off my feet, it's crazy round here, skip lunch, work late.