Extra English 03 - Hector has a date


This is the story of two girls

who share a flat in London.

They have a visitor from Argentina

who can't speak English very well,

who has no style,

and who can't do the shopping.

But he is very, very handsome.

Stand by for Extra.

Dear dream date.

My name is Annie!

I'm 19 and I love animals,



and I love chocolate.

Chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake,

boxes of chocolate, chocolate mousse

- What are you doing, Annie?

- Nothing!

What's this?

'Dream date, make my dream come true!'

- Oh, how did that get there?

- How sweet!

Let's go. Look left.

Right. One, two, three, four, left.

- Hector!

- And right.

- Hector.

- Oh, hi, Bridget.

- And up

- And up!

And upand down

Oh, well, keep going, Hector.

Oh, I see Hector found

Cindy's 101 Top Exercises, then.


Oh, good try, Hector.

But Cindy is so old- fashioned,

I can teach Hector how to exercise!

Exercise with Cindy, no.

Exercise with Bridget, yes!

- But…!

- It's OK, I can do it!

Music, please, Annie.

Follow me.

Arms up, touch your toes,

stand straight and

one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight!

More energy, please!

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight!

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight

OK, faster still!

Left leg up! Left leg up!

Left leg up!

- Oh, my leg hurts!

- Come on, keep up!

Come on, faster! Come on!

Come on! Come on!


Oh, hi, Nick.

- We're exercising.

- I can see.

Phew, OK. Let's get a drink!

Oh, I must check my emails.

- Would you like some water, Hector?

- Oh, no. No, after you.

- No, you first.

- Oh, no, no, no. Ladies first.

- No, no, you first.

- No, you first.

Oh, give it to me!

Oh, goody! Three messages.

- Oh, dear.

- What's wrong?

Annie's been on the Internet - again!

The Internet?

- To find a boyfriend!

- Oh, let's see!

- Oh, no. Don't look.

- Oh, come on, Annie!

Oh, all right, then.

'Annie baby! Rocky the tennis star here!

'I am the racket - will you be my ball?'

OK, number two.


Erm… 'Dear Annie! I love animals too.'


'They are so beautiful in their glass boxes.'

'Come and see them.

Tony Green (Taxidermist).'

A taxidermist! Ooh, how horrible!

Oh, Charley! Here, boy!

It's OK, Charley.

Annie, what is a taxidermist?

Erm, well, it's

It's a…

AhOh, never mind.

- Third time lucky.

- Hope so.

Hmm. 'Annie, can you cook like my mother?

'Do you like trains? Can you meet me today?

'Giles Smith (aged 24)

'P.S. Mummy says I must be home

before 5.00 pm.'

- Oh, dear!

- Oh!

I'll never get a boyfriend!

- Bridget always has a boyfriend.

- Has she?

Annie, look, it's not what you write,

it'sit's how you write it.


I bet I could get a girlfriend on the Internet,

no problem.

Well, yes, Nick, you could!

I bet you could not!

I could!


What would you write?

I'm six foot tall.

Five foot eleven.

I have blonde hair.

- Mousy brown.

- I love animals.

- Ha!

- And fast cars, and beautiful women.

- I would write to you!

- Would you?

Oh, come on, Annie!

- Let's go to the gym.

- Oh, Bridget, no! Not more exercise!

See you later, boys.

Oh, and er, Hector,

would you do my washing for me?

Washing? OK.

No problem.

Oh, and Nick?

Will you spray my plant for me, please?

- The spray is in the bathroom.

- No problem.

- Nick?

- Uh- huh?

What is a taxidermist?

Oh. Well

Well, it's

Never mind.


Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight!

More energy, please!

- My leg hurts!

- Come on, keep up!


Oh, Charley! Here, boy!

- Oh, dear!

- Oh!

I'll never get a boyfriend.


I bet I could get a girlfriend on the Internet,

no problem.

Finding girlfriends on the Internet

is so easy.

OK, Hector!

Question one.

How do guys get girlfriends?

- Girlfriends?

- Yeah!

- Girlfriends.

- Oh! Oh, no girlfriends, me.

- Never.

- What?

Never? No girlno girlfriends?

Wow! Man!

- You, Nick, you have had girlfriends?

- Yeah, loads!

- Ten?

- Ten? Ha!


- Wow!

- So I know what girls like.

They like fast cars,

they like money,

they like dancing.

Oh, I love dancing!

Like this!

No, dancing like this!

Huh? Yeah.

Hector, leave it to me.

Leave it to me, my friend, I have a plan!

Oh, Hector, Annie's plant.

Her garden spray is in the bathroom.


Ho- ho!

Gardengar- denErm

Spray, garden spray.

'Garden Romance'.


Hmm! Perfect!


Cold, hot

very hot.

- Er, Nick.

- Uh- huh?

Bridget's cold or hot?

Ha, very hot!



Perfect, ha!

Hector, we'll get lots of girlfriends now!

- Aha!

- From now on

it'll be girls, girls, girls, girls, girls!

- Ha- ha!

- Yo!

- Ha- hey!

- Whoo!

Oh, you really must change your aftershave!

Oh, excuse me.

Come on, let's go out and celebrate.

What's that smell?

It smells like a perfumery.

Oh, my plant!

Oh, empty!

Oh, my poor plant! I don't believe it!

My perfume, I don't believe it!


Oh, good, the washing's done.

What's the problem?

This is the problem!


- Wow!

- What is it now?

We have six hundred

and thirty- three messages!

Let's see.

OK, one moment.

'Hector! Nick! Yes! We are gorgeous!

'Yes! We like dancing!

And yes! We like millionaires!

'Fifi and Sara.'

Chloe, Sadie, Louise, Gerri

These messages are all for Hector and Nick

and they're all from girls!

I smell a rat!

Hmm! And I think I know who is responsible!

Oh, Bridget!

Look at this!

'Are you a gorgeous babe?

'Do you have a gorgeous friend?

'Do you like fast cars and dancing all night?

'Do you like millionaires?

'Then you will love us -

'we are Hector and Nick -

the Romero brothers.'


'See attached photo.'

Ha, cheats, they glued their photo on this car!

Ha, what a joke!

What, that's how they received six hundred

and thirty- three messages from girls.

But they don't know they received six hundred

and thirty- three messages, do they?

No, they don't now.

Let's go to the cybercafe.

I have a plan.

The poor computer. How many messages?

One hundred!

Two hundred!

- Oh.

- How many?

- Er, one.

- Good.

- One hundred!

- No, no, no, just one message.



'Hector and Nick!

'We are dancers in a West End musical.'

Dancers, you mean

- Dancers?

- Yeah, sort of.

Erm… 'When we finish the show, shall we

meet at your apartment at 10pm?

'Is that OK?

'Cuddles and Bubbles, kiss, kiss, kiss.

'P.S. What is your address?'

Wow! They sound gorgeous!



Ta- da!

Cuddles and Bubbles

are coming here tonight

when they finish the show


ten o'clock!

Look, seven o'clock, eight, nine, ten o'clock!

Wait a minute! It's seven o'clock!

That's just three hours!

What am I going to wear?

What are you going to wear?

But Nick, what about Bridget and Annie?


It's not a problem!

Ah- ha- ha! Yes!


Oh, my plant!

What's the problem?

This is the problem!


Cuddles and Bubbles

are coming here tonight.

So, Nick, what should I say?

- It's easy. Relax.

- Yeah, but you have had a hundred girlfriends.

Yeah, well, when I said a hundred,

it's actually fewer.



- Forty?

- No.

- Thirty?

- No.

- Twenty?

- No.

- Ten?

- No.








It's OK.


- Hi!

- Hello, it's us.

Come on up.


So Nick, what do I say?

OK, we need a script.

Try this.

Your eyes are blue, like the ocean.

Your ears are blue, like the ocean.

No! Eyes, ears, ears, eyes.

Oh, oh, oh, OK, OK. Er

Your eyes are blue, like the ocean.


You smell of sweet

You smell of sweat

No! No

Sweetnot sweat!

Oh, OK, OK.

OK, your hair is so soft.

- Thank you, Nick.

- No!

No, her hair, her hair!

Oh, her hair!

Oh, oh!


- Ready?

- Ready.

Good luck!

Oh! Cuddles and Bubbles.

But we thought you were dancers.

Oh, you are dancers.


InWoof, The Musical.

Erm, come in.

Come in.

Er, please, sit down.


Stick to the script.

You smell so sweet.

Your ears areblue, like the ocean.


- Eyes, eyes!

- Oh!


Are you a millionaire?

Psst, psst!

Am I a millionaire?

Are you a millionaire?

Are you a millionaire?

We are millionaires!

Good, good.

Well, you can pay for these, then!

If you please!

Your faces!

- We are the dancers.

- From the cybercafe!

- So you are millionaires, eh?

- Oh, what a trick to get girlfriends!

Millionaires, very funny!

With fast cars!

Good trick, eh?

But that is my car!

You smell so sweet!

And you do have beautiful eyes!

Or is it ears?

- It's the landlady!

- I'm off!

Quick! Hide, Hector! Erm, er

In the bedroom!

Er, Bridget?


Tell me.

What is a taxidermist?


Next time in Extra

Hector wants to get a job.

Bridget and Annie have a surprise.

And guess who's coming to dinner.