Extra English 21 - The Entertainers


This is the story of Bridget and Annie,

who share a flat in London,

and the boys next door,

Nick and his friend Hector from Argentina.

Hector and Annie love each other.

Bridget loves herself.

And Nick loves babes, motorbikes and pizza

but really needs to make some money.

Stand by for Extra.

You are feeling very sleepy.

You want to be a cat.

Now, Charley, say meow.

No, Charley, let's try again.

I give up.

Here you are, Charley. Good boy.

I don't need a dog,

I need someone more stupid.

Perfect. The boys.

Hello, boys. Come and sit down.

- What are you doing?

- I am going to hypnotise you.


Yeah, you know. Hypnotise.

You are feeling very sleepy.

You are a baby.

Mama, mama.

You are five years old.

He stole my toy!

You are 12 years old.

Hey, baby, wanna dance?

I know!

It sounds fun.

It's not about fun.

Hypnotism can help you with your problems.

I don't have any problems.

Are you ready?

Now, close your eyes and relax.

I'm going to take you back.



And open your eyes.

You made it.

- Well?

- Have you done it?

Yes, all done.

Now, I am going to say a word to you

and when you hear that word,

you are going to react.





I'll try again.




- I don't think it's working, Annie.

- You're very good.

No one can control

the great minds of Hector and Nick.

So where did I go wrong?

'A hypnotic state can last for two days.'

So if someone says the word 'butterfly'

in the next two days

Oh, Nick!

- Why did you do that?

- It's so obvious!

Sue is having an affair with Jim's brother.

Don't tell me.

Now it's time for

On The Road with Bridget Evans

Look, it's Bridget.

If I said 'children's party' to you,

you'd say,,,

No, thanks!

..jelly, ice cream, pass the parcel,

pin the tail on the donkey.

Hey, pin the tail on the donkey.

Pin the tail on the donkey?

Great game.

Poor donkey.

But not for the lucky children

of the rich and famous.

At their parties they have elephant rides,,,

So they pin the tail on the elephant?

Amazing cakes, top- class entertainers.

Parties like these

can cost thousands of pounds

but listen to the laughter

of these lovely children.

They love it!

- Give me that.

- I want that!

Not now, sweetie, I'm on television.

- But I want it.

- Be a nice child and go away.

- Give it to me!

- I said get lost!

Mum, she hit me.

This is Bridget Evans

for Channel 9, Knights bridge.

Get the police, Mummy!

Will you keep your child quiet?

- That's it!

- What?

Children's parties.

Rich children's parties.

You can't go, you are too old.

No, she said top- class entertainers.

That's us.

We will be party entertainers to rich children

for loads of money!

Don't we need an elephant?

No, we've got you.

You are feeling very sleepy.


I don't think it's working, Annie.

'A hypnotic state can last for two days.'

We'll be party entertainers to rich children

for loads of money.

OK, guys, what do you think of this?

'We are top- class children's entertainers.

- 'We make them laugh…'

- We make them cry.

It's not like that, Hector.

'Book Posh Parties

for the best party in the world.

'Only millionaires need apply.'

- What do you think?

- I think you'd be lucky to get one reply.


Yes, this is Posh Parties.

Who is calling, please?

Mrs George Ducas?

Not the wife of Mr George Ducas?

- Who?

- George Ducas, the Hollywood director.

You know who it is, don't you?

Victoria, Lucas's mother.

Lucas, say hello to Uncle Nicky- Wicky!


You'd like to book a party,

for your stepdaughter?

She loves fairies?

Well, I have just the fairy for you.

Princess Nicky.

And here she is.

Hello, Princess Nicky speaking.

Yes, of course I know what little girls like.

I used to be one myself, you know.

Certainly, Mrs Ducas.

Daisy's birthday on Friday, we'll be there.


Oh, no!

Nick, that's fantastic news.

- It's your first booking!

- Yeah!

But I will have to go

to the home of George Ducas

dressed as a fairy princess!

What will Victoria say?

Who cares?

This is my chance to get into Hollywood.

It's the nearest you'll ever get to Hollywood.

Anyway, what can you do?

- What can I do?

- What can you do to entertain children?

I…can juggle.

So can I.

Is that it?

No, I cando lots of things.

Anyway, I will have my assistants,

Hector and

I'm working on Friday. She's not.

- Bridget.

- Oh, no, no.

Children and I do not work well together.

Oh, well, suit yourself.

It's only the home of George Ducas

with the children of Hollywood stars.


All right, but I'm not dressing up.

- I feel ridiculous!

- You feel ridiculous? What about me?


- This is the last box.

- Great!

Are you ready?


Princess Nicky.

Hi, Victoria. I mean

Hello, Mrs Ducas.

So, how's the acting going?

Great, great.

This is just a temporary job.

Is George here?

He's next door, chatting to a few friends.

Catherine Zeta- Jones,

Orlando Bloom,

Jude Law.

That's nice.

Well, let's bring in the birthday girl.

Daisy, in you come.

Have a good time.

Anyway, I'm just going next door

to have drinkies.

You'd like to book a party?

- I feel ridiculous!

- You feel ridiculous? What about me?

Have a good time.

Hello, little fairies.

My name is Princess Nicky.


And this is Princess Hector- ina.

And thisis Tinkerbell.

She's really old.

Now, Princess Hectorina

is going to show you a magic trick.

Aren't you, Princess Hectorina?

Now, we are going to have a magical time

this afternoon, aren't we?

Now, would you like to meet Mr Whizzy?

Of course you would.

Come on, Daisy.

Come and meet Mr Whizzy.

Now, Daisy, is Mr Whizzy in the hat?

Go on, put your hand in.

Not too far!

Well, is he there?


No, he's not.

Now, give the hat a magic tap.


You'll give him a headache.

Who is this?

It's Mr Whizzy!

Say hello to Mr Whizzy.

Mr Whizzy hasn't got any clothes on!

Thank you, Daisy!

Now, Tinkerbell,

stop that and come over here.

You've got hairy legs and a hairy chest!

Now, Daisy, that's not a very nice thing

to say about Tinkerbell.

I think she meant you.


I am going to make someone disappear.

Who shall it be?


Daisy, do you want to be

part of the magic trick again?

Hey, Daisy!

Come on.

Magic Wigwam!

Now, Daisy,

this is Princess Nicky's magical wigwam.

If you go in there,

you'll find a wonderful, magical land.

- Do you want to go in?

- No!

Of course you do. Now, in you go.

Come on, poppet.

Get in.

There we are. Marvellous!

Now, we say the magical words -

Princess Nicky- Wicky- Wocky,

hey, presto, ping!

Is Daisy still here?

She's gone!

She must be having a wonderful time

in the magical land.

But it's time to come home now, Daisy!

Princess Nicky- Wicky- Wocky, ping!

And hello, Daisy.

- Where did she go?

- I don't know.

I'll get the cake. She'll come out then.

Where is she? Where is Daisy?

What a good game, Princess Nicky!

Can't you remember where Daisy is? Really!

Your mind is like a butterfly's!


The cake!

Come out, Daisy, wherever you are.

We've got a surprise for you.

She'll come out when she sees this!

Happy birthday, Daisy.

Cue, Bridget!

What's going on?


Bridget, I forgot to say,

whatever you do,

do not mention the word butterfly.

Why not?

It's the word I used

to hypnotise Nick and Hector.

They might behave strangely.

Stranger than usual?


I think it worked.

So how do you dehypnotise them?

There's a special word.

What is it?


No, waspAnt

Dragonfly, bee, wasp, ant

Nothing's happening!

I'll be right there.


- What the

- Hey, Victoria, come and rock!

Where's Daisy?

What's going on?

The thing is,

we were doing this magic trick and

We lost her.

Nick, how could you?

That's it, I'm calling the police.


Daisy, darling!


She was in Princess Nicky's van.

So, have you remembered the word?

Yes. Caterpillar.

What a mess!

I'm not paying you.

Well, then, you won't mind

that I've put parking tickets

on four Mercedes,

five Ferraris and two Porsches,

illegally parked outside.

Catherine parked outside

and Jude did too.

All of George's friends parked

Surely we can come

to some kind of an arrangement.

Very well.

Well, I didn't meet George

It was a great party, though,

and the money was good too.

- You'll need that for your fine.

- What fine?

We had to tow your van away.

I'm sorry, I didn't know it was yours.


Come back!

Next time in Extra

Annie is reading her crystal ball.

Bridget wants to meet a handsome stranger.

And what is scaring Hector and Nick?