Kids React To Nyan Cat


"Kids react to viral videos."

"This episode: Nyan Cat"

Oh my God!

Look at the kitty

What is this?

I'm crying

Alright, that's annoying.

How long is this?

Now what are you going to do?

Say something else besides "Meow"

Jeez, cat!

What's the point of this?!

Shut up!

She's adorable! And she's dancing in the sky.

I just want that kitty.

No, don't go away!

I'm lost.

I'm kind of glad that's over now.

Why do people make this?

That was the funniest video I've ever seen.

"Question Time"

[Fine Bros] "So, what was happening beginning to end?"


[Fine Bros] "Yes"

There was a cat, who was farting out a rainbow.

It was running across space pooing out rainbows.

It was going like this.


[Fine Bros] "So you see the cat's face and tail and the rainbow, but what about the body?

[Fine Bros] "What does the body look like?"

It's a Pop-Tart!

It's a cupcake.

It's like grey part of the cat is the cake and then the pink part's the icing.

A doughnut and then the head looks like a heart.

[Fine Bros] "Did it do anything else?"

Not that I saw.


I didn't see anything else, I was too busy going, "Oh, when is it going to be over?"

[Fine Bros] "What were you thinking while watching the video?

What is this?

What is this, I don't get it.

Why was he going "Minnie Mouse" so much times?

God, I would rather shoot myself.

[Fine Bros] And why was it just showing the same thing over and over and over again?"

I don't know, it wanted to be funny?

Because it's trying to confuse me.

Cause' they couldn't find what else to play on there?

Or maybe because that's how the song was?

Or maybe they want it to irritate people?

Because I think they wanted it to be a pattern.

[Fine Bros] "And why would someone want that?"

Because patterns aren't boring.

[Fine Bros] "Doesn't that get boring?"

No! It's just a kitty, a cute little kitty, people.

She's so adorable. Didn't you want to kidnap her, people?

[Fine Bros] "If this video was just playing, forever, how long could you actually sit there

before you just walk away?"

I was ready to walk away before that was even done. I could not sit there longer than that.

30 seconds and then leave.

Less than ten minutes.

Until I die.

[Fine Bros] "Someone actually uploaded a six hour version of this.


[Fine Bros] "Someone actually uploaded a six hour version of this.


[Fine Bros] "Someone actually uploaded a six hour version of this.


How do you upload a six hour version on Youtube?

I wonder how long that took to upload.

[Fine Bros] "What do you think about that?"

I think they're awesome.

Three words for that person: Get A LIFE!

Oh no, no, something stupid.

[Fine Bros] "If you had to give this cat a name, what would you name it?"

Mister Irritating Pants

Rainbow cat

Crazy cat


Rapunzel. Cute, snuggly, and soft.

[Fine Bros] "Why is this video so popular?"

Well, it is funny but what's the point to it?

Because society is crazy.

Cause' they don't have a life.

Any video that's catchy or funny or interesting to watch will be viral.

Why do they love it?

[Fine Bros] "I was gonna ask you!"

Why do they love it? I wanna ask you!

[Fine Bros] "Ask them."

Why do you love this, people? I want to know.

[Fine Bros] "Did you like the video?"


It actually kinda looked cool because it looked like a game and stuff.

Funny at first, then it gets annoying.

I'm surprised my brain didn't go into a trauma.

It was kinda irritating, but funny that it was irritating.

I wanna see the amount of dislikes on the video so that I can join all those wonderful people.

[Fine Bros] "And would you ever watch this again?"

No, it'''s nonsense to me.


I don't think so.

Would I ever watch something that's totally crazy about a cat jumping up and down

with a rainbow that makes no totally sense at all, that has music in the background?


Yes. Can you play it again?

Yes. Play it again.

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