Fifty shades of grey - E. L. James


''His eyes are wide. His smile grows into a beautiful one where you can see lots of teeth. I love that smile. It's one of my favorite, after the shy one he only gives to me. "Oh Ana!" He jumps up & before I notice, he already stands behind me. His arms wrap themselves around me .. I feel his head, heading to my neck through my hair. He starts to plant a way of tender kisses from my neck to my shoulder. I feel admired. He makes me feel like a very wealthy princess. But what's amazing about that wealth is that it has nothing to do with his money. It has everything to do with him, who he is & all he is. My body trembles with every kiss he gives. I turn around " Everything for you Mr. Grey." " We aime to please" he grins. " I think the whisky is working Mrs. Grey.." He touches my breast. " I think I am ready for dessert".

" You can't get enough, can you Mr. Grey?" I wrap my arms around the pillow I used to sat on like half an hour ago. I turn my head towards him & we lay there for a while, on the ground, surrounded by more pillows. He smiles his big smile. " I will never get enough of you Mrs. Grey, try to keep that in your mind. Beautiful." He gives a peck on my nose. He called me beautiful.. Even after all this time I have been with him, every time he tells me that, it feels like the first time he ever did. I feel warm and shy. It's just.. Christian Grey: handsome, rich, good looking, kind, charming, .. I can go on with my list of positive things of him. It's endless..

He picked me. From all the other women. There are so many good looking women in this world, but he picked me. Just a girl, but ordinary for him. Sometimes I still can't believe this is real. Sometimes I don't feel enough for this man. But still he manages to make me feel enough. Even more than enough. I think, when we find that special person we love, that person whom we're crazy about, the person that gives us butterflies, that gives us wings to fly.. When we meet that person everything becomes less real. It's like we live on a cloud for a while. But it's not all about living on that cloud. It's about walking together on earth, holding hands facing the struggles. Facing facts. Facing the fact that there are always more beautiful people than you. But appreciating the fact that the one beside you picked you. Because it's not about the looks, the class. It's about how someone makes you feel. How someone makes you feel about yourself. The feelings that are between you and that other person. Reality becomes more beautiful. He all made me realize that. He all proves that to me & I wouldn't want it any other way.

I look at him & it seems like he is thinking about something. "What goes through your mind sweetie?" I slightly touches his chest. " You Ana. Always you." I stare at him & my cheeks turn red. " I love the fact that I do that to you." He touches my burning cheek. " To share more details.. a picture of you, me & our kids flashed into my head. Some of them are different, some of them are likes us, like now already. But we give the other ones a home. We make a better home. I just know we will do that to our future adopted kids. You changed my life for the better Ana. I know you will be able to do the same for the ones that need that second chance." I kiss him on his forehead. " I will do everything for us. For our family." My head now rests on his chest. "Let's go to bed my love. We have a brand new day & a brand new future laying ahead of us. A future I wouldn't want to share with anybody else than you."