How to Order Food at a Restaurant in English


Hi, Bob, the Canadian here.

In this English lesson, I'm going to take you to four different restaurants, and I'm

going to teach you four different English phrases that you can use to order food in


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And number two, if you're worried that I'm going to eat all this food myself,

I'm not.

My kids are eagerly waiting at home to see what food I order and what food I bring

home today.

So, the first thing we're going to order is a pizza.

In this restaurant, I'm going to order a small pepperoni pizza, and I'm going to use the

phrase "I would like to order."

Or the short form of it would be, "I'd like to order."

So, let's go in and order a small pepperoni pizza.

Hi, how can I help you?

Yes, I would like to order a small pepperoni pizza.

Is it for pickup?

Yes. For pickup, please.


What's your phone number?

It's 905 386-0042.

And your name? Bob. Bob. Yep.

What would you like to order, Bob?

Just a small pepperoni pizza.

And that's everything for today?

That's everything for today, yup.

So your total comes to $9.05.



.95 cents is your change.

Thank you.

And it will take about 15 to 20 minutes.

15 to 20 minutes. Okay. Thank you very much.

So, the next thing I thought we should order is a hamburger and some fries.

It's a pretty classic thing to order from a fast food restaurant.

And in this restaurant I will be using, the phrase "I will have" or "I'll have."

I'll have is the short form of it.

So, let's go in and get a burger and some fries.

Hi, how are you?

Good, sir. How are you?


I'll have the Teen Burger.

It's for here or to go, sir?

To go, please.

And the combo, please.

Fries and a root beer?

Fries and root beer would be good, yup.

That's everything? That's everything.

And can I have a name for the order? Bob. Bob.

It's $11.96, sir.

Thank you.

Thank you very much, sir.

Thank you very much.

Here you go sir. The straws are over there.

Have a good day.

Thank you very much. See you.

Well, we're done here.

We got a burger and some fries.

And the drink I got is a root beer.

So, let's head to the next place.

So, the next thing I thought we should order is a sub.

In this restaurant.

I'll use the phrase, "Could I have" to order my sub.

I'm not sure what sub I'm getting yet.

We'll see when we get in there.

Alright, what would you like?

Could I have a cold cut combo?


Which bread?

Whole wheat bread.

Foot long?

A foot long, please, yes.

Thank you.


Not toasted.

White cheddar, orange or swiss?

Orange cheddar, please.

What would you like on that?

Some tomatoes, some spinach, and some cucumbers, please.

Is there anything else?

Yeah, is there a combo?


Yeah. Could we make that a combo?

Would you like cookies or chips?

Cookies, please.


You get two, which...

Two chocolate chip.

Do you want a fountain drink or a bottle today?

Fountain drink.

Medium size?


That'll be $12.05. From $15?


Thank you very much.

Would you like a receipt today?

No receipt, no.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

So, I got my sub.

Now I just need to fill up my own drink over here.

So, I'm here at Tim Hortons, of course.

The last thing I'm going to order today is a half dozen donuts.

So, my kids will have something to eat for dessert.

I'm going to use the phrase, "Could I get" to order the food that I need.

Hi, could I get six donuts?

Do you need to know what kind?

You can just choose them, if you want, like after you pay.

Yep, so that sounds good.

That's it.

That's it?


Do you have a rewards card today?


And is that cash or debit.


I have to let them know which donuts I want.

So, I'll have a chocolate dip.

There's one right here, I think.

Boston cream, vanilla dip, a maple dip, a classic sour cream, and another Boston cream.

Here you go. Awesome. Thank you. Have a good day.

I think of all the stuff I bought today, this is going to be my kids' favorite, for


So, I actually almost forgot that I have to pick up the pizza yet.

So, we're back at the pizza shop, and I'm going to go in and get my small pepperoni


Hi, small pizza for Bob.

Yep, it's ready.


Thank you very much.

So, I got the pizza and our little trip is almost done.

But there's one more stop, actually.

So, I was almost done making the video, and Jen texted me and asked if I could get her

a peppermint tea from Tim Hortons.

Hi, Hortons, may I help you? Yeah. Could I get a large peppermint tea?

Anything else? Nope.

That's everything.

All right. $2.00, come on up.

Thank you. You're welcome.

Peppermint tea, black?

Is it a $1?

It's $2.02, so $2.00. $2.02.

There you go. Do you have a rewards card? No.

That's all right. Here you go.

Thank you. Have a good day. You, too.

One really big cup of peppermint tea for Jen.

And now I think I'm done.

Well, hey, that was four ways to order food in English.

I hope that you learned a few new English phrases today.

Bob the Canadian, here.

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