4 Year Old Speaks 7 Languages 🤯


Hello Australia. Sweetheart we use take a seat  up here that's a big cats isn't it for a little  

girl welcome to Australia so you can speak seven  languages what what are the seven languages you  

can speak Arabic Italian Spanish German this is  amazing if you speak on those and sign language

can I teach you some Australian  English can you say a young rabbit  

this one in Australia when someone  doesn't know something they go oh

now I know you speak another language called  Bella language what's Bella language very good  

can you teach me so you'd look like a princess  Thank You princess yeah do I look like a prince

can you do a princess walk had a princesses walk

you can you teach me how to do a princess walk  oh there we go we gone for a walk okay yeah  

okay I know I don't know why we're walking  like this but this makes us look like an old  

couple we first met on a television  show what was that country we met in

take a seat you there darling  I think you're amazing that you  

can speak seven languages the age  of four so how would you like to  

go on a round-the-world shopping trip  so you can show everyone your skills

oh right I'm trying to be professional  okay I've got to do this properly

what's the point of me trying to do this  professionally you're ready to see you do a  

thing sorry see here I want you to go around the  world for me and order these grocery items why  

you go I know that's okay for us but not Susie be  very simple very good oh she's gonna do a run with  

that pie and that's all right she can do that over  to Egypt now to falafels gonna do the tap and go

I'm gonna hit at this time coming in Spanish  oranges muy bien que quieres there's not a  

house yes Oh na dust baby yes the tennyson  windier adios I guess she's heading over to  

England Oh grab a good one ball of English  strawberries and a jagged trainer what would  

you like so ugly hey Jack you all right you  can keep the bow Center to show them Shia


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