Big City Small World S01E04- We Have a Mission!


Harry: Well Sarah, here's the paper…I was looking at jobsbut you'll need theaccommodationpage!

Olivia: Hmmm, not very sensitive, Harry

Harry: Have to go nowsee you all!

All: Bye!

Olivia: What's the problem with your flat, then Sarah?

Sarah: Well, I was renting a room in a shared house, but now the landlord has decided to sell the house, so we all have to move out

Magda: Oh nothat can be really difficult in London. It's so expensive here

Sarah: I know, I'm not sure I'll be able to afford it

Olivia: Tell me about it!

Sarah: About what?

Olivia: Sorry…I just mean, I know how expensive life is!

Sarah: Why's that?

Magda: Olivia wants Harry to set up a website for her, but he's asked for loads of money!

Fadi: Yeahme too!

Magda: I think he's greedy.

Fadi: I'm not sure about thathe's a professional after all. He's right to ask a reasonable amount for his work.

Olivia: You're just like him, I can seeonly interested in money!

Magda: Yeah, that's right

Fadi: Leave offI'm not only interested in money. I like football too

Olivia: I don't think I can afford it, but I don't know how to saynowithout offending him now.

Sarah: Do you think he'll be offended?

Olivia: Perhaps

Fadi: I shouldn't worry. He's not a very sensitive guy, is he?

Olivia: No! I like him, though

Fadi: Oh yeah?

Olivia: Not in that wayhe's just a friend

Fadi: “Just a friend”, eh?

Olivia: Are you jealous?

Fadi: Get out of here! Course I'm not. I've got lots of girlfriends

Magda: And they only ever last for two weeks!

Fadi: I like to keep them keen!

Sarah: Oh yeah, sure

Fadi: Listen, Olivia, if it makes it easier for you, I think I'm going to take Harry up on his offer. I'll get him to do some work for me, then it won't matter if you turn him down.

Sarah: I do some work for a website, Olivia. It's called's for the Chinese community in Britain. I could find out who does their websitethey might be cheaper.

Olivia: Could you do that for me? I'd be really grateful.

Sarah: Sure, no problem.

Olivia: And we'll try and help you find a flat!

Sarah: Thanks!

Magda: How long have you got before you have to move out?

Sarah: Only a month.

Magda: That's not long.

Fadi: I'll ask around, see if anyone I know has a room free in their house

Magda: I'll do the same thing

Olivia: Me too!

Magda: Ok everyonewe have a mission!

Fadi: Find Sarah a place to live!

Olivia: And tell Harry he's greedy!

Sarah: I think this might be difficult....

Magda: What? Finding you a flat, or upsetting Harry?

Sarah: Both!