Extra English 19 - Kung Fu Fighting


This is the story of Bridget and Annie,

who share a flat in London,

and the boys next door,

Nick and his friend Hector from Argentina.

Hector and Bridget work in television.

Annie is a traffic warden.

And Nick is an actor

and one day he may be a star

or maybe not.

Find out in Extra.

Ricky Chung - so sexy!

- Ricky Chung?

- You know.

I hate violence.

I hate violence too

but I love Ricky Chung.

Hector, I tell you,

this is a very old English tradition.

- Really?

- Really.

Now, put your blindfold on.

No looking, OK?

What is Nick doing?

You know, being a genius.


Right, now you can choose one.

Nick, what are you doing?

- Our floor!

- Well

We must teach Hector

how to be English.

Not an English idiot.

OK, Nick, now is your turn.

And this is an old English tradition?

Absolutely. You need a shower!

I think I already have had one.

- That'll be for me.

- How do you know?


Yes, it is for you, Nick.


Hello. Hi.



Really? Great!

I'll prepare for it. Bye.

Nick, why do you always

use our number?

You're so, so

Idiotic? Stupid? Vain? Choose one.

I have just got an audition for the new

Ricky Chung film!

As I was saying,

you're so clever, wonderful, brilliant.

- Ricky Chung.

- Yeah.

Ricky Chung.

I always knew you'd make it to the top.

Ricky Chung.

Nick's going to be in a film

with Ricky Chung!

Wait a minute.

He only has an audition.

Oh, I'm sure he'll get it.

Then I can interview Ricky Chung.

Maybe Ricky'll fancy me.

You? In your dreams!

Ricky and Bridget.

Houses in London, Hong Kong

Yeah, you'll have a house in London

and he'll have a house in Hong Kong.

I should get an oriental style.

New clothes. Come shopping with me?

I can't.

You can't come shopping?

I have a group meeting.

Animal Lovers Against Violence.

And is Hector going with you?

- Hector.

- What about Hector?

Well, I've been thinking

about our relationship.


But Hector's a good man!

He ironed your trousers!


Yes, he did.


Hello, Bridget. How are you?

Eunice! Very well, thanks.


Channel Nine has to lose people.

I know. I heard.

And guess who is the first person to go.


You. You're fired. Ciao!


But I'm getting an interview

with Ricky Chung.

Ricky Chung?

If you get the interview,

you keep your job. No pressure.

Hi, Annie.

I've just been watching

Charlotte's Kitchen on television.

Not again!

Look, I've made you a cake.

A cake? Really?

Here, try a piece.


- What's this?

- Flower.

Flower? Why?

Well, Charlotte said

you have to put some flower in the cake.

No, Hector.

Some flour.

Some flowers.

Well, still

Tastes good, doesn't it?

Hey, Hector.

I have got an audition

for the new Ricky Chung film.

- Superb!

- Superb!

One question. Who is Ricky Chung?

You know. Ricky


- Ricky Chung.

- Yeah!

I know him! He was

in the Chinese restaurant, wasn't he?

No. No, no, no! Look

I will show you Ricky


So, will you help me to prepare?

I would love to.

Ricky Chung film.

- Superb!

- Superb!

- What's this?

- Flower.

Then I can interview Ricky Chung.

Ricky and Bridget.

I hate violence. Violence makes me sick.

Wonderful. I totally agree, Richard.

But I love animals.

I love animals too.

You must come and meet my dog Charley.

- We have so much in common.

- I know.


Come and sit down.

I think we should talk.


What do you want to talk about?

I think we should see other people.

See other people?

But I see other people. I see Bridget,

I see Nick, I see the postman.

No, I mean we should

see other people.


Guys, help me prepare

my interview with Ricky Chung.

- Bridget, it's not a good time.

- No, no.

It is a very good time.

Sit down, Bridget.

- So, you are Ricky Chung.

- I am Ricky Chung.

- Yes.

- And who are you?

I'm me, silly!

So, Ricky

What kind ofwomen do you like?

Well, I like beautiful womenlike you.

Correct answer!

And tell me, Ricky

Do youhave a girlfriend now?



Oh, Ricky.


hold this.


Now…I want you to attack me.

- Attack you?

- Yeah.

- Not now.

- So when?

It must be a surprise.

- Why?

- So I must always be ready.

Good. Very good!

I am feeling good!

I'm feeling fit!

Nick, are you being violent?


Thanks. Must go. It's my audition.

OK, Nick.

OK, Nick!

Let's see what you can do.

Excellent. Excellent.

- What?

- You've got the part.

I have? Yes!


Hey, baby.


You are looking at the new Ricky Chung.

Nick, that's wonderful.

RickyRicky Chung!

What are you doing? Are you crazy?

But you told me to attack you.

But not now.

Not now!



- When can I?

- What?

- Meet him!

- Who?

Ricky Chung!

But I love animals.

I love animals too.


I am feeling good.

So when?

Ricky Chung.

Hi, I'm Nick.

Nick, Ricky never talks at work.

Very professional.

So what do you want me to do?

- You just stand still.

- OK.


What is this?

- This is your role.

- But we are partners.


Yes, we fight the criminals together.

No, no, no. You play the stupid friend.

- The stupid friend?

- Exactly.

Right, let's try it again.

Ricky, action.

So how was your first day with Ricky?

Great! We get on very well.

There must be so much to learn.

Yeah! I taught Ricky a lot today.

- OK, Nick. Bend over.

- Excuse me?

I said bend over.

I thought so.

Hello, nurse.

Could I have a bath, please?

Hi, Bridget.

So, when can I meet Ricky?

No Ricky?

No interview.

No interview - no job!

Poor Nick.

Nick, how are you feeling?

- Ricky!

- Richard?


What are you doing here?

This is Richard.

I met him at my protest group.

Ricky Chung!

Pleaseplease can I have an interview?

Bridget, this isn't Ricky Chung,

this is Richard.

No, no, no. This is Ricky Chung.


Yeah. Ricky Chung is my film name.

But I thought you hated violence.

You lied to me!


- I brought you some cake.

- Thanks, Hector.

Hector, will you forgive me?

Of course.

How fascinating.

Anti- violence, and a kung fu star!

It'll make a great interview.

Eunice will love it!

And so will I.

Next time in Extra

Charley enters a dog show.

Bridget's got a new boyfriend.

And guess who's in trouble with the police.