Extra English 09 - Jobs for the Boys


This is the story of Bridget and Annie,

who share a flat in London,

and the boys next door,

Nick and his friend Hector from Argentina.

Hector and Annie are dating

and Hector's English

is getting better and better.

Nick fancies Bridget

butwell, Bridget does not fancy Nick.

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To be or not to be,

that is the question. Whe

Oh, no!

Why is it so dark in here? What's going on?

Nick, what are you doing?

The sun is shining outside.

Hi, Annie.

- What are you doing?

- Nothing.

- Well, stand up, then.

- I can't.

Why not?

- Right, I'm coming over.

- OK.


Nice outfit, Nick!

Bridget, look at this!

You can laugh

but one day I will be a great actor.

In fact, I might get a part

in a Shakespeare production this week.

In your dreams!

Did you have a good day at work, Bridget?

I'm so tired.

Training with the England

football team this morning.

Those boysso cheeky!

But they really know

what they're talking about.


No. Hairstyles and fashion, of course.

Anyway, then I had lunch

with Kylie Minogue's agentlovely man.

- So funny! I'm exhausted.

- Poor Bridget.

I must get changed.

Now Bridget's a researcher for Channel 9,

all she talks about is sweet stars.

It's so boring.

I'll be sweet when I'm famous.

Where are they?

I thought so.

To dieto sleep

- Nick!

- No more

- Are those my tights?

- No.

Yes, they are!

These tights! Are they yours, Bridget?

I'll speak to you later.

Now, where's Hector?

I have some exciting news for him.

Hi, Bridget.

Hi, sugar plum!

Hi, snuggly puppykins!

Nice tights, man!

Hector, I have some great news for you.

Channel 9 is looking

for a television reporter.

I can do that!

Not an English reporter.

A Latin American who speaks English.

- But I can't speak English very well.

- Just audition.

Go on, Hector, the camera will love you.

And so will the girls!

Not all the girls, I hope.

Well, if you think so, then

Hector, with my help, the job is yours.

And my new boss

will be very impressed with me.

OK, Bridget.

Right! Let's do some research.

Annie, we need CNN. Find it. And, Nick?

- Yes?

- I want my tights backnow.


You want your tights back?

They are Versace.

The remote, please, Annie.

Alas, poor Yorick.

I knew him, Horatio.

What's wrong with it?

I don't know. I think it's broken.

Well, we'll have to go to your place, then.

There you are.

We're watching CNN.

We're doing research for Hector's new job.

Hector's new job? What about my new job?

I need to do research as well.


There! That's better.

To be or not to be

- What's this?

- Hamlet. A tragedy.

What's it about?

Love, madness and murder.

Hamlet's father, the king,

is killed by Hamlet's uncle,

who then marries

Hamlet's mother,

so Hamlet kills his uncle and his mother

and thenhe dies.

That sounds like my family.

It's a masterpiece.

I'd be great as Hamlet.

My tights!

Bridget, I had an accident.

Buy me another pair

or you will have an accident!

Accident or murder?

OK, Bridget.

Right, I'm off.

Me too.

- Good night, sugar plum.

- Night, snuggly puppykins.

Nick, I am worried.

Hector, I know what you mean.

When women talk like that,

it is time to move on.

No, not Annie. This television reporter's job.

I don't really think I can do it.

Hector, of course you can.

What you need is

- Talent?

- No! You don't need talent.

You need Nick's School

For Television Reporters.

Nick's School For Television Reporters?

Yeah! I will teach you

to be a television reporter.

- OK!

- OK.

Rule number one.

Imagine you are talking

to a beautiful woman.

Good evening, this is Nick Jessop

reporting from the Houses of Parliament

just for you.

Rule number two. Be mysterious.

I am here to tell you

the Houses of Parliament may look normal,

but all is not as it seems.

Rule number three.

Make them trust you.

I can reveal that this building

is actually an alien space station.

Trust me. Trust Nick Jessop.

I will always tell you the truth.

See you later. Good night andsleep tight.

Do it like that, Hector,

and you will get the job.

Hi, this is Hector Romero.

Well, if you think so.

OK, Bridget.

These tights!

To dieto sleep

Nick's School For Television Reporters.

Did you get my fax?

Well, did you get my email?

What did Sting say?

Will he do the interview?

You won't even ask him?

He's never heard of Channel 9?

Please! Please!


Well, can I meet him?

I can?

Where is he?

At the airport? I'll be there.


Hector Romero for you, Bridget.


Hector, I forgot your audition.

Listen, I must go out for one hour.

Sting wants to see me.

Don't worry.

Just remember everything I've told you.

Here's the script, there's the camera.

Must dash! Be back in an hour!


Hello. This is Hector Romero for Channel 9.

What a day!

First Sting had already departed

for New York and now this!

This! From you, Hector!

Sorry, Bridget.

Was this Nick's idea?

I thought so.

So, have I got the job?

What do you think?

Goodbye, Hector.

And the new editor will be here soon.

Right! Nick!

'Nick, I am too angry to speak. Bridget.'

- Hi, Bridget!

- Nick.

I thought you were too angry

to speak to me.

Shut up, Nick. How dare you?

How dare I what?

Teach Hector to be a news reporter!

- Sorry, Bridget.

- He was ridiculous.

'Hi, sexy, this is Hector Romero.'

My new editor will be here soon

and I wanted to impress her.

So will Hector get the job, then?

Of course he won't get the job.

You made me look a fool.

Youyou and Hector are so stupid!

Who was that?

- Wrong number.

- Nick, look at this.

- This could be perfect for you.

- What is it?

'Is Shakespeare in your blood?

Could you be our Hamlet?'


- 'Do you love performing?'

- Yeah!

- 'Do you love travelling?'

- Yeah!

- 'Do people adore you?'

- Naturally!

'Then we need you. Call this number

for a Shakespearean experience.'


My dream!

I'll call now.

I must learn my lines.

To be

To be

Or not to be?

Hello, Bridget.

Eunice! What are you doing here?

Long time no see, Bridget.

And how's Nick? Does he miss me?


You have a new hairstyle.

Yeah. So have you.

Yes, but the difference is mine looks good.


Anyway, Bridget,

I am your new editor.




OK. Two rules.

One. I am your editor and I am always right.

Two. You are the researcher,

you are always wrong. OK?


Now, what have you got for me today?

Well, Sting would love

to come for an interview but

But is not coming.


But we need a new reporter and


and I have found you

the most perfect person.

He's Latin American, speaks English

and he's very sexy.

Watch this. I know you'll love him.

Hi, sexy. This is Hector Romero

for Channel 9.

Wow, you look beautiful today.

Guess what. There's been

a diamond robbery in London.

I would love to put diamonds

on those pretty ears.

But you, yes, you can sleep safely

in your bed tonight.

This is Hector Romero.

I'll be back.


Of course! Hector! He is perfect!

Hello, this is Hector Romero for Channel 9.

Right! Nick!

I am your new editor.

He is perfect!

My dream!

Don't worry, Hector, my little puppykins.

I'm sure you would have been

a very good reporter.

But Bridget is angry with me.

Don't worry about Bridget.

Guess what. I've got the job.

- Hamlet?

- Shakespeare?

Congratulations, man!

Great! When do you start?

Tonight. I've got the costume already.

I think I will go and wash my motorbike.

You haven't got a motorbike.

- I have now.

- Hi, everyone!

Hector, you have a visitor.

My new editor.

Eunice, do you remember Hector?

How could I forget?

Andof courseNick!

I could never forget you!

I thought you had a motorbike to wash.

Thank you.


I just popped in to say congratulations.

You've got the job!

Isn't it wonderful?

Eunice really liked your tape.

- You are perfect, Hector.

- Hector will have such fun.

I'm off. See you at eight o'clock sharp

tomorrow morning, Hector.

There's no need to thank me, Hector.

I think I've got something in my eye.

Well, it was nice while it lasted

but now, Annie, it is time

to say goodbye to Hector.

He is going to be a famous news reporter,

so there'll be no room for little old you.

It's OK, Annie.

Whatever happens,

we will always be together.

But you'll forget me

when you're a famous news reporter.

However many stories I report,

murders, bank robberies, small cats in trees,

I shall never forget you.

You, light of my life.

This is Hector Romero

for Channel 9, London.

Oh, Hector!

Oh, Annie!

Oh, no.

- Nick?

- Yes? No!

'To eat or not to eat,

'that is the question.

'Hamlet's burgers,

eat them without question.'

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Annie wants to save the animals.

Bridget has a date with Leonardo DiCaprio.

And what is in Nick's box?

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