Extra English 07 - The Twin


This is the story of Bridget and Annie, who share a flat in London, and the boys next door, Nick and his friend Hector from Argentina.

Nick likes chasing girls and wants to be an actor.

Bridget fancies Hector, but Hector only has eyes for Annie.

So how does Annie feel about that?

Find out in Extra.

Well, they know I have a sister

'I'll see you on the 16th June.

'My plane lands at 3.00pm.

'I'll get a taxi from the airport.

Love you, Chrissy. '

No, Mama.



My mother thinks I am ten years old.

My mum treats me like a baby too.

My mum doesn't understand me.

My mum doesn't understand me,

but Chrissy is perfect.

- Who is Chrissy?

- She's my sister.

Excuse me.


Hello, Mother.

Yes, Mother,

I have remembered she's arriving today.

Hi, Nick.

I've come to get my weights.

Mr Romero.

Take off your trousers and lie down, please.

Pardon, Nick?

Please call me Dr Jessop.

Dr Jessop?

Hector, I want a part in the TV show

Hospital Fever.

I need to practise.

Anyway, women love men in white coats.

- Really?

- So, where does it hurt?

Where does what hurt?

You are my patient,

so you must hurt somewhere.


My arm.

My arm hurts.

Your leg or your arm?

Leg, arm, arm, leg.


My leg, my leg.

OK. Sit down, please, Mr Romero.

Cross your legs. Now

Don't worry, Mr Romero,

this won't hurt at all.

Sorry, Nick, it was an accident.


You have good reflexes.


Now, Mr Romero

please say, 'Ah.'

I thought so.



had cornflakes for breakfast.

Now, I must give you an injection.

An injection?

Yes, an injection.

It's open.


You're early.

Come in, come in.


Bridget, darling, it's lovely to see you.

And you, Chrissy.

How was your flight?


But can you believe it,

they lost my luggage.


Chrissy, look at you.

You never change. You're still a teenager.

Didn't we have fun then?


At school.

We shared everything.

Yes, we did.

Anyway, here we are now.


Do you have some clothes I could borrow?

I travelled in this dress.

I need something more comfortable.

Something like this?

I bought two for the price of one.


this looks really good.


Sorry, I can't exercise. I've hurt my back.

Why, Hector,

you are so muscular.


- How is your mum?

- She is such a good friend.

She really understands me.

But I thought that

It's OK.

I'm here.

Where's the emergency?

Well, hello, Nick.

The actor.

I love doctors.

Excuse me.


Hello, Mummy.

This is it!

Women love doctors.


can't resist me.


Hey, darling,

come to Nick.

See you soon, Mummy.

Love you lots. Bye!

So, Doctor

Where were we?

I think I have a temperature.

Madam, I think I can help.

- Tell me where it hurts.

- Hi, Hector.

Hi, Nick!

Hi, Bridget.

Annie, darling!

How are you?

Doesn't Nick look good as a doctor?


He looks very

very good.

Now, you must excuse me,

I must do my make- up.

Bridget is in a really strange mood today.

A moment ago,

she said that her mother was her best friend.


But an hour ago,

she said that her mother treated her like a baby.

I am confused.

I wonder what Bridget was like

when she was younger.

I wonder what Annie was like.

I wonder what Nick was like.


I know what Hector was like.


I must continue rehearsing as Dr Jessop.

Especially as Bridget loves doctors so much.

Nick only likes Bridget, Bridget, Bridget.

Am I interrupting?



Excuse me!

But why?

Nick never notices me.

And he looks so handsome in his doctor's coat.



But I thought that

Your faces.

Are you two…?

- No.

- Yes.

But you look so nice together.

So, Hector,

are you and Annie dating?


Come on, Hector.

You can tell me.

It's not a problem.




I really like Annie.

- Go on.

- But

she doesn't notice me.

Well, ask her on a date.

Wow. Should I?


And, Hector

when I was at the airport today,

I found this magazine.


Is this you?

Are you this rich boy, Hector?


But please don't tell Annie.

You want her to like you,

not your money.


That is so sweet.

Well, don't you worry.

Your secret is safe with me.


Bridget is in a really good mood today!




Hi, Nick, darling.

Or Dr Jessop.

Would you help me?


Would you move this exercise bike

to give me more space?




You're so strong.

I…need a drink.

Would youlike one?

Yes, please.

Bridget, darling.

Have you finished?

Because now we could make a little sweet music

of our own, darling.

In your dreams, Nick.

Who moved my bike?

Well, I did, because you

Well, move it back, then.

If you're strong enough.

Dr Romero, at your service.


Hector, you look great!

I love doctors.

Am I interrupting?


Would you move this exercise bike

to give me more space?

Who moved my bike?

Hi, Annie.

Hi, Hector.

Hector, think of a card.


Ace of diamonds.

No, don't tell me.


Yes, Hector?

I have something to ask you.

Yes, Hector?

The thing is

Would you like to come to the cinema

tomorrow night with me?


Would you like to come to the cinema

tomorrow night

with me?


Yes, I'd like to.


See you then.

So, Annie,

did Hector ask you out?

To the cinema, yes.

Do you want to come?

Of course not!

Have a great time.

I wonder which film we should see.


When I go to the cinema with Hector, of course.


You and Hector are going to the cinema?

I don't believe it!

I'm starving.

These are my favourite biscuits.

I think there are some good films on now,


All the films are rubbish at the moment anyway.

I'm starving.

I hate these biscuits.

Now, I must phone the airport.

What is it, Annie?

I don't understand.

If you are there,

then who is in the bathroom?

Annie, what are you doing?

But you're

- You're

- Twins.

Bridget, I didn't know!

This is my twin sister Chrissy.

Didn't I tell you about her?

Now I understand.

So Nick and Hector

don't know that you are twins?

No, I don't think so.

You know,

we could have some fun with this

Maybe a magic trick?

Hector, Nick, come in.

You are just in time to see my new magic trick.

Take a seat.

Wow, I can't wait.

Ladies and gentlemen.

Just gentlemen.

Today I will make my lovely assistant Bridget


Enter, Bridget!

OK, Bridget, in you go.



I will make Bridget disappear from this box

and appear in this box.

This I must see.

Now a tap with the magic wand.

Which means that the first box is empty.

Bridget, you are moving quickly today.

Let's just check that the other box is empty.

She's going round the back.

OK, gentlemen, place your bets, please.

Which box do you think Bridget is in?

- The box on the left.

- No, the box on the right.

OK. Let's see.

A drum roll, please.

Gentlemen, applause, please, for

Bridget and Chrissy!

I think there's something wrong

with the audience.

Is there a doctor in the house?

Bye, Chrissy. Come back again soon.

I will, I promise.

Bye, Bridget.

Chrissy, I'll miss you.

She forgot her magazine.


It can't be!

It is.

It's Hector.

Next time in Extra

Hector helps build some new shelves.

Nick helps build some new shelves.

And what happens when the landlady's cousin

comes to stay?