Extra English 20 - Every Dog Has Its Day


This is the story of Bridget and Annie,

who share a flat in London,

and the boys next door,

Nick and his friend Hector from Argentina.

Annie and Hector want to be together.

Bridget wants to meet a new man.

And Nick wants to be rich and famous.

Stand by for Extra.

Charley, look at that.

Hola, Charley.

What's wrong?

Shaving cream!

Whipping cream!


Next time you go shopping

kitchen, bathroom, OK?

Bathroom, kitchen, got it.

What are you watching?

It's a dog show.

I like that!

I didn't know you liked dogs.

I don't like dogs.

I like those women with their dogs.

Charley likes the dogs.

The lady dogs.

You can enter the dog show this year

and win two thousand pounds.


Hector, slap me.


How much did she say?

Two thousand pounds.

We must enter this dog show with Charley.

All right, let's do it.


Oh, no!

Hello. Earth to Bridget.

Earth to Bridget.


What are you looking for?

My new T- shirt.

I'm meeting my boyfriend

What boyfriend?

My new boyfriend.

Tell me everything.


his name's Philip, he's very elegant and

Annie, we've had a really




We've just seen a dog show on TV.

Yes, that's right.

A really good dog show.

Do you like dog shows, Annie?


hate them!

They are cruel.

Not all dog shows, Annie.

Yes, Nick, all dog shows.

They areThey arehorrible.

You have to respect animals.

Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

You are so right, Annie.

So what shall we do?

We will have to train Charley ourselves,

without Annie knowing.



Forget that.

Read this.

What? 'How to train your dog'.

Now we can train Charley.

Charley. Here, boy.



Good dog.

Good trainer.

Charley's not there.

Charley's not there?

Annie has taken him to the vet.

- The vet?

- The vet. The animal doctor.

Well, we can still start training.

We can? How?


I said 'sit'.


Good boy, good boy.

Now roll over.

Roll over.

Good doggie, Charley.

Roll over.

Roll over, Hector.

Good boy!

Good boy, Hector. Good boy.

Now, now, I…

- I want to be the dog.

- No, no, I am the dog.

I want

- I don't know these people!

- Hi, Bridget.

Well, they're not my friends.

What are they doing?

Well, you've heard of yoga?


Well, this is a new type of yoga - dog yoga.

Yeah, dog yoga.

Do- ga.


Come on, Bridget,

introduce me to these spiritual boys.


Hector and Nick.


Are dogs allowed on the sofa?

Maybe we should eat out.

Come on, Philip.

I don't like that man.

I don't think he likes you either.

Was that Bridget's new boyfriend?


That's right, Charley, he's a bad man.

Top dog.

- Tell me everything.

- Well

- Let's do it!

- Yes!


That's right, Charley, he's a bad man.

Come on, Charley.


Where are you taking him?

For a walk.

Time to train Charley.

Let me take him.

- You'll take him for his walk?

- Yeah.


Where's the kettle?


I'll buy Charley a nice ribbon,

then the lady dogs will love him.

Hey, Charley. Come on, walkies!

Hey, Nick. Catch!

Bridget, that's my Walkman.

Well, you take my things.

I don't take your things.

Yes, you do.

Where's my necklace, then?

I haven't got your necklace.

Well, I think you have. And my photo frame.

I haven't got your photo frame.

- Yes, you have.

- No, I haven't!

- Yes, you have!

- No, I haven't!

Yes, you have!

Girls, girls, please.

Don't touch my things.

Hello, hello.

I didn't touch your things.


Annie is so angry.

What have you done?

Me? Nothing.

She has been fighting with Bridget.

The girls have been fighting. I missed it.

Anyway, how was your walk with Charley?


Women love Charley.

Nick, what a handsome dog you have.

Look, I've brought him a ribbon for the show.

- And where is he?

- Where is who?

Charley, the dog.

Stay there, good boy.

A quick pint.

'You are too cruel to own a dog.

'He is safe with me.'

But he was only tied up

at that lamppost for

..a bit.

What's going on?

It's called

Dog yoga.

Very nice.

Oh, no. Not dog yoga again.

Talking of dogs, where is Charley?

- He's asleep.

- He's ill.

- He's having his hair cut.

- He's busy.

So he's asleep and ill and busy,

and having his hair cut?



We have to get Charley back!

Good boy.

Good boy, good boy.

Where is Charley?

- He's asleep.

- He's ill.

- Having his hair cut.

- He's busy.

I didn't touch your things!

Where's my necklace, then?


Hector, hey.

Don't worry, I've found him.

- I've found him!

- Great!

The other phone is ringing.

See you later. Bye.





You found our dog!

Great, thanks very much.



if the police have found our dog

whose dog has Nick found?

Sorry. I'm sorry.

Look, I'm sorry. I thought it was mine!

Up, up, up.

Good dog. UpDon't


Nick, where are you?

The police station?

You took a dog from an old woman?

Nick, how could you?



I am coming.

That woman, she really went for you

and she was old!

I thought she was Mike Tyson's mother.

We must go, the dog show.

Hi, guys.

Hi, Charley.

Why are you wearing that?

We were taking photographs.

- Were we?

- Yes.

- Taking photographs?

- Yes.

I'm meeting Philip tonight

and I can't find my earrings.

Come on, they must be somewhere.


You've stolen them.

I told you, I haven't stolen anything.

- Yes, you have. You're a thief!

- I am not a thief! I'm

Whoa, ladies, no fighting here.

Break it up!

Where's the fridge?

- Hello and welcome to Croft's Dog Show.

- Bridget!

A dog show, how stupid.

Where is the fridge?

Where's Charley?



Charley and the fridge have gone.

Charley has taken the fridge!

Well, it will be a great day here at Croft's,

this annual event


..with the culmination of months of work

for dog owners everywhere.

These dogs are trained to the highest standards

and are a credit to their owners.

It looks hopeful.

Oh, yes.

It looks very hopeful. Look at her!

Look after Charley.

Hey, hello there.

Look, there's Hector and Charley.

And there's Nick!

Who's that woman?

It's a very big dog.

That really is a big dog.

Yes, I know.

Your attention, please. The dog show winner is

Charley, with his trainers Hector and Nick.

We've won, we've won!

Two thousand pounds!


Thanks, Annie.

But you hate dog shows.

Well, if Charley wins, then that's different.

And you won two thousand pounds.

Well, not exactly.

We won two thousand pounds

to spend in Dog's Heaven.

This is great.

Smells nice and

gets rid of fleas.

I'm ready, Philip.


You look nice.

We're going out for dinner,

a very romantic dinner.

You stupid dog, get off me!

Charley, stop it!

- What is he doing?

- Get off him!


My scarf!

My jewellery.

My photo frame and more!

Philip, you've been stealing our things.

You're the thief.

Well, I…


Get him, Charley!

Charley, Charley, Charley.

He's a thief!

Your boyfriend is a thief.

Well, who can blame him?

He took souvenirs

to remind him of me.

So romantic.

Next time in Extra

Annie is a hypnotist.

Nick and Hector are party entertainers.

But what happens

when they lose the birthday girl?