Honest Trailers - Spider-Man: Homecoming


Careful, viewer! My spoiler sense is tingling!

Since 2002, we've had six movies, two reboots, and three Spider-Men

Now just when audiences might be getting a little sick of the franchise, Marvel swoops in to deliver a crowd-pleasing comedy

That's gonna keep Spider-Man in theaters until the fuckin Sun burns out of the sky.

Spider-Man Homecoming

Tobey Maguire couldn't keep it up, Andrew Garfield couldn't get it started

But Tom Holland hits the ground swinging in a great reboot that just assumes you're all caught up on the MCU.

Pretty sure this guy's a war criminal now.

but whatever. Complete with a glossed over origin story an

Actor who doesn't have premature old face and a villain who doesn't already have some forced personal connection to Peter- Pan Liz's dad

All right two out of three ain't bad

Witness a brand new take on spider-man. He's a millennial now who can't stay off his phone

Constantly blogs watches himself on YouTube and has zero patience for anything

He's got all of the usual spider skills plus a powerful new one never facing consequences for his actions

Whether he's getting away with ditching detention

Hey where you going? Get back here quitting on his team?

You can't just quit on a stroll up and be welcome back welcome back Peter

mostly imprisoning people

Shinsuke ours is bad. It's my car, dumbass

Wrecking a car wrecking a store

Wrecking a fairy or wrecking his girlfriend's entire life

You can be sure this web slinger will get off with no more than a stern talking-to

You're a good kid and you're a smart kid so just try to keep your head straight. Okay. Okay, don't get out here

Well the older I get the more I relate to Jay Jonah Jameson. These are matters for the entire city

You've seen him as Batman and Birdman

Now prepare for Michael Keaton's third winged creature role as the vulture. He's a blue-collar guy who gets shafted by Stark Industries

And instead of filing a lawsuit against a billionaire clearly in the wrong. He'll build a giant bird mech jetpack, huh?

You will be bored stiff when Vulture fights spider-man in bland CGI slugfests

But genuinely scared when he's just being Michael Keaton

Are you scared? I'l bet you're glad that your old pal spider-man showed up in the elevator though

Sorry Uncle Ben and Richard Parker

There's a new absentee dad in town Tony Stark Iron Man is back as the drunk rich stepfather

You'd expect him to be who will build you a killer robot suit?

Activating instant kill send you into battle at 15

Then literally phone in his parents aid until you screw up enough to get his attention. Okay. It's not working out

I'm gonna need the suit back really Tony

You just fought your best friend over keeping tabs on superheroes

And you just let your pet superhero run a muck is anyone paying attention to the timeline any more?

This is approaching x-men levels of Sloppy she sends Bishop back in time. No just his consciousness that's all into his younger self


So enjoy another super smash hit who's success was far from guaranteed with two competing studios spotting for control

Six different screenwriters and a director with just two low-budget indies to his name dang

It's like Sony finally cracked the code on how to make the spider verse happen let Marvel do the work

Starring: Tom Netherlands

drunkle Stark

only winners do drugs


The disembodied voice of Jennifer Connelly

"you can call me Karen if you would like"

Marisa To-may

vulture or the unexpected virtue of casting Michael Keaton

technically in the movie

Tony ravioli,

Mary Pixie Jane girl

Hey there, Martin Starr now.

Not not your Asian sidekick

...And Wonder Woman?

The Perks of Being a Wallcrawler

Bold move putting a set piece in an elevator shaft spider-man can't catch a break with that

"I like bread"

"beetlejuice beetlejuice beetlejuice!"

"Darkness falls across the land the midnight hour is close at hand!"

"I'm David pumpkins. Any questions?"

"Halloween the night he came home"