Honest Trailers - Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (Feat. Michael Bolton)


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From roald dol..dahl...



From creepy Dr. Seuss,

comes the classic blend of

fairy tale, horror film, and two ounces of

shrooms Willy Wonka and the Chocolate

Factory experience a movie that's pure

children's wish fulfillment but still

wasn't afraid to scar you for life that

balanced out its joy and wonder with

lessons on how adults were mostly idiots

kids were most evil "can't you shut up? I'm busy" and even good guys

could freak out at any moment in the

secret test of your integrity you lose

good day sir

Candy's good trust is bad got it! Meet Charlie,

a sweet boy reduced to poverty because

of his con artist grandpa Joe a swindler who

takes money for smokes while the rest of

the family eat cabbage water, advocates

child abuse, what she wants is a good

kick in the pants, talks Charlie into

stealing "lets take a drink charlie, nobody's watching"

has two big coke nails and goes

from bedroom to dancing as soon as some free

chocolate comes along "i never dreamed that

I would climb over the moon in ecstasy

we're on to you grandpa joe we're on to you

the late Gene Wilder shines as Willy Wonka the

howard hughes of diabetes he isn't just

a reclusive nutcase

he's also a master of sarcasm, "dont just stand there do something" help

police murder"

crazy eyes and very likely a serial

killer two naughty, nasty nasty little children

gone three good sweet little children left

watch as he turns a factory tour into a

deadly game where only the generous

survive while the impure are disfigured

in accordance with their sins and a cult

of tiny orange monsters dispose the

bodies don't believe me there's nothing

on the boat for augustus Gloop, Wanka knew what he was

doing man he knew so enjoy film

that will haunt him like you for a


unlike the Tim Burton which will probably just

haunt you. So experience a classic film

full of unforgettable music and to help

us remember

here's Michael Bolton wait did i read that


you mean multi-grammy award winner

Michael Bolton hello epic voice guy

whoa what are you doing here huh

you invited me here well sure but we

didn't think you'd actually show up well

i did, cuz' have a new album to promote and

it's called storms of cinema and

whatever you guys did with Deadpool it


oh thank you then let's do this

featuring the creepy man song

who seems like a nice guy?

giving treats to you,never asks for money

just a creepy hug or two, the creepy man? The creepy man

can because hes got a white van with even more candy

the dear god please help us song, oompa loompa doompadee doo, they are all slaves in need of rescue,Oompa loompa doompadee dees

Their legs are weird because he broke their knees,wonka showed up and he fed us some sweets then we

woke up in this giant factory,we cant talk back

without getting a smack, and in the first draft we were all black

Dont believe them? google it. and that this place is a lawsuit waiting

to happen song. "you'll fall in,burn your skin, in a world of safety violations

My factory has no health regulations

we dont really brew candy right,we just toss some shoes into it

every surface,someones chewed it, our chocolate river is mixed with sewage

ugh, just go to starring. Johnny depth

Joe Biden his time, when sempai notices


the Lollipop Guild, 90s alt-rock band

what obesity used to look like and

America. Saw for kids

wow, thanks for that mr. Bolton. No

problem as long as you call me back when

you do the fifth captain jack sparrow

movie. Ugh, their making a fifth one? I know

right I can't wait.

extra special thanks to Michael Bolton

whose newest album Songs of Cinemas

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dreamers of dreams, there's no earthly

way of knowing which direction we are

going daddy

I want an oompa loompa now! the snozberries

taste like snozberries eww gross... you

lose good day sir